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EDED20410  Net Solutions Project

This is the culminating unit in the Professional Doctorate. Students, individually or in a team, will EITHER provide worthwhile and justifiable solutions to a substantial industry-based problem identified by the candidate(s) and their mentors OR in association with mentors, conduct a worthwhile and justifiable survey of a substantial industry-based problem. The candidate must demonstrate skills in:

  • Identifying a ‘substantial’ industry-based problem
  • Developing an understanding of such an industry-based problem
  • Investigating the industry-based problem
  • Creating and sustaining a network appropriate for these processes
  • Focusing appropriate and timely resources on developing innovative solutions to the industry-based problem
  • Reporting, in an appropriate manner, the project and its outcomes to a relevant audience
  • Application of appropriate problem-solving and research techniques
  • Purposes and outcomes in industry-based Projects
  • Managers as researchers and managing problem-based Projects
  • Writing and other forms of communication
  • Approaches to understanding and studying organisations and their projects
  • Readings in problem-solving and investigation

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