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MGMT20094  Organisational Analysis

This course locates business within its organisational context by integrating the structural determinants of behaviour with the individual and social dimensions. As such it draws upon both organisational psychology and organisational sociology, acknowledging the complementary perspectives of these two disciplines. Macro and micro approaches are not delineated but both brought to bear on the tensions between centralisation and decentralisation, control and freedom, rigidity and flexibility, labour and management, conservation and innovation, self and others, etc. which characterise all organisations.

Upon completion of the requirements of this course students should be able to:

  • demonstrate that the behaviour of people in organisations is determined not only by brought in qualities and experiences but by a complex of factors within the organisation;
  • diagnose organisational "problems" and select from a range of possible solutions, while acknowledging that there may be unforeseen consequences arising from their selection;
  • critically assess the value to an organisation of the outcomes of applying change strategies advocated by populist management publications;
  • take decisions which reflect a sensitivity to both the internal corporate culture and the trans-national cultural dimensions of organisations;
  • show how an analysis of organisation phenomena widens their perspectives of the business phenomena they study in other courses of the program;
  • explain and evaluate the latest developments in the study of organisations.

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