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AUDV11002   Video Production & Performance

Through a series of screenings and writing, shooting and editing exercises, students are introduced to basic digital technologies and the formal and creative process of video production. The course is sectioned into three modules to correspond to the key stages of pre-production, production and post-production processes. As such, students begin planning the production by workshopping idea/script development, identifying resources and storyboarding visual sequences. Students then move through camera techniques and the mechanics of shooting a project. The principles and practices of non-linear digital video editing are explored through the use of ’user friendly' digital technology. Students acquire a range of skills or ’literacies' which are essential to digital video production. In addition to these technical literacies students develop cultural and arts literacies to explore digital video production as a form of communication for ideas, emotions and beliefs. Assessment brings these various literacies together as students make digital movies that reflect how they see their world and their place within it.

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