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BLAR12041  Building Materials II

Offered from Sp/Su 2002

This course develops students knowledge of building materials properties and their testing (both destructive and non-destructive) for timber, concrete, bituminous material and metals in relation to:

  • Timber - grading, strength tests, durability and protection of timber products
  • Concrete - tests on aggregates, fresh and hardened concrete properties, durability studies and test methods, concrete protection, mix design
  • Bituminous material - grading, testing, durability studies
  • Metal - ferrous and non-ferrous metal and its alloys, corrosion of metals and protection, strength properties tests

This course also develops an understanding of: protection from corrosion and destruction; identifying the suitable grade material for the site conditions; relevant Australian and international standards ; quality control procedures for the manufacture, testing and handling of materials; and life cycle impacts and considerations. Innovation in building materials: recycling and re-use, by-products synergy and resource efficiency.

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