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BLCN13038  Cost Planning and Control

Offered from Winter 2003

This course provides an understanding of cost planning and cost control procedures in the building and construction industry including:

  • cost effectiveness and cost control of construction projects;
  • cost management, cost monitoring, control systems, cost reporting and forecasting, variation control, cash flow coordination, work package scoping, projections, and budgets throughout the design and construction phases of a project;
  • principles of construction cost control systems; budget maintenance; analysis of performance; cost reports; contract cost administration; and
  • cost planning: Objectives and parameters, Data gathering, data analysis, analysis of design, project implementation plans, procurement plans, financial analysis, scope audits.

This course also provides an introduction to the project value management process and the establishment of client cost targets, quality targets, time targets, risk allocation, cost breakdowns, end cost, and project alternatives for construction projects.

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