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2002 Courses

The following information has been provided to assist people determine the relationship between existing course codes and those older codes used prior to July 2001.

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00000 codes - All Codes beginning with 0
10000 codes - All Codes beginning with 1
20000 codes - All Codes beginning with 2
30000 codes - All Codes beginning with 3
40000 codes - All Codes beginning with 4
50000 codes - All Codes beginning with 5
60000 codes - All Codes beginning with 6
70000 codes - All Codes beginning with 7
80000 codes - All Codes beginning with 8
90000 codes - All Codes beginning with 9

00 000 codes

Old Code New Code Code Description Status
00101 MMST11001 Intro To Mm Available
00102 MMST11002 Constructing Cyberspace Available
00103 MMST11003 Design Perspectives Available
00201 MMST12004 Multimedia Design Available
00202 MMST12005 Multimedia Development Available
00203 MMST12009 Dynamic Web Interfaces Available

10 000 codes

Old Code New Code Code Description Status
10001 LNGE40038 Language & Learning Available
10002 SKIL40013 Tert Preparation Skills Available
10003 MATH40227 Transition Maths I Available
10004 MATH40228 Transition Maths Ii Available
10005 BIOL40102 Introductory Biology Available
10006 CHEM40069 Introductory Chemistry Available
10007 PHYS40112 Introductory Physics Available
10008 COIT40204 Computers Acad Assgn Writng Available
10009 BIOL40001 Oln Preparatory Biology Not available
10010 CHEM40001 Oln Preparatory Chemistry Available
10011 MATH40083 Oln Preparatory Maths A Not available
10012 MATH40084 Oln Preparatory Maths B Not available
10013 MATH40085 Oln Preparatory Maths C Not available
10014 MATH40086 Oln Preparatory Maths D Not available
10015 LNGE40025 Speak & Write For Uni Not available
10016 ACCT40076 Intro Accounting Ia Not available
10020 COIT40127 Intro Computing Skills Available
10021 WRIT40019 Writing Skills Available
10022 SKIL40014 Tert Preparation Skills Available
10023 MATH40087 Transition Maths I Available
10024 MATH40229 Transition Maths Ii Available
10025 BIOL40103 Introductory Biology Available
10026 CHEM40070 Introductory Chemistry Available
10027 PHYS40110 Introductory Physics Available
10028 COIT40130 Introductory Computing Available
10029 SCIE40014 Intro To Sci & Tech Comm Available
10031 COMM40105 Communication Pathways Available
10032 SKIL40015 Study Skills Available
10033 MATH40088 Trans Maths I (Mid Year) Available
10034 MATH40089 Trans Maths Ii (Mid Year) Available
10035 BIOL40104 Intro Biol (Mid Year) Available
10036 CHEM40071 Intro Chem (Mid Year) Available
10037 PHYS40111 Intro Physics (Mid Year) Available
10038 COIT40131 Intro Computing (Mid Year) Available
10041 COMM40106 Comm Pathways (Mid Year) Available
11001 LNGE40039 Language & Learning Available
11002 SKIL40016 Tertiary Preparation Skills Not available
11003 MATH40230 Transition Maths I Not available
11004 SKIL40017 Tertiary Preparation Skills A Available
11005 SKIL40018 Tertiary Preparation Skills B Available
11006 MATH40232 Transition Maths I A Available
11007 MATH40233 Transition Maths I B Available
11008 COIT40205 Introductory Computing Not available
11009 COIT40207 Comp Acad Assgn Wrt A Available
11010 COIT40208 Comp Acad Assgn Wrt B Available
16001 LNGE40040 Lang & Learn I Available
16002 LNGE40041 Lang & Learn Ii Available
16003 MATH40231 Transition Maths I Available
16008 COIT40206 Comp Acad Assgn Wrt Available
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20 000 Codes

Old Code New Code Code Description Status
20178 LAWR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
20701 ACTR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
20702 ACTR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
20703 ACTR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
20704 BUSR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
20705 BUSR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
20706 BUSR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
20707 COMR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
20708 COMR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
20709 COMR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
20710 ENCR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
20711 ENCR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
20712 ENCR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
20713 FINR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
20714 FINR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
20715 FINR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
20716 LAWR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
20717 LAWR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
20721 MRKR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
20722 MRKR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
20723 MRKR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
20724 TRMR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
20725 TRMR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
20726 TRMR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
20727 MGTR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
20728 MGTR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
20729 MGTR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
20990 RSCH30067 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
20991 RSCH30068 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
20992 RSCH30069 Research & Thesis (Pf/T) Not available
20993 RSCH30070 Research & Thesis (Pp/T) Not available
20995 RSCH30017 Mas Research & Thesis F/T Not available
20996 RSCH30018 Mas Research & Thesis P/T Not available
21100 ACCT10001 Accounting I Not available
21101 ACCT10002 Accounting Principles Not available
21102 COMM10049 Communications I Not available
21103 ECON10001 Economics I Not available
21105 ADMN10001 Administration I Not available
21107 SOCL10001 Community Studies I Not available
21108 SOCL10002 Liberal Studies Not available
21109 LITR10001 Literature And Language I Not available
21110 LNGE10028 English Expression I Not available
21111 ACCT11003 Accounting Ia Not available
21112 ACCT11004 Accounting Ib Not available
21113 MGMT11001 Management Ia Not available
21114 MGMT11002 Organisation. Behaviour Ib Not available
21115 ECON11002 Economics Ia Not available
21116 ECON11003 Economics Ib Not available
21117 GOVP10001 Aust.Bus. & Government Not available
21119 LAWS11001 Intro & Contract Law Ib Not available
21120 WELF11001 Law & Welfare Society Ia Not available
21121 WELF11014 Law & Welfare Society Ib Not available
21122 COIS11016 Computers In Business Ia Not available
21123 MGMT14003 Management For Engineers A Not available
21124 MGMT14004 Management For Engineers B Not available
21125 HRMT20006 Hrm On The Pacific Rim Available
21126 LAWS20055 International Contracts Available
21200 ACCT10005 Accounting Ii Not available
21201 LAWS19002 Mercantile Law Iia Not available
21202 LAWS19003 Company & Assoc Law Iib Not available
21204 COIS10045 Data Processing Ii Not available
21205 ADMN10002 Administration Ii Not available
21206 PSYC10001 Managerial Psychology Not available
21207 HRMT10001 Personnel Admin Ii Not available
21209 ECON10004 Farm Mgmnt Eco Ii Not available
21213 MGMT10005 Organis & Management I Not available
21216 ECON10005 Economics Ii Not available
21217 SOCL10003 Liberal Studies Ii Not available
21218 MGMT19006 Personnel Management Iia Not available
21219 HRMT19002 Personnel Management Iib Not available
21221 LAWS19004 Commercial Law Ii Not available
21222 ACCT19006 Management Accounting Iia Not available
21223 ACCT19007 Financial Accounting Iib Not available
21225 MGMT19117 Management Iia Not available
21226 MGMT19007 Org.Develop.& Change Iib Not available
21227 MRKT19001 Marketing Management Iia Not available
21228 MRKT19002 Marketing Iib Not available
21229 ECON19006 Economics Iia Not available
21230 ECON19007 Economics Iib Not available
21233 ECON10008 Farm Mgmnt Eco Iia Not available
21234 ECON10009 Farm Mgmnt Eco Iib Not available
21236 GOVP10002 Government Iib Not available
21237 COIS10046 Data Processing Iia Not available
21238 COIS10047 Data Processing Iib Not available
21239 HRMT10003 Mgmnt And Org Behaviour Not available
21240 MGMT19008 Public Administration Iia Not available
21241 MGMT19009 Public Administration Iib Not available
21242 COIS12017 Systems Analysis Iia Not available
21243 COIS12018 Systems Design & Prog Iib Not available
21244 COIS19048 Business Comp. Applic. Iib Not available
21245 MGMT19010 Managrl. Communication Iib Not available
21247 CRCE19001 Consumer Behaviour Iib Not available
21248 MRKT19003 Marketing Of Services Iib Not available
21250 MGMT19011 Training & Development Iib Not available
21253 MGMT19012 Aust.Indust.Relations Iia Not available
21300 ACCT10008 Accounting Iii Not available
21301 ACCT10009 Prof.Acc.Practice Iiiai Not available
21302 MATH10206 Quantitative Methods Iii Not available
21303 FINC10001 Financial Management Iii Not available
21304 ADMN10003 Administration Iii Not available
21305 MRKT10004 Marketing Iii Not available
21306 HRMT10004 Personnel Admin Iii Not available
21308 ACCT10010 Prof.Acc.Practice Iiia2 Not available
21309 ACCT10011 Prof.Acc.Practice Iiib2 Not available
21310 ACCT10012 Prof.Acc.Practice Iiibi Not available
21311 ADMN10004 Public Administration Iii Not available
