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BLAR11043  Building Systems and Services I

Offered from Winter 2002

The course provides an introduction to: ergonomics, including effects of building design on human performance and comfort; "universal access" design considerations in relation to building services; and human reactions to stress situations. The course provides students with an understanding of the principles of building services requirements, management installation and operation relating to:

  • Energy - usage and needs, energy audits, building rating schemes, energy management and minimisation strategies;
  • Building ventilation and air conditioning – natural ventilation, convection, mechanical systems, air-conditioning and integrated solutions;
  • Lighting - day-lighting and artificial lighting;
  • Water management, supply and hydraulic services – water supply and requirements including on-site collection, grey and black water reuse, drainage, storm water and sewerage, plumbing and fixtures, required pressures;
  • Fire Protection and Services requirements for buildings classified as Class 1 in the Building Code of Australia including - causes of fire, roles of design professional and legislative authority; fire prevention, suppression and control mechanisms; sprinklers, detectors, alarms, extinguishers, and smoke control.

This course will also introduce students to the acoustic impacts of building services related to regulations, standards and codes of practice, and testing and commissioning requirements.

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