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ENPO20003  Industrial Process Management

Topics to be covered in this course include: Managing industrial processes - measuring systems, setting process measurement points, setting boundaries, process condition monitoring; process performance reporting; reducing variation; recognising process instability; management control systems; systems design and systems integration (including teams-based and organisation-based systems); linkages between maintenance, environmental, safety and process performance; planning (cascading through strategic, business and operational) and budgeting; effective communications within organisations; innovation and creativity; problem-solving and decision-making; leadership and teamwork (including culture, motivation, systems and symbols, leadership styles, delegation, coaching and mentoring).

Implementing process changes - identifying improvement opportunities (continuous improvement and quantum); change justification (including strategic and financial measures (eg DCF/IRR, net present value, rates of return and hurdle rates, economic valuation analysis and pay back periods); specifications, scopes of work and assigning work; project planning and control; management of change; commissioning plant; communicating change and project requirements.

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