21318 GOVP10003 Government Iii Not available
21319 MGMT10013 Organis & Management Ii Not available
21320 COIS10049 Data Processing Iii Not available
21324 LAWS10005 Audit And Prof Prac Iii Not available
21325 LAWS10006 Commercial Law Iii Not available
21326 FINC10002 Public Finance Iii Not available
21327 SOCL10004 Liberal Studies Iii Not available
21330 FINC10003 Financial Management Iiia Not available
21331 FINC10004 Financial Management Iiib Not available
21336 ACCT13013 Financial Accounting Iiia Not available
21337 ACCT13014 Management Accounting Iiib Not available
21338 ACCT13015 Audit And Prof Prac Iiia Not available
21339 ACCT13016 Audit And Prof Prac Iiib Not available
21342 MGMT13014 Small Business Mgment Iiia Not available
21343 MGMT13015 Corporate Policy Iiib Not available
21344 MGMT13016 Personnel Management Iiia Not available
21345 MGMT13017 Personnel Management Iiib Not available
21346 ECON10010 Economics Iiia Not available
21347 ECON10011 Economics Iiib Not available
21349 CRCE13002 Business Finance Iiia Not available
21350 CRCE13003 Business Finance Iiib Not available
21353 GOVP13004 Government Iiia Not available
21354 GOVP13005 Government Iiib Not available
21356 LAWS13007 Tax Law And Practice Iiia Not available
21357 LAWS13008 Tax Law And Practice Iiib Not available
21358 MATH10207 Quantitative Methods Iiia Not available
21359 MATH10208 Quantitative Methods Iiib Not available
21360 MGMT13018 Management Iiic Not available
21361 MGMT13019 Management Iiid Not available
21362 MRKT13005 Marketing Iiia Not available
21363 MRKT13006 Promotion Management Iiib Not available
21364 MGMT13020 Public Administration Iiia Not available
21366 COIS10050 Data Processing Iiia Not available
21367 COIS10051 Data Processing Iiib Not available
21368 COIS13019 Systems Design & Prog Iiia Not available
21369 COIS13020 Info Sys Mgt Iiib Not available
21370 COIS13021 Info Sys Applic Iiia Not available
21371 COIS13052 Computer Auditing Iiib Not available
21372 COIT13180 Systems Analysis Iiia Not available
21373 MGMT13021 Operations Management Iiia Not available
21374 MGMT13022 Operations Management Iiib Not available
21376 MGMT13023 Neg.& Bargain.Skills Iiia Not available
21377 MGMT13024 Job Analysis & Design Iiib Not available
21378 MGMT13025 Contemp.Org.Behaviour Iiib Not available
21379 MRKT13007 Marketing Strategy Iiia Not available
21381 MRKT13008 Market Research Iiia Not available
21382 MRKT13009 Market Research Iiib Not available
21383 MGMT19026 Pers.Select & Assess Iiia Not available
21384 MGMT19027 Spec.Proj.H/Res.Mgt.Iiib Not available
21385 MGMT19028 Personnel Research Iiia Not available
21386 MGMT19029 Human Res. Planning Iiia Not available
21500 ACCT20017 Financial Accounting Iva Not available
21501 CRCE20004 Financial Management Iva Not available
21502 ACCT20018 Mgmnt Accounting Iva Not available
21503 COIT20181 Mgmnt Info Systems Iva Not available
21504 ADMN10005 Public Administration Iva Not available
21505 ACCT20019 Financial Accounting Ivb Not available
21506 CRCE20005 Capital Budgeting Not available
21507 ACCT20020 Mgmnt Accounting Ivb Not available
21508 COIT20182 Mgmnt Info Systems Ivb Not available
21509 ADMN10006 Public Administration Ivb Not available
21510 ACCT20045 Special Topic Accounting A Available
21511 GOVP10006 Special Topic Govt Iva Not available
21512 ACCT20021 Issues Mgment. Accounting Not available
21513 ACCT20046 Special Topic Accounting B Available
21514 LAWS20035 Env Reg In Asia Pacific Available
21515 LAWS20036 Law For Public Sector Mgrs Not available
21516 ECON20018 Pub Sec Planning & Evalua Not available
21517 ACCT20022 Quant Dec Making & Fin Mod Not available
21518 CRCE20006 Financial Market Analysis Not available
21519 ACCT20023 Theory Of Accounting Not available
21520 ACCT20024 Adv Management Accounting Not available
21521 CRCE20007 International Fin Mgmnt Not available
21522 MGMT20030 Mgmt Theory And Practice Not available
21523 ECON20012 Ext Environ Of Organisations Not available
21524 MGMT20031 Quantitative Management Not available
21525 MGMT20075 Corporate Policy Not available
21526 MGMT20076 Publc Policy Theory & Practice Not available
21527 FINC20005 Finance Not available
21528 MGMT20032 Dissertation Not available
21529 ECON20019 Public Sector Economics Not available
21530 ACCT10025 Public Acct Practice Iva Not available
21531 ACCT10026 Public Acct Practice Ivb Not available
21532 MRKT20010 Marketing Iva Not available
21533 MRKT20011 International Marketing Not available
21534 MGMT20033 Personnel Management Iva Not available
21535 MGMT20034 Personnel Management Ivb Not available
21536 MGMT20035 Production Management A Not available
21537 MGMT20036 Production Management B Not available
21538 MGMT20077 Special Topic Mgmt A Available
21539 MGMT20078 Special Topic In Mgmt B Available
21540 ACCT20027 Accounting For Mgmt Ivb Not available
21541 LAWS20037 Law For Management Available
21542 COIS20022 Database Dev & Management Not available
21543 COIT20183 Info Syst Priv Sec & Cont Not available
21544 COIT20184 Digital Telecom & Networks Not available
21545 CRCE20008 Corporate Finance Not available
21546 MGMT20079 Public Sector Management Available
21547 MGMT20080 Current Issues In Public Mgmt Available
21548 MGMT20081 Special Topic In Pub Mgmnt Iva Not available
21549 MGMT20082 Special Topic In Pub Mgmt B Not available
21550 MGMT20037 Organisational Behaviour Not available
21551 ACCT20028 Corporate Reporting Not available
21552 ACCT20029 Financial Acct Issues Not available
21553 COIS20023 Info Systems Management Not available
21554 ACCT20030 Financial Acct Theory Not available
21556 COIT20185 Information Sys Overview Not available
21557 COIT20186 Information Sys Develop Not available
21558 COIT20187 Information Sys Project Not available
21559 MRKT20018 International Marketing Available
21560 COIS20006 Problem-Based Ind Dev A Available
21561 COIS20007 Problem-Based Ind Dev B Available
21562 LAWS20038 International Business Law Available
21563 COIS20024 Information Sys Overview Available
21564 COIS20025 Info Systems Development Available
21565 LAWS20039 Env Law & Regulation Available
21566 ECON20020 Dev Economics Available
21567 ECON20021 Economics Of Reg Dev Available
21568 MGMT20083 Models Of Sust Dev Available
21570 FINC20006 Organisational Finance Available
21571 FINC20007 Financial Market Analysis Available
21572 FINC20008 International Finance Available
21573 FINC20009 Advanced Finance Available
21574 FINC20010 Capital Budgeting Available
21575 ACCT20047 Strategic Cost Management Available
21576 ACCT20048 Management Account Systems Available
21577 ACCT20049 Issues In Acccounting Not available
21578 ACCT20050 Advanced Audit Not available
21580 LAWS20009 Advanced Taxation Not available
21581 LAWS20010 Taxation Administration Not available
21582 LAWS20011 Taxation Structures Not available
21583 LAWS20012 Domestic Business Oper. A Not available
21584 LAWS20013 Domestic Business Oper. B Not available
21585 LAWS20014 International Busn Operations Not available
21586 LAWS20015 Tax Plan & Restructuring Not available
21587 LAWS20016 Contemp Issues In Tax Not available
21590 ACCT20067 Advanced Taxation Available
21591 LAWS20040 Taxation Administration Not available
21592 ACCT20068 Domestic Business Taxation Available
21593 ACCT20069 International Busn Taxation Available
21594 LAWS20041 Tax Plan And Restructuring Not available
21595 ECON20022 Contemp Issues In Taxation Not available
21600 ECON20013 Aust Busn: Current Issues Not available
21601 MGMT20057 Contemp Mgmt Theory & Prac Not available
21602 MGMT20058 Organisational Theory & Prac Not available
21603 BUSN19002 Business Research Methods Available
21604 ECON20023 Economics For Business Available
21605 COIS20026 Database Develop & Mgmt Available
21606 COIS20027 Digital Telecom & Networks Available
21607 COIS20008 Info Sys Proj Plan & Mgmnt Available
21608 ECOM20001 Info Sys Mgt Ecomm Int Available
21610 COIS20028 Mgment & Design Of Adv Sys Available
21611 COIS20003 "Mgmt, Tech & Integr Sys" Not available
21612 ECOM20002 "Sec,Ethics & Elec Comm Sys" Available
21613 COIS20009 Systems Management Policy Not available
21614 COIS20010 Decis Support & Intell Sys Available
21620 MGMT20038 Corporate Financial Mgment Not available
21621 MRKT20019 Marketing Management Available
21622 MGMT20059 Strat Corp Mgmt & Plan Not available
21623 ACCT20051 Acc Info For Decision Mak Available
21640 COIS20053 Mgt & Design-Adv. Systems Not available
21641 COIS20054 "Mgment,Tech, & Int Systems" Not available
21642 COIS20004 "Systems Mgmnt, Rights & Re" Available
21643 COIT20188 Systems Management Policy Not available
21644 MGMT20039 Decis Support & Intell Sys Not available
21660 ACCT20031 Advanced Taxation Practice Not available
21661 ACCT20032 Advanced Accounting Not available
21662 ACCT20033 Pro Practice & Audit Not available
21663 ACCT20034 Advanced Audit Not available
21666 RSCH30075 Thesis Not available
21670 MRKT20048 Program Marketing Available
21680 HRMT20007 Human Resource Management Available
21681 MGMT20084 Corp Decision & Model Not available
21682 LAWS20017 Mgt. In Reg. Environment Not available
21683 MGMT20085 Operations Management Available
21684 CRCE20009 Advanced Financial Theory Not available
21685 HRMT20008 Contemp.Issues Hr Mangemnt Available
21686 MRKT20020 Adv. Marketing Strategy Available
21687 HRMT20018 Cont Employment Relations Available
21688 MRKT20021 Consumer Behaviour Available
