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BLAR13042  Building Sector Management

Offered from Spring/Summer 2003

This course develops an understanding of management practices in the building design and construction sectors in relation to:

  • the role of the building and construction industry in Australian Society (including in post-disaster planning and management);
  • the origins and development of Australian building and construction industry organisations and associations such as the Housing Industry Association, the Master Builder Association, the Property Council of Australia, Australian Institute of Building, Australian Institute of Building Surveyors and Building Designers Association;
  • Government and other political influences on directions, professional practice, building and the environment, managing the building workforce; and
  • an overview of procurement practice in these industries.

The course provides students with an awareness of:

  • Industrial Relations – including employment legislation and industry based awards, enterprise bargaining and wage determination, role of unions, dispute and conflict resolution;
  • Human resource management – including on-site supervision and management, decisions, orders and instructions; authority, responsibility, delegation and accountability;
  • Human relations of individuals and groups across and within design and construction teams, special aspects of engineering supervision including remote site resource management; and
  • Business Development – including strategies and attitudes, the trend to place technologically-based building enterprises, market orientation and competition, role of environmental variables business maintenance and development.

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