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BLAR11045  Built Environment I

Offered from Winter 2002

This course is an introduction to the impacts of the building design and construction sectors on the environment.

  • Natural ecosystems including climate, hydrological cycle, basic thermodynamics, consequences of modification. Ecosystem interdependency, capacity of the environment to assimilate changes.
  • Background to greenhouse concerns from the Rio Summit through to current global negotiations.
  • Social, legislative and political issues associated with modification of the natural and developed environments including environmental impact assessments.
  • Environmental impact of development - mining and mineral processing, materials and manufacturing industries as related to the building and construction sector.
This course then provides an introduction to current activity to minimise impacts through shift to service rather than consumption based economy in the building and construction sector.

This course also requires the student to develop an understanding of requirements for regional and urban development including the legislative framework for planning control, feasibility studies, consultation and communication processes.

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