21691 BUSN20003 Minor Dissertation Not available
21692 BUSN20004 Major Dissertation Not available
21693 BUSN20005 Major Dissertation A Available
21694 BUSN20006 Major Dissertation B Available
21695 BUSN20001 Major Dissertation C Not available
21696 BUSN20007 Project Available
21697 MGMT20087 Case Stud In Quality Mgt Not available
21698 MGMT20088 Adv Topic In Quality Mgt Not available
21699 MGMT20060 Quality Mgt In The 1990'S Not available
21701 ACCT20052 Financial Accounting Available
21702 ACCT20053 Cost & Mgt Accounting Available
21703 STAT20023 Quantitative Methods Available
21704 ACCT20039 Accounting Theory Available
21705 ACCT20054 Finance & Company Account Available
21706 MGMT20089 International Bus Experi Available
21707 ACCT20040 Audit Prof & Ethical Prac Available
21742 LAWS20028 Business Law Available
21743 LAWS20029 Corporate Law Available
21744 LAWS20023 Taxation Law Available
21756 MGMT20090 Social Enter Mgt Not available
21757 MRKT20022 Mkting In Social Enter Not available
21758 ACCT20055 Fin Mgt For Social Enter Not available
21759 HRMT20009 Hrm In Social Enterprise Not available
21761 MRKT20023 Selling & Direct Marketing Available
21762 MRKT20024 Advertising & Promotions Available
21763 MRKT20025 Market Research Available
21764 MRKT20026 Market Of Service Products Available
21765 MRKT20027 E - Marketing Available
21766 LAWS20042 Law Of Elec Comm & The Int Available
21769 MGMT20091 Div:Max The Potential Diff Available
21790 HRMT20019 Management Of Change Available
21791 MGMT20093 Managing In A Dynamic Env Available
21792 MGMT20094 Organisational Analysis Available
21793 ECON20024 Econ Of The Asia Pacific Available
21794 MGMT20074 Integrat Organisat Process Available
21795 MGMT20095 Asia Pacific Business Available
21796 ECON20025 Env Economics (Cu15) Available
21797 MGMT20112 Strat Forltn & Initves Available
21798 MGMT20113 Strategy Implementation Available
21800 ACCT11035 Fin.Acctg.Procedures A Not available
21801 COIS11055 Business Info.Systems Ia Not available
21802 MGMT11040 Practical Admin Ia Not available
21803 COIS10056 Business Info. Systems Ii Not available
21804 ACCT11036 Adv.Acctg.Procedures B Not available
21805 STAT10001 Quant Business Analysis Not available
21806 MGMT11041 Practical Admin Ib Not available
21807 COIT11189 Systems Analysis Ib Not available
21808 COIT12190 Systems Design Iia Not available
21809 COIS10057 Bus. Data Processing Ib Not available
21810 MRKT12012 Marketing And Society B Not available
21811 ECON11014 Intro.To Macro-Economics B Not available
21812 ECON12015 Intro.To Micro-Economics A Not available
21813 MGMT11042 Industrial Relations Ib Not available
21815 MGMT12043 Personnel Management A Not available
21820 COIS11058 Business Comp.Workshop A Not available
21821 COIS12059 User Database Technology A Not available
21822 COIS11060 Systems Development A Not available
21823 COIS11061 Systems Development B Not available
21870 ACCT11056 Financial Mgt Available
21900 ACCT12037 Company Acctg.Procedures A Not available
21901 CRCE12010 Introduction To Finance B Not available
21902 LAWS11018 Business Law Ia Not available
21903 CRCE12011 Credit Management B Not available
21905 MGMT12044 Practical Admin Iia Not available
21906 COIT12191 Information Systems B Not available
21909 ACCT12038 Cost Acctg. Procedures B Not available
21910 LAWS12019 Business Law Iia Not available
21911 LAWS11020 Taxation Procedures A Not available
21912 MGMT12045 Business Systems Mgment B Not available
21914 MGMT12046 Practical Admin Iib Not available
21915 LAWS12021 Taxation Procedures B Not available
21916 LAWS12022 Aust.Industrial Law A Not available
21917 MGMT12047 Industrial Relations Iib Not available
21918 MGMT12048 Elem.Of Labour Economics B Not available
21951 MGMT11049 "Law,Ethics & Indust Rel" Not available
21970 MGMT11096 Introduction To Management Not available
21971 LAWS11043 Law/Acts I Available
21972 MGMT12097 Industrial Relations Available
21973 LAWS12044 Legal Aspects Of Nurs Care Not available
22000 SOCL11015 Australian Society Not available
22100 SOCL11016 Community Studies I Not available
22101 LNGE11026 English Expression I Not available
22102 LITR11011 Literature And Language I Not available
22103 COMM11055 Communication I Not available
22104 HUMT11001 Liberal Studies I Not available
22109 SOCL11017 Community Studies Ia Not available
22110 SOCL11018 Community Studies Ib Not available
22111 JOUR11017 Media Studies Ia Not available
22112 JOUR11018 Media Studies Ib Not available
22113 HIST11001 History Ia Not available
22114 HIST11002 History Ib Not available
22115 GEOG11001 Geography Ia Not available
22116 GEOG11002 Geography Ib Not available
22117 LITR11012 Literary Studies Ia Not available
22118 LITR11013 Literary Studies Ib Not available
22119 LNGE11006 Eng Lang & Expression Ia Not available
22120 LNGE11007 Eng Lang & Expression Ib Not available
22121 COMM11056 Communication Ia Not available
22122 COMM11057 Communication Ib Not available
22123 JAPN11001 Japanese Ia Not available
22124 JAPN11002 Japanese Ib Not available
22125 JOUR11019 Journalism Ia Not available
22126 JOUR11020 Journalism Ib Not available
22127 LNGE11008 Language Studies Ia Not available
22128 LNGE11009 Language Studies Ib Not available
22129 COMM11058 Intro To Communications Not available
22130 COMM11059 Mass C'Cation In Aust. Not available
22131 SOCL11019 Community Studies Ia Not available
22132 SOCL11020 Community Studies Ib Not available
22133 GEOG11003 Resources Development Not available
22134 GEOG11004 Resources Management Not available
22135 HIST11003 European Hist. 1789-1848 Not available
22136 HIST11004 European Hist. Since 1848 Not available
22137 JOUR11021 Intro. To Journalism Not available
22138 JOUR19022 B'Cast Journalism (Radio) Not available
22139 LING11006 Intro. To Linguistics Not available
22140 LNGE11027 English In Aust-Fieldwork Not available
22141 LITR11014 Intro To Poetry & Drama Not available
22142 LITR11015 Intro To Novel & Sh.Story Not available
22150 COMM10060 Technical Communications Not available
22151 LITR10016 Lit Stud (Ed) Ib Not available
22200 SOCL12021 Community Studies Ii Not available
22201 JOUR12023 Media Appreciation Ii Not available
22202 LNGE10010 Language Ii Not available
22203 LITR12017 Literature Iia Not available
22209 SOCL12022 Community Studies Iia Not available
22210 SOCL12023 Community Studies Iib Not available
22211 JOUR12024 Media Studies Iia Not available
22212 JOUR12025 Media Studies Iib Not available
22213 JOUR12026 Journalism Iia Not available
22214 JOUR12027 Journalism Iib Not available
22215 LITR12018 Lit St Poetry Iia Not available
22216 LITR12019 Lit St Drama Iib Not available
22217 LITR12020 Lit St Novel Iia Not available
22218 LITR12021 Lit St Short Story Iib Not available
22219 LNGE12011 Eng Lang & Expression Iia Not available
22220 LNGE12012 Eng Lang & Expression Iib Not available
22221 HIST12005 Europ Hist Since 1815 Iia Not available
22222 HIST12006 Social History Iib Not available
22223 GEOG12005 Geography Iia Not available
22224 GEOG12006 Geography Iib Not available
22225 LITR12022 Literary Studies Iia Not available
22226 LITR12023 Literary Studies Iib Not available
22227 WRIT12008 Creative Writing Iia Not available
22228 WRIT12009 Creative Writing Iib Not available
22229 MRKT10042 Advertising & P R Iia Not available
22230 MRKT10043 Advertising & P R Iib Not available
22233 HIST12007 Australian History Iia Not available
22234 HIST12008 Australian History Iib Not available
22235 WELF12015 Welfare Studies Iia Not available
22236 WELF12016 Welfare Studies Iib Not available
22237 LNGE12013 Language Studies Iia Not available
22238 LNGE12014 Language Studies Iib Not available
22239 JAPN12003 Japanese Iia Not available
22240 JAPN12004 Japanese Iib Not available
22241 SOCL10024 Found. Leisure Behav. Iia Not available
22242 TOUR10021 Recreation Studies Iib Not available
22243 TOUR10022 Tourism Studies Iib Not available
22251 LITR12024 Lit Stud (Ed) Poetry Iia Not available
22252 LITR12025 Lit Stud (Ed) Novel Iia Not available
22253 LITR12026 Lit Stud (Ed) Novel Iia Not available
22254 LITR12027 Lit Stud (Ed) Sh Sty Iib Not available
22255 COMM19061 "C'Cation,Culture & Soc." Not available
22256 COMM19062 Visual Communication Not available
22257 SOCL12025 Community Studies Iia Not available
22258 SOCL12026 Community Studies Iib Not available
22259 GEOG19007 Rural Resources Dev'Ment Not available
22260 GEOG19008 Economic Geography Not available
22261 GEOG19009 Urban & Regional Planning Not available
22262 GEOG19010 Social Geography Not available
22263 HIST19009 Colonial Australian Hist Not available
22264 HIST19010 20Th Century Aust. Hist. Not available
22265 HIST19011 History Of Modern China Not available
22266 HIST11012 History Of Modern Japan Not available
22267 JOUR10028 B'Cast Journalism (T.V.) Not available
22268 COMM10063 Public Affairs Reporting Not available
22269 LNGE19015 The Analysis Of Languages Not available
22270 LNGE19016 Syntax Not available
22272 LNGE19017 History Of English Not available
22273 LITR19028 Adv. Studies In The Novel Not available
22274 LITR19029 Adv. Studies In Poetry Not available
22275 LITR19030 Adv.Studies In Short Story Not available
22276 WRIT19010 Creative Writing Not available
22277 LITR19031 Australian Literature A Not available
22278 LITR19032 Australian Literature B Not available
22279 WELF12017 Welfare Studies Iia Not available
