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MGMT20093  Managing in a Dynamic Environment

This course seeks to introduce students to the changing, challenging dynamic world of management at the dawn of the 21st century. Multinational markets and global competition; the explosive force of technology; the cultural and social diversity of an increasingly educated and aware workforce; the emphasis on environmental awareness, social responsibility and ethical managerial behaviour; are radically changing the world of business and its management. In such a dynamic environment only those organisations whose managers learn from their experiences and adapt to suit their dynamic environment will be the most successful. As a program of study, the course adopts a managerial perspective introducing the practical applications of the concepts and theories discussed. Throughout the course it is emphasised that the trends of this decade and those of the next will lead to major changes in management structures and practices. These changes which are a response to the constraints of a changing global, regional and national economy and accelerating new technologies will impact on the way managers must operate. Hence the course objectives are as follows:

To provide an introduction to ways of describing, analysing, explaining and managing the problems and issues faced by managers in relation to:

  • The manager's role, responsibilities and organisational environment;
  • The functions and processes of problem solving and decision making; organisational communication, planning, structure and co-ordination;
  • Specific direct and indirect elements of the environment which influence managerial practice - viz. technology, governments, law, employment relations, market and customers;
  • The international business community and the significance of the geographic, economic and political entity designated as Asia and Pacific region.

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