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BLCN11033  Construction I

This course introduces students to construction principles and methods for domestic scale construction or for other dwellings which fall within Class 1 and 10 of the Building Code of Australia. This course considers design and construction process including sequencing of construction activity, and behaviour of basic structural systems. It also looks at domestic construction: foundations, floors, walls, roof framing, internal and external cladding and formwork design. The course covers building considerations, eg. heat, light, acoustics, energy, environment. It also considers waste management/recycling on construction sites. The course looks at the relationship between design and construction methods, and temporary structures: Acts, regulations and by-laws relating to temporary works, objectives in the building of formwork and false work; diaphragm walls, caissons, ground improvement - compaction, consolidation, injections. Prediction techniques - cranes, hoists, etc. underpinning and shoring.It considers fabrication of precast concrete courses and formwork and falsework design for domestic construction. This course also introduces the student to construction drawings associated with domestic construction and site inspection procedures. Students will be expected to undertake a site visit and arrange a briefing by a Site Manager to be introduced to fundamental principles of site inspection procedures.

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