22280 WELF12018 Welfare Studies Iib Not available
22281 LING19007 Sociolinguistics Not available
22282 DRMA19007 Advanced Studies In Drama Not available
22314 SOCL13027 Community Studies Iiia Not available
22315 SOCL13028 Community Studies Iiib Not available
22316 SOCL11029 Comm Stud Research Not available
22317 JOUR10029 Media Studies Iiia Not available
22318 JOUR10030 Media Studies Iiib Not available
22319 JOUR10031 Med Stud Research Iii Not available
22320 JOUR10032 Journalism Iiia Not available
22321 JOUR10033 Journalism Iiib Not available
22322 LITR13033 Lit Stud Research Iiia Not available
22323 LITR13034 Lit Stud Research Iiib Not available
22324 LNGE13018 Eng Lang & Exp Iiia Not available
22325 LNGE13019 Eng Lang & Exp Iiib Not available
22326 LITR13035 Literary Studies Iiia Not available
22327 LITR13036 Literary Studies Iiib Not available
22328 WRIT13011 Creative Writing Iiia Not available
22329 WRIT13012 Creative Writing Iiib Not available
22330 WRIT19013 Literary Studies Research Not available
22331 LITR13037 Lit Theory & Crit Iiia Not available
22332 LITR13038 Lit Theory & Crit Iiib Not available
22333 HIST13013 History Iiia Not available
22334 HIST13014 History Iiib Not available
22335 HIST19015 History Research Not available
22336 GEOG13011 Geography Iiia Not available
22337 GEOG13012 Geography Iiib Not available
22338 GEOG19013 Geography Research Not available
22339 LNGE19020 Language Studies Research Not available
22340 WELF13019 Welfare Studies Iiia Not available
22341 WELF13020 Welfare Studies Iiib Not available
22342 LNGE13021 Language Studies Iiia Not available
22343 LNGE13022 Language Studies Iiib Not available
22344 HIST13016 Australian History Iiia Not available
22345 HIST13017 Australian History Iiib Not available
22346 JAPN13005 Japanese Iiia Not available
22347 JAPN13006 Japanese Iiib Not available
22348 JAPN13007 Written Japanese Iiia Not available
22349 JAPN13008 Written Japanese Iiib Not available
22350 WELF13021 Welf. Studies Res. Iii Not available
22351 LITR13039 Lit Stud (Ed) Res Iiia Not available
22352 LITR13040 Lit Stud (Ed) Res Iiib Not available
22355 TOUR10023 Recreation Studies Iiia Not available
22356 TOUR10024 Recreation Studies Iiib Not available
22358 TOUR10025 Tourism Studies Iiia Not available
22359 TOUR10026 Tourism Studies Iiib Not available
22360 TOUR10027 Tourism Studies Res Iii Not available
22361 COMM10064 Film Production Not available
22362 COMM10065 Advertising Not available
22363 COMM10066 Public Relations Not available
22364 COMM10067 Research Meth. In Comm Not available
22365 COMM10068 Communications Research Not available
22366 BEHV13019 Community Studies Iiia Not available
22367 BEHV13020 Community Studies Iiib Not available
22368 COMM10069 Television Production Not available
22369 COMM10070 Ed/Art Writing & Pub. Op. Not available
22370 COMM10071 Journ Eth & I'Nal Comm Not available
22371 LNGE19023 Child Lang/Lang Disorder Not available
22372 WELF13022 Welfare Studies Iiia Not available
22373 WELF13023 Welfare Studies Iiib Not available
22374 WELF19024 Comm R'Sch & Fieldwork Not available
22380 DRMA19008 Tragic Drama Not available
22381 THTR19003 Theatre Today Not available
22800 SOCL11030 Australian Society Not available
22801 COMM10072 Effective Communication Not available
22802 COMM10073 Human Communication Not available
22803 GOVP11010 Research Techniques Not available
22804 EDED11392 Field Placement Ia Not available
22805 GOVP11011 Australian Government Not available
22806 BEHV11021 Commun. In Organisations Not available
22807 GEOG19014 Graphic & Carto. Methods Not available
22808 GOVP11012 Govt.Stats.& Info.Systems Not available
22809 EDED11393 Field Placement Ib Not available
22810 STAT11044 Intro.To Applied Stats. Not available
22900 COMM12074 Explor Of Oral Commun Not available
22901 GEOG12015 Methods Of Demographc Analysis Not available
22902 COMM12075 Mass Comm. And Information Not available
22903 GOVP12013 Survey Techniques Not available
22905 SOCL12031 Intro To Social Indicators Not available
22907 COMM12076 Information And Comm. Tech Not available
22908 COMM10077 Basic Public Relations Not available
25101 ACCT11057 Principles Of Accounting Available
25102 ACCT11058 Advanced Accounting Not available
25103 ACCT11059 Use Acc For Decision Mkng Available
25104 ECON11026 Principles Of Economics Available
25105 MRKT11028 E-Market & Retail Sell Available
25111 ECON11027 Prin Of Microeconomics Not available
25112 ECON11028 Prin Of Macroeconomics Not available
25122 HRMT11010 Organisational Behaviour Available
25131 COIS11011 Found Of Bus Computing Available
25132 COIS11012 Analysis Of Business Systems Available
25142 LAWS11030 Intro & Contract Law Available
25143 LAWS11045 Law & Welfare Of Society A Available
25144 LAWS11048 Law & Welfare Of Society B Available
25145 LAWS11046 Law And The Environment Ia Available
25151 MGMT11098 Intro To Mgt Not available
25161 MRKT11029 Marketing Available
25169 TOUR11004 The Bus Of Tour:Core Skill Available
25201 ACCT19060 Management Accounting Available
25202 ACCT19061 Corporate Accounting Available
25203 MRKT19030 Promotions Management Available
25211 ECON19029 Intermed Macroeconomics Not available
25212 ECON19030 Intermed Microeconomics Not available
25221 HRMT11011 Hr In Organisations Available
25222 HRMT19012 Performance Management Available
25223 HRMT19013 Human Resource Development Available
25231 COIT11086 Systems Analysis Iia Available
25232 COIS12029 Sys Design & Prog Iib Not available
25234 COIS12062 Bus. Info. Sys. Appl. Iib Not available
25235 COIS12030 Obj-Orient Analysis & Sys Des Not available
25236 COIS12031 Software Des & Programming Available
25238 COIS12032 Database Tech & Design Not available
25241 LAWS19031 Mercantile Law Available
25242 LAWS19032 Company & Association Law Available
25252 MGMT11163 Managerial Communication Available
25253 MGMT19099 Govern Policy & Practices Available
25254 MGMT19100 Public Administration Available
25261 MRKT19031 Buyer Behaviour Available
25262 MRKT19032 "Sell.,Negot.& Dir.Mktg Iib" Not available
25263 MRKT19033 Advertising & Promotions Not available
25264 MRKT19034 "Mkt, New Ventures & Ent" Available
25298 ECON19031 Environmental Economics Available
25301 ACCT19062 Accounting Theory Available
25302 ACCT19063 Contemp Issues In Account Available
25303 ACCT19064 Aud & Professional Pract Available
25304 ACCT19065 Found Of Research In Comm Available
25311 FINC19011 Business Finance Available
25312 FINC19012 Invest Analysis & Risk Mgt Available
25320 HRMT19020 Man Organisational Change Available
25321 HRMT19021 Aust Industrial Relations Available
25322 HRMT19014 "Hr Planning, Recruit & Sel" Available
25323 MGMT13050 Contemp Organ Studies Iii Not available
25324 MGMT13051 Contemp.Org.Beh.Stud. Iiib Not available
25325 MGMT13052 App Res In H R Mgmt Iii Not available
25326 MGMT13053 App. Res. In H R Mgmt Iiib Not available
25328 MGMT13054 H R Mgmt Competencies Iiib Not available
25331 COIS13033 Software Engineering Not available
25332 COIS13034 I S Mgt With E-Comm Apps Available
25333 COIS13035 Bus Data Communications Not available
25334 ACCT19066 Acct Systems And Assurance Available
25335 COIS13063 Human-Comput Interact Iiia Not available
25336 COIT13192 Database Tech. & Des. Iiib Not available
25337 COIS13013 Management Support Systems Available
25338 COIS12036 Human-Computer Interaction Available
25339 MGMT10055 Special Topic (Info Sys) Not available
25341 LAWS19033 Taxation Law & Practice A Available
25342 LAWS19034 Taxation Law & Practice B Available
25351 MGMT19114 Strategic Management Available
25353 MGMT10056 Small Bus Management Iiia Not available
25362 MRKT19035 Res Topic In Mkt & Strat Available
25363 MRKT19036 Marketing Service Products Available
25364 MRKT19037 International Mkt & Bus Available
25365 MRKT19038 Market Research Techniques Available
25366 MRKT19039 Mkt Research Apps Available
25367 MRKT19040 Market Plans & Their Imple Available
25368 MRKT13013 Fin Decis. In Mktg Iiib Not available
25369 HRMT19005 Prof Experience & Practice Available
25371 MATH13209 Operations Management Iiia Not available
25372 MATH13210 Operations Management Iiib Not available
25373 STAT13002 Business Statistics Iiia Not available
25374 MGMT19103 Logistics Management B Available
25375 MGMT19104 Cont Purch & Materials Mgt Available
25376 MGMT19105 Quality Management A Available
25377 MGMT19106 Supply Chain Mgmt Available
25391 COIS13037 Info Systems Project A Available
25392 COIS13038 Info Systems Project B Available
25393 COIS13039 Info Sys Special Topic A Available
25394 COIS13040 Info Systems Spec Topic B Available
25396 COIT13132 Professional Issues Available
25451 MGMT19107 Mgmt For Engineers A Not available
25452 MGMT14108 Mgmt For Engineers B Not available
25453 MGMT11109 Introduction To Management Available
25454 MGMT19061 Admin & Management Ii Not available
25471 STAT19041 Business Statistics Available
25490 MGMT19062 Directed Study Available
25491 BUSN19008 Dissertation Available
25492 BUSN19009 Dissertation (Part-Time) A Available
25493 BUSN19010 Dissertation (Part-Time) B Available
25721 HRMT19015 Research-Human Res Dec Mak Available
25723 HRMT19022 Comparative Emp Ralations Available
25725 HRMT19016 Contemp Org & Hrm Studies Available
25729 HRMT19017 Project Available
25911 ECON19032 Microeconomics Available
25912 ECON19033 Macroeconomics Available
26990 RSCH30071 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
