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FINC20006  Organisational Finance

On completion of this course you should:

  • be able to use financial mathematics for various financial decisions
  • be able to understand and critically evaluate "finance" articles appearing in the financial press
  • be able to join in rational financial decision making in your organisation
  • be appreciative of the progress in finance engendered by theoretical and empirical research.

Successful achievement of these objectives will require your dedicated attention. Finance is a difficult area, requiring strong quantitative ability, sound reasoning skills, and a good retentive faculty.

Topics include: Introduction to finance; Introduction to accounting and finance, terminology and relationships; Financial maths, interest rates, valuation; Capital budgeting; Introduction to risk portfolio theory; Capital asset pricing model - arbitrage pricing theory; Risk analysis in capital budgeting; Capital markets - raising equity; Raising debt, Capital structure; Working capital management; Dividend policy. If you have recently completed studies in Organisational Finance in an Australian undergraduate program, you are advised to seek substitution for this course if it is compulsory for your current program. Alternatively, if your program allows, you may seek exemption.

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