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MGMT20095  Asia Pacific Business

This course uses the concept of competitiveness to compare business and management practices in major economies in the Asia Pacific. The focus is on industrial and institutional environment that may synergise with the internal competencies of enterprises to produce international competitiveness. Specific tools for assessing competitiveness and for enhancing cultural awareness will be introduced.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • recognise the relevance of Asia Pacific Business to managers of the region;
  • describe the concept of competitiveness and how this is achieved in the Asia Pacific;
  • state characteristics of the industrial and institutional environment in selected Asia Pacific countries and how they affect competitiveness;
  • state how Asia Pacific firms have successfully internalised their competencies;
  • compare international competitiveness using established models;
  • demonstrate an awareness of the significance of cultural differences in business practices;
  • identity strategies for successful competition in the Asia Pacific; and
  • demonstrate an in depth understanding of at least two countries in the region.

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