26991 RSCH30072 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
26992 RSCH30073 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
26993 RSCH30074 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
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30 000 Codes

Old Code New Code Code Description Status
30100 THTR13006 Expressive Reading Not available
30105 THTR10007 Injury Mgt & Nutrition Not available
30110 THTR13008 Special Topic In Acting I Not available
30115 THTR13009 Spec Topic In Dance I Not available
30120 MUSC13063 Special Topic In Music I Not available
30125 PERF13007 Mask Theatre Not available
30210 THTR13010 Special Topic In Acting Ii Not available
30215 THTR13011 Spec Topic In Dance Ii Not available
30220 MUSC13064 Special Topic In Music Ii Not available
30310 THTR13012 Spec Topic In Acting Iii Not available
30315 THTR13013 Special Topic In Dance Iii Not available
30320 MUSC13065 Special Topic In Music Iii Not available
30410 THTR13014 Special Topic In Acting Iv Not available
30415 THTR13015 Special Topic In Dance Iv Not available
30420 MUSC13066 Special Topic In Music Iv Not available
31100 MUSC11067 Principal Study I (Instru) Not available
31101 MUSC11068 History Of Music I Not available
31102 MUSC10069 Materials Of Music I Not available
31103 MUSC10070 Basic Musicianship I Not available
31104 MUSC10071 Concert Attendance Not available
31105 MUSC11072 Principal Study I (Vocal) Not available
31106 MUSC11073 Principal Study I (Comp) Not available
31107 MUSC11074 Modern Languages Not available
31108 MUSC11075 Musicianship/Aural I Not available
31109 MUSC11076 Musicianship/Practical Not available
31110 MUSC11077 Principal Study I (Vocal) Not available
31111 MUSC11078 Chief Prac Study I Instrum Not available
31112 MUSC11079 Aural Analysis Not available
31113 MUSC11080 Ameb Theory Ia Not available
31114 MUSC11081 Big Band I Not available
31115 MUSC11082 Concert/Stage Management Not available
31116 MUSC11083 Con Chorus I Not available
31117 MUSC11084 Chamber Orchestra I Not available
31118 MUSC11085 Community Concerts I Not available
31119 MUSC11086 Intro To Composit Techs A Not available
31120 MUSC11087 Elementary Chamber Music I Not available
31121 MUSC11088 Elementary Guitar Not available
31122 MUSC11089 Elementary Piano Not available
31123 MUSC11090 Fretboard Harmony Not available
31124 MUSC11091 Directed Group Activities Not available
31125 MUSC11092 Intro To Accompaniment Not available
31126 MUSC11093 Intro To Baroque Music Not available
31127 MUSC11094 Intro To Creative Teaching Not available
31128 MUSC11095 Intro To Classical Music Not available
31129 MUSC11096 Intro To Ethnomusicology I Not available
31130 MUSC11097 Intro To Ethnomusicology 2 Not available
31131 MUSC11098 Intro To Jazz Mcnshp I Not available
31132 MUSC11099 Intro To Aust Music 2 Not available
31133 MUSC11100 Intro Twentieth Cent Music Not available
31134 MUSC11101 Intro To Orchestration Not available
31135 MUSC11102 Intro Philosophy Music Ed Not available
31136 MUSC11103 Intro To Aust Music I Not available
31137 MUSC11104 Intro French For Singers Not available
31138 MUSC11105 Intro German For Singers Not available
31139 MUSC11106 Intro Italian For Singers Not available
31140 MUSC11107 Intro Jazz Hist & Repert Not available
31141 JAZZ11001 Jazz Combo I Not available
31142 JAZZ11002 Jazz Harmony Not available
31143 JAZZ11003 Jazz Materials I Not available
31144 JAZZ11004 Jazz Notation Not available
31145 JAZZ11005 Jazz Rhythm Workshop I Not available
31146 JAZZ11006 Jazz Rhythm Workshop 2 Not available
31147 MUSC11108 Keyboard Harmony I Not available
31148 MUSC11109 Keyboard Harmony 2 Not available
31149 MUSC11110 Kodaly Teaching Methods 1 Not available
31150 MUSC11111 Kodaly Teaching Methods 2 Not available
31151 MUSC12112 Kodaly Teaching Methods 3 Not available
31152 MUSC12113 Kodaly Teaching Methods 4 Not available
31153 MUSC11114 Intro Keyboard Repertoire Not available
31154 MUSC11115 Music Criticism Not available
31155 MUSC11116 Mathematics In Music Not available
31156 THTR11016 Music Through Movement Not available
31157 MUSC11117 Principles Voice Teach I Not available
31158 MUSC11118 Principles Voice Teach 2 Not available
31159 MUSC11119 Intro Orchest Repertoire Not available
31160 MUSC11120 Brass Band I Not available
31161 MUSC11121 Intro To Music Criticism Not available
31162 MUSC11122 Youth Orchestra Not available
31163 MUSC11123 Concert Preparation Not available
31164 MUSC11124 Music Video Deli Not available
31165 JAZZ11007 Jazz Materials 2 Not available
31166 MUSC11125 Chief Princp Study I/Comp Not available
31167 THTR11017 Production I Not available
31168 INDG11003 Aboriginal Music Not available
31169 MUSC11126 Accompanying Ib Not available
31170 PERF11008 Arts In Perspective I Not available
31171 PERF12009 Arts In Perspective 2 Not available
31172 MUSC11127 Australian Music Not available
31173 MUSC11128 Brass Repertoire & Styles Not available
31174 MUSC11129 Chamber Music Not available
31175 MUSC11130 Choral Conducting Not available
31176 MUSC11131 Composition Ia Not available
31177 MUSC11132 Creative Approach Music Not available
31178 MUSC11133 Experimental Music I Not available
31179 MUSC11134 Fugue I Not available
31180 MUSC11135 Fugue 2 Not available
31181 DRMA11006 Historical Perform Prac Not available
31182 MUSC11136 Instrumental Conducting Not available
31183 MUSC11137 Introductory Sonology Not available
31184 MUSC11138 Midi Concepts & Applics I Not available
31185 MUSC11139 Music Librarianship I Not available
31186 MUSC11140 Music Librarianship 2 Not available
31187 MUSC11141 Orchestration I Not available
31188 MUSC11142 Orchestration 2 Not available
31189 MUSC11143 Approach Ethnomusicology Not available
31190 MUSC11144 Sixteenth Cent Counter I Not available
31191 MUSC11145 Sixteenth Cent Counter 2 Not available
31192 MUSC11146 Studies In Form I/Baroque Not available
31193 MUSC11147 Studies In Form 2/Classic Not available
31194 MUSC12148 Studies Form 3/19Th Cent Not available
31195 MUSC12149 Studies Form 4/20Th Cent Not available
31196 MUSC11150 Study Medieval & Renais I Not available
31197 MUSC11151 Study Medieval & Renais 2 Not available
31198 JAZZ11008 Intro Jazz Hist & Repert Not available
31199 MUSC11152 Global Sounds: Appr World Not available
31200 THTR12018 Stagecraft Ia Not available
31201 MUSC12153 Mod Language - Phonetics I Not available
31202 THTR11019 Music Theatre Repertoire I Not available
31203 THTR11020 Acting I Not available
31204 MUSC12154 History & Lit Of Music Not available
31205 THTR11021 Dance I Not available
31206 MUSC12155 Writing Techniques I Not available
31207 MUSC11156 Accompanying Ib Not available
31208 MUSC11157 Chamber Music Not available
31209 MUSC11158 Composition Ib Not available
31210 MUSC11159 English In Music Not available
31211 MUSC11160 Musicianship Aural/5-10 Not available
31212 MUSC10161 Second Practical Study Not available
31213 MUSC10162 Vocal Keyboard Studies Not available
31214 MUSC11163 Music Record Techniques I Not available
31215 MUSC11164 Music Record Technieques 2 Not available
31216 MUSC11165 Studio Teaching Methods Not available
31217 MUSC11166 Professional Studies Not available
31218 MUSC11167 Music I Not available
31219 MUSC12168 Rhythm Studies Not available
31220 MUSC12169 Entrepreneurship Studies Not available
31221 COIS12072 Computing Studies Not available
31222 THTR11022 Introduction To Lighting Not available
31225 MUSC11170 Element Class Tech I Not available
31226 JAZZ11009 Cps I/Jazz Not available
31227 MUSC11171 Element Class Tech 4 Not available
31228 MUSC11172 Improvisation I Not available
31229 MUSC11173 Ameb Theory Ib Not available
31230 MUSC11174 Intro To Comp Techs B Not available
31231 JAZZ11010 Intro To Jazz Mcnshp 2 Not available
31241 JAZZ11011 Jazz Combo 2 Not available
31260 MUSC11175 Brass Band 2 Not available
31262 PERF20010 Major Study 2 Not available
31269 MUSC13176 Special Topic In Music I Not available
31270 MUSC11177 Music Record Techniques Not available
31276 MUSC11178 Composition 2A Not available
31278 MUSC11179 Experimental Music 2 Not available
31284 MUSC11180 Midi Concepts & Applics 2 Not available
31307 MUSC11181 Accompanying 2A Not available
31308 MUSC11182 Musicianship/Aural 2 Not available
31311 MUSC11183 Chief Prac Study 2 Instrum Not available
31314 MUSC11184 Big Band 2 Not available
31316 MUSC11185 Con Chorus 2 Not available
31317 MUSC11186 Chamber Orchestra 2 Not available
31320 MUSC11187 Elementary Chamber Music 2 Not available
31329 MUSC11188 Ameb Theory 2A Not available
31341 JAZZ11012 Jazz Combo 3 Not available
31376 MUSC11189 Composition 2B Not available
31378 MUSC11190 Experimental Music 3 Not available
31407 MUSC11191 Accompanying 2B Not available
31408 MUSC11192 Musicianship/Aural 3 Not available
31411 MUSC11193 Chief Prac Study 3 Instrum Not available
31414 MUSC11194 Big Band 3 Not available
31416 MUSC11195 Con Chorus 3 Not available
31417 MUSC11196 Chamber Orchestra 3 Not available
31429 MUSC11197 Ameb Theory 2B Not available
31441 JAZZ11013 Jazz Combo 4 Not available
31476 MUSC12198 Composition 3A Not available
31507 MUSC11199 Accompanying 3A Not available
31516 MUSC11200 Con Chorus 4 Not available
31517 MUSC11201 Chamber Orchestra 4 Not available
31541 JAZZ11014 Jazz Combo 5 Not available
31551 MUSC20202 Res Topic/Dis I Not available
31552 MUSC20203 Res Topic/Dis 2 Not available
