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BLAR11032  Structural Forms and Analysis

This course requires a pre-requisite of Yr 12 Maths B. Students should contact the Mathematics Learning Centre On 07 4930 6305 regarding the availability of short courses In mathematics.

This course covers the following structural concepts focused on residential and low rise commercial buildings to develop an appreciation of basic structural systems and structural stability: Equilibrium and Building Structures; Load and Load Path; Support Conditions; Trusses - axial forces; Beams - shear forces and bending moments; Arches and cables - compression and tension; Spatial determinancy and indeterminancy; Properties of sections and stiffness; and Column capacity and buckling.The course also introduces the student to the principles of analysis of indeterminant structures including: Method of consistent deformation; Moment distribution method - non-sway frames; and Matrix computer method primer and software. The course will also provide the student with an understanding of structural drawings and computational methods for typical structures associated with residential and low-rise commercial structures. Students will require Queensland Maths B or C at Year 12 level (or equivalent) to ensure the successful completion of this course.

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