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BLCN13013  Construction Economics I

Not offered after 2002

Introduction - the economics problem; macro economics: economic processes; production; distribution; consumption; its sectors - industry; households; government; its elements - land; labour; capital; commodities; national income and expenditure; finance; supply and demand for money; interest rates; monetary policy etc.; distribution of income - wages; profits; productivity; etc.; micro economics: supply and demand; production and supply; demand; market structure; construction industry: market structure - ownership and production; government and construction industry; separation of design and production; building inputs; labour supply; trades unions; wage determination; materials - building materials; industry; builders merchants; plant hire industry; capital investment; technology - industrialisation of building components.

Urban planning and land use; development control; factors which influence the introduction of land improvements mentors; financial consideration; feasibility studies; cash flow analysis; the price of venture capital; cost planning; marketing the product; value management; life cycle costing techniques.

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