31553 MUSC20204 Res Topic/Dis 3 Not available
31554 MUSC20205 Res Topic/Dis 4 Not available
31561 MUSC20206 Major Study I Not available
31563 MUSC20207 Major Study 3 Not available
31564 MUSC20208 Major Study 4 Not available
31576 MUSC11209 Composition 3B Not available
31607 MUSC11210 Accompanying 3B Not available
32200 MUSC12211 Principal Study 2 (Instru) Not available
32201 MUSC12212 History Of Music 2 Not available
32202 MUSC12213 Materials Of Music 2 Not available
32203 MUSC12214 Basic Musicianship 2 Not available
32204 MUSC12215 Production 2 Not available
32205 MUSC12216 Principal Study 2 (Vocal) Not available
32206 PERF12011 Stagecraft Ib Not available
32207 MUSC12217 Mod Language - Phonetics 2 Not available
32208 MUSC12218 Principal Study 2 (Comp) Not available
32209 PERF12012 Acting 2 Not available
32210 PERF12013 Dance 2 Not available
32211 MUSC12219 Music 2 Not available
32212 THTR12023 Music Theatre Studies Not available
32213 THTR12024 Music Theatre Repertoire 2 Not available
32225 MUSC12220 Element Class Tech 2 Not available
32226 MUSC12221 Cps2/Jazz Not available
32227 MUSC12222 Element Class Tech 5 Not available
32228 MUSC12223 Improvisation 2 Not available
32266 MUSC12224 Writing Techniques Ii Not available
33100 THTR13025 Production 3 Not available
33105 THTR13026 Music Theatre Repertoire 3 Not available
33110 THTR13027 Acting 3 Not available
33115 THTR13028 Dance 3 Not available
33120 MUSC13225 Music 3 Not available
33125 EDCA13052 Creative Studies Not available
33126 MUSC13226 Element Classical Tech 3 Not available
33127 MUSC13227 Cps 3 / Jazz Not available
33128 MUSC13228 Elem Class Tech 6 Not available
33129 MUSC13229 Improvisation 3 Not available
33130 MGMT13118 Management Studies Not available
33135 MUSC13230 Technical Studies Not available
33140 MUSC13231 Arranging Not available
33200 MUSC12232 Mod Language - Phonetics 3 Not available
33301 MUSC13233 History Of Music 3 Not available
33366 MUSC13234 Writing Techniques Iii Not available
34200 MUSC12235 Mod Language - Phonetics 4 Not available
38001 THTR10029 Acting I Not available
38002 THTR10030 Acting 2 Not available
38003 THTR10031 Acting 3 Not available
38005 THTR11090 Acting Ia Available
38006 THTR11091 Acting Ib Available
38007 THTR12092 Acting 2A Available
38008 THTR12093 Acting 2B Available
38009 THTR13094 Acting 3A Available
38010 THTR13095 Acting 3B Available
38401 MUSC11236 Chief Prac Study I Not available
38402 MUSC12237 Chief Prac Study Not available
38403 MUSC13238 Chief Prac Study Not available
38404 MUSC11375 Chief Prac Study Ia Available
38405 MUSC11376 Chief Prac Study Ib Available
38406 MUSC12378 Chief Prac Study 2A Available
38407 MUSC12379 Chief Prac Study 2B Available
38408 MUSC13280 Chief Prac Study 3A Available
38409 MUSC13281 Chief Prac Study 3B Available
38411 THTR10032 Dance I Not available
38412 THTR10033 Dance 2 Not available
38413 THTR10034 Dance 3 Not available
38414 THTR11074 Dance Ia Available
38415 THTR11075 Dance Ib Available
38416 THTR12076 Dance 2A Available
38417 THTR12077 Dance 2B Available
38418 THTR13078 Dance 3A Available
38419 THTR13079 Dance 3B Available
38421 MUSC11239 Music Theatre Repertoire I Not available
38422 MUSC12240 Music Theatre Repertoire 2 Not available
38423 MUSC13241 Music Theatre Repertoire 3 Not available
38424 THTR10035 Music Theatre Praxis I Not available
38425 THTR10036 Studies In Form/Mt I Available
38426 THTR10037 Studies In Form/Mt 2 Available
38427 THTR10038 Studies In Form/Mt 3 Available
38428 THTR10039 Studies In Form/Mt 4 Available
38431 MUSC11242 Principal Study I Not available
38432 MUSC12243 Principal Study 2 Not available
38437 THTR11080 Music Theatre Praxis Ia Available
38438 THTR11081 Music Theatre Praxis Ib Available
38439 MUSC11367 Principal Study Ia Available
38440 MUSC11368 Principal Study Ib Available
38441 LING12002 Mod Languages - Phon I/Eng Not available
38442 LING12003 Mod Languages - Phon 2/Ita Not available
38443 LING12004 Mod Languages - Phon 3/Ger Not available
38444 LING12005 Mod Languages - Phon 4/Frh Not available
38445 MUSC12369 Principal Study 2A Available
38446 MUSC12370 Principal Study 2B Available
38450 THTR13040 Technical Studies Not available
38451 THTR11041 Production I Not available
38452 THTR12042 Production 2 Not available
38453 THTR13043 Production 3 Not available
38454 THTR13096 Technical Studies A Available
38455 THTR13097 Technical Studies B Available
38456 THTR11082 Production Ia Available
38457 THTR11083 Production Ib Available
38458 THTR12084 Production 2A Available
38459 THTR12085 Production 2B Available
38460 MGMT13119 Mgmt Stds Not available
38461 THTR11044 Music I Not available
38462 THTR12045 Music 2 Not available
38463 THTR13046 Music 3 Not available
38464 THTR13086 Production 3A Available
38465 THTR13087 Production 3B Available
38468 THTR11088 Music Ia Available
38469 THTR11089 Music Ib Available
38470 EDCA13053 Creative Stds Not available
38471 MUSC11244 Improvisation I Not available
38472 MUSC11245 Improvisation 2 Not available
38473 MUSC12246 Improvisation 3 Not available
38474 THTR12070 Music 2A Available
38475 THTR12071 Music 2B Available
38476 THTR13072 Music 3A Available
38477 THTR13073 Music 3B Available
38480 THTR10047 Music Theatre Praxis 2 Available
38888 MUSC10247 Introductory Sonology Available
39001 MUSC10248 Musicianship I Available
39002 MUSC10249 Musicianship 2 Available
39003 MUSC10250 Musicianship 3 Available
39004 MUSC10251 Musicianship 4 Available
39005 MUSC10252 Musicianship 5 Available
39006 MUSC10253 Musicianship 6 Available
39007 MUSC10254 Musicianship 7 Available
39008 MUSC10255 Musicianship 8 Available
39009 MUSC10256 Musicianship 9 Not available
39010 MUSC10257 Musicianship 10 Not available
39011 MUSC10258 Musicianship 11 Not available
39012 MUSC10259 Musicianship 12 Not available
39021 JAZZ10015 Studies In Form: Jazz I Available
39022 JAZZ10016 Studies In Form: Jazz 2 Available
39030 MUSC10260 History/Popular Music Available
39031 JAZZ10017 Studies In Form: Jazz 3 Available
39032 JAZZ10018 Studies In Form: Jazz 4 Available
39041 MUSC10261 Materials Of Music I Not available
39042 MUSC10262 Materials Of Music 2 Not available
39043 MUSC10263 Materials Of Music 3 Not available
39044 MUSC10264 Materials Of Music 4 Not available
39051 THTR11048 Stagecraft I Not available
39052 THTR12049 Stagecraft 2 Not available
39121 THTR10050 Special Topic In Dance I Available
39122 THTR10051 Special Topic In Dance 2 Available
39123 THTR10052 Special Topic In Dance 3 Available
39124 THTR10053 Special Topic In Dance 4 Available
39130 MUSC10265 Second Practical Study Not available
39131 THTR10054 Special Topic In Acting 1 Available
39132 THTR10055 Special Topic In Acting 2 Available
39133 THTR10056 Special Topic In Acting 3 Available
39134 THTR10057 Special Topic In Acting 4 Available
39135 MUSC12359 Second Practical Study A Available
39136 MUSC12360 Second Practical Study B Available
39401 MUSC11266 Writing Techniques 1 Available
39402 MUSC11267 Wtiting Techniques 2 Available
39403 MUSC12268 Writing Techniques 3 Available
39404 MUSC12269 Writing Tech 4 Available
39405 MUSC13270 Writing Techniques 5 Available
39406 MUSC13271 Writing Techniques 6 Available
39411 MUSC10272 Historical Overview 1 Available
39412 MUSC10273 Historical Overview 2 Available
39413 MUSC10274 History Art/Music Available
39414 MUSC12275 Music In Contemp Society Not available
39415 MUSC11276 Study Medieval & Renais I Not available
39416 MUSC12277 Study Medieval & Renais 2 Not available
39417 MUSC10278 Studies In Form/Baroque Available
39418 MUSC10279 Studies In Form/Classical Available
39419 MUSC10280 Stud In Form/19Th Cent Available
39420 MUSC10281 Stud In Form/20Th Century Available
39441 JAZZ11019 Jazz Materials 1 Not available
39442 JAZZ11020 Jazz Materials 2 Not available
39443 JAZZ12021 Jazz Materials 3 Not available
39444 JAZZ12022 Jazz Materials 4 Not available
39445 JAZZ13023 Jazz Materials 5 Not available
39446 JAZZ13034 Jazz Materials 6 Not available
39460 JAZZ10035 Mod Harm & Imp 1 Available
39461 JAZZ10036 Mod Harm & Imp 2 Available
39462 JAZZ10037 Mod Harm & Imp 3 Available
39463 JAZZ10038 Mod Harm & Imp 4 Available
39464 JAZZ10039 Mod Harm & Imp 5 Available
39465 JAZZ10040 Mod Harm & Imp 6 Available
39500 THTR10058 Injury Man And Nutrition Available
39510 THTR12059 Expressive Reading Not available
39541 MUSC10282 Special Topic In Music 1 Available
39542 MUSC10283 Special Topic In Music 2 Available
39543 MUSC10284 Special Topic In Music 3 Available
39544 MUSC10285 Special Topic In Music 4 Available
39577 THTR10060 Theatre Management Available
39581 MUSC11286 Rudiments 1 Not available
39582 MUSC11287 Rudiments 2 Not available
39588 MUSC12288 Vocal Keyboard Studies Not available
39590 MUSC12289 Aural Analysis Not available
39591 MUSC11290 Experimental Music 1 Not available
39592 MUSC11291 Experimental Music 2 Not available
39593 MUSC12292 Experimental Music 3 Not available
39599 MUSC13293 Studio Teaching Methods Not available
39600 MUSC12294 Professional Studies Not available
39601 MUSC11295 Keyboard Harmony 1 Not available
39602 MUSC12296 Keyboard Harmony 2 Not available
39611 MUSC11297 Principles Voice Teach I Not available
39622 MUSC12298 Principles Voice Teach 2 Not available
39630 MUSC11001 Music Criticism Not available
39631 MUSC11299 Arragement I Not available
39632 MUSC12300 Arrangement 2 Not available
39640 MUSC12301 Creative Approach Music Not available
