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EDED20407  Critical Foresight

This course provides a systematic understanding of ‘futures’ concepts which in turn, form a context for the remaining Professional Doctorate studies. The course is taught by a leading international ‘futures’ scholar and represents ‘best practice’ in the field. It ideally suited to the Professional Doctorate because it offers new perspectives on old issues and compels students to deal with a state of becoming. Upon successful completion of this module, doctoral candidates should be able to:

  • Identifying a ‘substantial’ industry-based problem
  • Developing an understanding of such an industry-based problem
  • Investigating the industry-based problem
  • Creating and sustaining a network appropriate for these processes
  • Focusing appropriate and timely resources on developing innovative solutions to the industry-based problem
  • Reporting, in an appropriate manner, the project and its outcomes to a relevant audience.

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