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Al Lacoste FCPA

Executive Assistant to Director

Cindy Adams BSc(Maths&Comp) CQU

Associate Director - Commercial and Special Projects

Geoff May BBus CIAE GradDipMgt(InfoSys) UCCQ MACS

Acting Associate Director and Management Accountant

Pauline Harte BBus(Dist) CPA

Senior Financial Accountant


Assistant Financial Accountants

Rovena Kearney BBus(Acct) ADBus ASA CQU

Mark Kerley BBus USQ CPA

University Budget Accountant

Cheryl Connor BBus(Acct)CQU

Assistant Budget Accountant

Anita Anderson BBus (Acct)

Compliance Accountant

Terry Edwards BBus (Acct) CPA

Reconciliation Officer

Laura Clopping

Salaries and Superannuation Manager

Glenys Dittman

Assistant Salaries Manager

Collette Quinn

Salaries Officers

Debbie Black

Lynette Hawke

Gerry Lees

Cheryl Hughes

Megan Jennar

Cheryl Reaney

Angela Russell

Salaries/Leave Officer

Lorelei Thompson

Administration Officer (Superannuation)

Kerry Brown BBus(Acct) CQU

Administration Officer (Salaries and Superannuation)

Ian Golightly

Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Amanda Semple

Revenue Officers

Louise Edwards

Stacey Rodda

Gayle Stephensen

Ann Morley

Student Loans & Accounts Officer

Lisa Green

Debtors Officers

Cheryl Zieth

Julie Brooke

Accounts Payable Supervisor

Sophie Ballentine

Travel Officers

Roslyn Ellerton

Kaye Hart

Kay Brown

Susan Milne

Schedules Clerk

Alexia McMillian

Accounts Payable Clerks

Susan Fingleton

Julie Walsh

Treasury & International Operations Manager

Michael Coren AssocDipBus

International Revenue Officer

Sue King-Gee

Karen Fraser

Marie Swindale BBus(Acct) BBus(InfoSys)

Supply Manager

Ian Dudley

Senior Supply Officers

Dan Finley

Ross Cruden

Asset Management Officer

Lorna Russell BBus (HRM) CQU

Purchasing Officer

Finance Officers

AHS - Siren Heberlein BBus(Acct) CIAE

E&CA - Amanda Beattie

Eng&PS - Susan Christensen ADBus(Acct) TAFE

I&C - Anne Condon

B&L - Matthew Percy BBus(Acct) CQU

VPA/Chan/Equit/Pers/CCH - Jan Davis BBus(Acct) CQU

Cap College - Narelle Thompson

Relief Cap College - Wendy Dwyer

DTLS - Vacant.

ITD - Rowan Wass BBus(Acct) CIAE

Research Services Office - Maureen Hill

Research Centre - Lynda Woodman BBus(Acct) LaTrobe

B&G - Larry Cumming BBus(Acct) CQU

Library - Margaret Illingworth BBus CIAE CA

CQU INt - vacant

Language Centre - Pam Fisher BBus USQ

CQU City Centre - Diane Brown BBus(Acct) CIAE

Assistant Finance Officers

Katrina Lapthorn ADBus TAFE

Yvonne Race

Carol Deane-Freeman

Barbara Williams

Kerry Bond

Acting Relief Finance Officer

Mary Pitcher GradDip(Mgt)

Acting Training & Development Officer

Rosemary Anderson

Systems Accountant


HRMS Manager

Gerard Ilott BBus(InfoSys) CQU

Management Information Programmer

Andrew Grice

Systems Operations Officer

Catherine Whitfield

Administrative Services

Store Administrator

Richard McGlashan

Stores Attendants

Christopher Lewis

David Rossiter

Administration Clerk

Central Queensland University Handbook
This handbook was correct as at: 07-May-2002

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