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Bridging & Access Programs

CQ Connections

CQ Connections provides greater access, participation and success in higher education for people who have experienced difficulty because of their economic and social circumstances. The three aspects of the CQ Connections program are OUTREACH, ACCESS and SUPPORT.

The OUTREACH component aims at assisting school students and mature-age people to consider university as a viable option by giving timely program and career information. Life planning and career sessions are also offered to Year 12 students. The CQ Connections University Experience is a 4-day residential program conducted to give Year 11 and 12 students the opportunity to find out first-hand about university study and lifestyle. Get Set for Uni and Uni Prep are programs aimed at assisting Year 10 students.

The ACCESS component assists people to gain entry to CQU programs. This may entail giving special entry for students who have not attained the required OP for their preferred program because their circumstances have impeded their academic progress. CQU ensures these students have the academic ability to succeed.

The SUPPORT component aims to improve the participation and success rates of CQ Connections students while they are at CQU. Financial support assists students with the initial costs of textbooks because this outlay can often be a deterrent to economically disadvantaged students beginning university. Several Residential Scholarships are also offered to assist students who have to live away from home to study. A one-day orientation program is conducted especially for CQ Connection students to assist their transition to university life. CQ Connections also has computers that students can borrow for up to 12 months. Personal and academic support is provided on an individual basis.

CQ Connections operates from Counselling, Careers and Health. If you require information please email o.mallory@cqu.edu.au or telephone 07 4930 9691.

Web: http://www.cqu.edu.au/cch/cqcon/cqcindex.htm

Direct Edge

Direct Edge Corporate Development is a business unit of the CQU and a leading provider of learning packages and services. Direct Edge have demonstrated successful records with business, government and industry groups. The programs and services offered are designed to help organisations improve quality, service and productivity. These are: Leadership Development, Purchasing and Materials Management, and Government Purchasing. For further information about Direct Edge’s activities contact 07 4923 2543 or fax: 07 4923 2544 Web: http://www.directedge.com.au

Skills for Tertiary Education and Preparatory Studies (STEPS)

STEPS is a bridging program for mature aged students who do not have a tertiary entrance qualification. Applicants must be aged 19 years or over and be an Australian citizen or hold a Permanent Residents visa.

The program is offered at the Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg, Mackay and Emerald campuses. The program may be undertaken full-time (13 weeks), part-time day or night (26 weeks) or externally.

Applicants must undergo a test to establish their mathematics ability and their reading and writing skills. They will also be expected to attend an interview during which they are asked to show their commitment and suitability. The program includes courses such as Language and Learning, Preparatory Studies, Transition Mathematics I and Computing for Academic Assignment Writing.

An Extended STEPS course is also offered to students who have completed the STEPS course and have achieved good results in Mathematics and Language and Learning. The program is designed for students wishing to study in the fields of science, engineering and technology. The program covers Scientific and Technical Communication and Report Writing, Transition Mathematics II, Computing for Academic Report Writing, IntroBiology, IntroChemistry and IntroPhysics.

For further information:

Ph: 07 4930 9059
Email: STEPS-admin@cqu.edu.au

Indigenous Tertiary Entry Program (TEP)

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Tertiary Entry Program (TEP) is offered and delivered by CQU’s Indigenous Higher Education Centre called Nulloo Yumbah. TEP is designed to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people develop skills to enter undergraduate university programs at CQU. It is for people who did not finish school, who left school some time ago and want to refesh their learning, or who do not feel confident about beginning tertiary studies.

The program, which is delivered over a full academic year, not only prepares people for successful participation in tertiary education, but also addresses cultural issues. The program offers courses in computing, mathematics, science, academic communication, independent learning, culture and learning, communications, study skills, research and library skills, indigenous history and politics and Australian law.

For further information contact Nulloo Yumbah on 07 49 30 9250 or by toll free number 1800 651 891 or visit the website at http://www.cqu.edu.au/nullooyumbah

Alternate Entry Provision

Nulloo Yumba hosts an Alternative Entry Program for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who have the skills necessary to succeed without meeting the general entry requirements. Based on assessment criteria, recommendations are made to CQU to accept students who qualify for Alternative Entry. Students who take part in the program are still required to apply through QTAC.

Tertiary Awareness Program (TAP)

The Tertiary Awareness Program (TAP) is an innovative program designed to ease the transition from high school to university for senior secondary students. The purpose of the TAP is to prepare students for university and give them first-hand experience of what life at university is all about while they are still at school. The program involves high school students staying on-campus at CQU for three full days of workshops, lectures, tutorials and other on-campus activities. The program encompasses a wide range of topics such as further study options, employment opportunities, study skills and additional information about Youth Allowance, HECS and other issues. To find our more about the TAP please contact one of the program coordinators on 4923 2555.

Women in Computing (WIC)

The Women In Computing (WIC) Program is based within the Faculty of Informatics and Communication. It supports and encourages women to study and pursue a career in computing. Program and career information and advice is available to female school students and mature women. A bridging course, designed specifically to assist female students to develop basic computing skills, is available for purchase.

This course enables students to successfully make the transition to tertiary studies. Both on-campus and distance education students are encouraged and supported via an electronic mail discussion list, wicnet@student.cqu.edu.au. On-campus students participate in network activities from time to time. For further information about the WIC Program, contact 07 4930 9685 or visit http://www.infocom.cqu.edu.au/wic/

Women in Engineering

ENGender Change is an initiative that has been established within the James Goldston Faculty of Engineering and Physical Systems by the Women in Engineering Committee, to effect cultural change which will encourage recruitment and retention of female students within a supportive environment.

Its purpose is to enhance the participation of women within engineering, and to examine ways in which the engineering environment and curriculum can be more inclusive for women.

The initiative is a holistic approach to encourage women’s participation in the non-traditional area of engineering. It is a cohesive strategy of recruitment, retention, promotional and supportive activities.

An email network is available for students, and individual initiatives are conducted on an a needs basis at campuses outside Rockhampton. For information, email women-engineering-enquiries@cqu.edu.au or telephone 07 4930 9733.

Women into Science & Technology (WIST)

WIST is a unique access program to encourage and support more women to study and pursue a career in non-traditional science and technology disciplines. It is a home-based self-paced study program which enables women to establish a study schedule at their own pace, and gently deal with making the transition into university education. The program is open to women of all ages and assumes no formal educational requirements. Women can enrol at any time during the year.

Enrolments are taken throughout the year. Courses available are Introchem, Transition Mathematics I, Transition Mathematics II, Introphysics, Introbiol, Communication Pathways into University and Introductory Computing Skills and Introducing the Internet. These can be studied separately. WIST offers help and encouragement through a bi-monthly newsletter, personal and academic contact, student support network and workshops on specific issues and self-development. The coordinator also travels throughout Queensland and provides careers information. Women in rural and remote areas are encouraged to access this program. Information can be accessed through the WIST web page at http://www.ahs.cqu.edu.au/wist/ or contact the coordinator on 07 4930 9341.

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