39641 MUSC11302 Intro To Composit Techs I Not available
39642 MUSC11303 Intro To Comp Techs 2 Not available
39643 MUSC11304 Composition Techniques I Not available
39644 MUSC11305 Composition Techniques 2 Not available
39651 JAZZ11041 Intro To Jazz Studies I Not available
39652 JAZZ11042 Intro To Jazz Studies 2 Not available
39661 MUSC11306 Accompaniment I Not available
39662 MUSC12307 Accompaniment 2 Not available
39663 MUSC12308 Accompaniment 3 Not available
39664 MUSC12309 Accompaniment 4 Not available
39665 MUSC12310 Accompaniment 5 Not available
39666 MUSC12311 Accompaniment 6 Not available
39671 MUSC11312 Conducting I (Instrum) Not available
39672 MUSC11313 Conducting 2 (Choral) Not available
39680 MUSC12314 Concert Preparation Not available
39701 MUSC10315 Rhythm Studies I Not available
39702 MUSC10316 Rhythm Studies 2 Not available
39711 THTR10061 Music Through Movement 1 Available
39712 THTR10062 Music Through Movement 2 Available
39722 MUSC10317 Music Record Techniques 2 Available
39733 MUSC10318 Music Record Tech 3 Available
39744 MUSC10319 Music Record Techniques 4 Available
39761 MUSC11320 Historical Perform Prac 1 Not available
39762 MUSC12321 Historical Perform Prac 2 Not available
39771 MUSC10322 Midi Concepts & Applics 1 Available
39772 MUSC10323 Midi Concepts & Applics 2 Available
39773 MUSC10324 Midi Concepts & Applics 3 Available
39801 MUSC10325 Ens 1 Available
39802 MUSC10326 Ens 2 Available
39803 MUSC10327 Ens 3 Available
39804 MUSC10328 Ens 4 Available
39805 MUSC10329 Ens 5 Available
39806 MUSC10330 Ens 6 Available
39807 MUSC10331 Ens 7 Available
39808 MUSC10332 Ens 8 Available
39809 MUSC10333 Ens 9 Available
39810 MUSC10334 Ens 10 Available
39811 MUSC10335 Ens 11 Available
39812 MUSC10336 Ens 12 Available
39901 MUSC11337 Large Ensemble 1 Not available
39902 MUSC11338 Large Ensemble 2 Not available
39903 MUSC12339 Large Ensemble 3 Not available
39904 MUSC12340 Large Ensemble 4 Not available
39905 MUSC13341 Large Ensemble 5 Not available
39906 MUSC13342 Large Ensemble 6 Not available
39907 MUSC13343 Large Ensemble 7 Not available
39908 MUSC13344 Large Ensemble 8 Not available
39909 MUSC13345 Large Ensemble 9 Not available
39910 MUSC13346 Large Ensemble 10 Not available
39911 MUSC13347 Large Ensemble 11 Not available
39912 MUSC13348 Large Ensemble 12 Not available
39991 MUSC11349 Elementary Classical Techn 1 Not available
39992 MUSC11350 Elementary Classical Techn 2 Not available
39993 MUSC12351 Elementary Classical Techn 3 Not available
39994 MUSC12352 Elementary Classical Techn 4 Not available
39995 MUSC13353 Elementary Classical Techn 5 Not available
39996 MUSC13354 Elementary Classical Techn 6 Not available
39997 MUSC12355 Repertoire Studies Available
39998 MUSC11356 Community Performance Not available
39999 AUDV11001 Community Radio Not available
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40 000 Codes

Old Code New Code Code Description Status
40300 EDED19394 Honours Dissertation F/T Available
40301 EDED19395 Honours Dissertation P/T Available
40500 RSCH30131 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
40501 RSCH30132 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
40502 RSCH30133 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
40503 RSCH30134 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
40505 CRAR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
40506 CRAR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
40507 CRAR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
40508 EDUC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
40509 EDUC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
40510 EDUC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
40511 PFMA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
40512 PFMA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
40513 PFMA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
40514 PRST30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
40515 PRST30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
40516 PRST30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
40517 TEAC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
40518 TEAC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
40519 TEAC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
40520 VISR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
40521 VISR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
40522 VISR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
40800 RSCH30127 Advanced Research F/T Not available
40801 RSCH30128 Advanced Research P/T Not available
40802 RSCH30129 Advanced Research P/Ft Not available
40803 RSCH30130 Advanced Research P/Pt Not available
40804 RSCH30135 Research And Thesis F/T Not available
40805 RSCH30136 Research And Thesis P/T Not available
40806 RSCH30137 Research And Thesis P/Ft Not available
40807 RSCH30138 Research And Thesis P/Pt Not available
40902 EDED20407 Critical Foresight Available
40903 EDED20408 Futuring Available
40904 EDED20409 Work In Know Soc Available
40905 EDED20410 Net Solutions Available
40906 EDED20411 Creating Futures Available
40907 EDED20412 Marketing Position Available
40990 RSCH30139 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
40991 RSCH30140 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
40992 RSCH30141 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
40993 RSCH30142 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
41001 EDED11001 General Studies Elect A Not available
41002 EDED11002 General Studies Elect B Not available
41003 EDED11003 General Studies Elect C Not available
41004 EDED11004 General Studies Elect D Not available
41005 EDED11005 B. Ed. Elective A Not available
41006 EDED11006 B. Ed. Elective B Not available
41007 EDED11007 Bcae B. Ed Elective A Not available
41008 EDED10008 Bcae B. Ed Elective B Not available
41009 EDED10009 Bcae B. Ed Elective C Not available
41010 EDED10010 Bcae B. Ed Elective D Not available
41101 EDED10011 General Principles Not available
41102 EDFE11019 Fieldwork I Not available
41103 EDED10012 Curriculum Construction Not available
41104 EDFE11020 Fieldwork Ii Not available
41105 EDED10013 Introduction To Teaching Not available
41106 EDED10014 Intro.Curric-Art & Craft Not available
41107 EDED10015 Intro.Curric-Drama Not available
41108 EDED10016 Intro.Curric-Health &P.E. Not available
41109 EDED10017 Language In Teaching Not available
41110 PSYC10002 Intro To Psychology Not available
41111 SOCL10005 Intro To Aust Society Not available
41112 EDEC10001 Child Development Not available
41113 EDED10018 Sociology Of Education Not available
41114 EDED10019 Intro.Curric-Mathematics Not available
41115 EDED10020 Intro.Curric-Music Not available
41116 EDED10021 Intro.Curric-Science Not available
41117 EDED10022 Intro.Curric-Soc.Studies Not available
41120 DRMA10001 Drama Method Not available
41121 EDED10023 Material Studies & Design Not available
41122 MUSC10002 Beginning Music & List Not available
41123 EDCA10001 Stagecraft Not available
41124 EDED10024 Art Ed & Curric Planning Not available
41125 MUSC10003 Current Trends In Music Not available
41130 EDED10025 Mathematics Method Not available
41131 EDED10026 Integrated Science Not available
41132 MATH10211 Elements Of Mathematics Not available
41140 WRIT10001 Writing To Persuade/Conv Not available
41141 WRIT10002 The English Novel Not available
41142 EDED10027 Contemporary World Issues Not available
41143 LNGE10001 Language Arts Method I Not available
41144 WRIT10003 The English Novel Not available
41145 GOVP10007 International Relations Not available
41146 EDED11028 Language And Teaching Not available
41150 EDED10029 Movement Ed Gymnastics Not available
41151 SPRT10001 Swim/Lifesav & Pers Fit Not available
41152 SPRT10002 Ex Phys & Pers Fitness Not available
41153 EDED11030 Health & Phys. Educ. I Not available
41159 EDED10031 Curriculum Studies I Not available
41160 LNGE10002 Language Arts Not available
41161 MATH10212 Mathematics Not available
41162 SCIE10003 Science Not available
41163 EDED10032 Social Studies Not available
41164 SPRT10003 Phys Ed & Health Not available
41165 EDCA10002 Creative Arts Not available
41170 EDED10033 Looking In Classrooms Not available
41171 EDED10034 Looking In Classrooms A Not available
41172 EDEC10002 Child Development Not available
41173 EDED11035 Teaching And Learning Not available
41174 EDED11036 Classroom Communication Not available
41180 BEHV10001 S T I R Not available
41181 GOVP11008 Political Science Ib Not available
41182 EDED10037 Curric St I - Health/Ph Ed Not available
41183 EDED10038 Curric St Lang Arts I Not available
41184 EDED10039 Curric.St I - Maths Not available
41185 EDED10040 Curric St I - Music Not available
41186 EDED10041 Curric St I - Science Not available
41187 EDED10042 Curric.St I-Social Studies Not available
41188 EDED10043 Curric St I -Art & Craft Not available
41189 EDED10044 Curric St I - Drama Not available
41190 EDED10045 Intro To Curric Studies Not available
41191 EDED10046 Curriculum Studies I Not available
41192 EDED11047 Visual Arts Curriculum Not available
41193 EDED11048 Mathematics Curriculum I Not available
41194 EDED11049 Music Curriculum I Not available
41195 EDED11050 Science Curriculum I Not available
41196 EDED11413 Social Studies Curric. I Not available
41197 EDED11051 Drama Curriculum I Not available
41199 EDFE13021 Fieldwork A Not available
41201 EDED10052 Measurement & Evaluation Not available
