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ACCT20048  Management Accounting Systems

On completion of this course the student should be able to:

  • understand the relationship between the management control system and the structure and strategies of the firm
  • identify possible impacts of goal incongruities
  • identify situations in which the design of management control systems can have demotivating effects
  • identify problems caused by information asymmetry, bounded rationality, opportunism
  • consider factors influencing the design and success of the MCS
  • identify effects of alternative performance evaluation and control systems

Topics include: Management accounting: origins and future developments; Cost behaviour and obtaining data; Decision analysis and the evaluation of information; Cost estimation techniques: Engineering methods Statistical methods; Strategy and management accounting; The role of strategic management accounting; CVP Analysis: Under uncertainty multiple products and resource constraints; Cost analysis for pricing decisions; Cost allocations: Service departments; Cost allocations: Joint costs; Variance analysis: Investigation models; Operational control: TQC, JIT, CIM; Operational control: New technology.

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