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COIT11118  Conceptual Foundations of Computing A

Affectionately abbreviated to CFCA, this course provides a basis for later courses requiring mathematical skills and concepts. The purpose of this course is to introduce some of the mathematics underlying the operation of computer systems by introducing topics via a common theme which is applicable to both database systems and system specification. As well, the course aims to provide a foundation in elementary computer mathematics topics.

Information Modelling Foundations

  • a formal representation of specific facts and general knowledge suitable for database use,
  • Boolean algebra (sets and logical expressions) and truth tables,
  • sets, relations, functions and relational model of data,
  • introductory database query language, in particular SQL.

Computer Mathematics Foundations

  • number bases (useful to computing) other than decimal: data representation (reals, integers, characters) including ascii,
  • function notation and elementary sketching of graphs,
  • recursion and sequences,
  • basic combinatorics,
  • matrices,
  • graphs and trees.

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