41202 EDFE12022 Fieldwork Iii Not available
41204 EDFE12023 Fieldwork Iv Not available
41205 EDED10053 Introduction To Testing Not available
41206 EDED10054 Research Investigation Not available
41210 BEHV10002 Dynamics Of Behaviour Not available
41211 BEHV10003 The Individual & Society Not available
41212 BEHV10004 Exceptional Children Not available
41213 EDED10055 Hist & Philosophy Of Ed Not available
41220 EDCA10003 Puppetry Not available
41221 EDCA10004 Art Hist & Appreciation Not available
41222 MUSC10004 Music Appreciation Not available
41223 EDCA10005 Creative Play Making Not available
41224 EDCA10006 General Craft I Not available
41225 MUSC10005 Experimental Music Not available
41234 EDCA10007 General Craft B Not available
41240 MMST10010 Mass Media Not available
41241 LITR10002 War In Literature Not available
41242 LITR10003 Poetry Not available
41243 WRIT10004 Creative Writing I Not available
41244 LITR10004 Themes In Aus Literature Not available
41245 EDED10056 Public Speaking Not available
41246 BEHV10005 Interpretation Of Mankind Not available
41247 EDED12057 The Teaching Of Reading Not available
41250 SPRT10004 Swim L/Sav & Pers Fit Ii Not available
41251 SPRT10005 Ex Physio - Pers Fit Ii Not available
41252 SPRT10006 Movement Ed - Gymnastics Not available
41253 SREC12003 Health & Phys. Educ. Ii Not available
41259 HLTH10012 Health Education Not available
41260 EDED10058 Integrated Curricula Not available
41261 EDED10059 Measurement & Evaluation Not available
41262 MMST10011 Media & Materials Not available
41263 EDED10060 Implementation Strategies Not available
41270 EDED10061 Sch Learning & Cognition Not available
41271 BEHV10006 Individual Differences Not available
41272 EDED10062 Classroom As A Soc System Not available
41273 EDED10063 Inter Proc In Classroom Not available
41274 EDED10064 School As A Soc System Not available
41275 EDED10065 Teaching Strategies I Not available
41276 EDED10066 Classrms As Social Sys A Not available
41277 EDED10067 Teaching Strategies Ii Not available
41278 EDED12068 Class.Manage. & Organ. Not available
41279 EDED12069 Assess & Eval Child Learn Not available
41280 EDED10070 Curric St Arts & Craft Ii Not available
41281 EDED10071 Curric St Drama Ii Not available
41282 EDED10072 Curric St Ii -Health/Ph Ed Not available
41283 EDED10073 Curric St Lang Arts Ii Not available
41284 EDED10074 Curric St Mathematics Ii Not available
41285 EDED10075 Curric St Music Ii Not available
41286 EDED10076 Curric St. Science Ii Not available
41287 EDED10077 Curric St Social Stud Ii Not available
41288 EDED10078 Language Arts Teaching A Not available
41290 EDED12079 Drama Curriculum Ii Not available
41291 EDED12080 Language Arts Curriculum Not available
41293 EDED12081 Mathematics Curriculum Ii Not available
41294 EDED12082 Music Curriculum Ii Not available
41295 EDED12083 Science Curriculum Ii Not available
41296 EDED12084 Social Studies Curric. Ii Not available
41299 EDFE13024 Fieldwork B Not available
41301 EDED10085 Research Investigation Not available
41302 EDFE13025 Fieldwork V Not available
41303 EDED10086 Educational Admin Not available
41304 EDFE13026 Fieldwork Vi Not available
41305 EDED10087 Problems Of Teaching Not available
41306 EDFE20027 Individual Fieldwork Not available
41310 BEHV10007 Learning & Cognition Not available
41311 BEHV10008 Social Psychology Not available
41312 EDED10088 Ethics In Education Not available
41313 EDED10089 Com Systems Of Education Not available
41314 BEHV10009 Theories Of Personality Not available
41316 EDED10090 Current Issues In Aus Ed Not available
41317 BEHV10010 Exceptional Children Not available
41320 FILM10001 Film Making & Film App Not available
41321 EDCA10008 Graphics & Painting Not available
41322 MUSC10006 Fundamental Music Not available
41323 EDCA10009 Stage Production Not available
41324 EDCA10010 General Craft Ii Not available
41325 MUSC10007 Ensemble & Composition Not available
41326 EDED13091 Maths Curriculum Elective Not available
41330 EDED10092 Music Curriculum Elective Not available
41331 EDED10093 Science Curric Elective Not available
41332 EDED10094 Soc. Stud. Curric. Elect. Not available
41340 LING10001 Linguistics Not available
41341 DRMA10002 English Drama Not available
41342 LITR10005 Love In Literature Not available
41343 WRIT10005 Creative Writing Ii Not available
41344 BEHV10011 Race Ethnicity & Culture Not available
41345 EDED13095 Drama Curriculum Elective Not available
41346 EDED13096 Language Arts Curr. Elect Not available
41347 EDED13097 Prescriptive Read Primary Not available
41348 EDED13098 Research In Reading Not available
41350 SPRT10007 Life Sav & Pers Fit Iii Not available
41351 SPRT10008 Ex Physio & Fitness Iii Not available
41353 EDED13099 Health & P.E. Curr. Elect Not available
41358 EDED10100 Curriculum Development Not available
41359 EDED10101 Curriculum Contract Not available
41360 EDED10102 Integrated Curricula Not available
41361 EDED10103 Curriculum Construction Not available
41362 LNGE10003 Language Arts Iii Not available
41363 SOCL10006 Social Studies Iii Not available
41364 MATH10213 Mathematics Iii Not available
41365 SCIE10004 Science Iii Not available
41366 EDCA10011 Art & Craft Iii Not available
41367 MUSC10008 Music Iii Not available
41368 DRMA10003 Speech & Drama Iii Not available
41369 SPRT10009 Phys Ed & Health Iii Not available
41370 BEHV10012 Exceptional Children Not available
41371 EDED10104 Analysis Of Ed Concepts Not available
41372 BEHV10013 Learning & Cognition Not available
41373 EDED13105 Curriculum Plan. & Develop Not available
41374 EDED13106 Integ.Learn.Across Curric. Not available
41375 EDCA13012 Creative Acts In Childhood Not available
41376 EDED13107 Curriculum Early Childhood Not available
41379 EDED10108 Curriculum Contract Not available
41380 EDED10109 Curric St Art & Craft Iii Not available
41381 EDED10110 Curric St Drama Iii Not available
41382 EDED10111 Curric St Health/Ph Ediii Not available
41383 EDED10112 Language Arts Teaching B Not available
41384 EDED10113 Curric St Mathematics Iii Not available
41385 EDED10114 Curric St Music Iii Not available
41386 EDED10115 Curric St Science Iii Not available
41387 EDED10116 Curric St Social Stud Iii Not available
41388 EDED13117 Visual Arts Curr Elect Not available
41390 EDED10118 Curric St Iii-Art & Craft Not available
41391 EDED10119 Curric St Iii-Drama Not available
41392 EDED10120 Curri St Iii-Health Ph/Ed Not available
41395 EDED10121 Curric St Iii-Music Not available
41396 EDED13122 Curric Studies Iii-Science Not available
41397 EDED10123 Curric St Iii-Social Stud Not available
41398 EDED10124 Adv. Curriculum Science Not available
41399 EDED13125 Intro To Curric Develop Not available
41401 EDED11275 Cultural Foundations Educ. Not available
41409 BEHV10014 Child Experience Gr/Pl Ex Not available
41410 EDED10126 Curriculum Development I Not available
41411 EDCA10013 Art & Craft Curriculum Not available
41412 DRMA10004 Drama In Education Not available
41413 EDED10127 Language Arts Curriculum Not available
41414 EDED10128 Mathematics Curriculum Not available
41415 EDED10129 Music Curriculum Not available
41417 EDED10130 Science Curriculum Not available
41418 EDED10131 Social Studies Curriculum Not available
41419 THTR10001 Children'S Theatre (Ug) Not available
41420 THTR10002 Experimental Theatre (Ug) Not available
41421 EDCA10014 General Craft Ai (Ug) Not available
41422 EDCA10015 General Craft Aii (Ug) Not available
41423 EDCA10016 Paint & Graphics I (Ug) Not available
41424 EDCA10017 Paint & Graphics Ii (Ug) Not available
41425 MUSC10009 Mus.Ed.Thru Orff & Kodaly Not available
41450 EDCU11001 Curriculum Enquiry Available
41451 EDCU11002 Stud In Curric. - Vis Arts Not available
41452 EDCU11003 Studies In Curric. - Drama Not available
41453 EDED11132 Stud In Curric. - Language Not available
41454 EDED11133 Stud In Curric. - Maths Not available
41455 EDCU11004 Studies In Curric. - Music Not available
41456 EDCU11005 Stud In Curric. - Phys.Ed. Available
41457 EDED11134 Stud In Curric. - Reading Not available
41458 EDCU11006 Stud In Curric. - Science Not available
41459 EDED11135 Stud In Curric. - Soc.Stud Not available
41460 EDED13136 Lang.Exper. & Primary Ed. Not available
41461 EDCA11018 Fine And Applied Art Not available
41462 EDED11137 Assessment Of The Learner Not available
41463 EDED10138 Mod. D'Ments In Curric. Not available
41464 EDVT20001 Design Vet Prog Available
41465 EDVT20002 Ass & Eval In Vet Available
41466 EDCU11007 Stud In Curr-Literacy I Not available
41467 EDED11139 Stud In Curr - Literacy Ii Not available
41468 EDVT12003 Contemp Issues Vet Available
41469 EDVT11004 Work Train & Assessment Available
41470 EDVT12005 Vet Curric Schools Available
41471 EDVT11006 Assessing Competency Not available
41472 EDVT11007 Lang Learn Available
41473 EDVT12008 Learn Vet Available
41474 EDVT13009 Mge Vet Available
41475 EDHE20001 Cont Iss In Uni Teach Available
41476 EDHE20002 Prof Prac (Uni Teach) Ii Available
41477 EDHE20003 Prof Prac (Uni Teach)I Available
41478 EDHE20004 Cont Fram Of Uni Educ:D&D Available
41480 EDVT19010 Content Studies A Available
41481 EDVT19011 Content Studies B Available
41500 EDED20140 Human Develop & Adolesc Not available
41501 EDED20141 Learn & Indiv Differences Not available
41502 EDED20142 Change In School & Society Not available
41503 EDED20143 Issues In Contemp Educ Not available
41520 EDED20144 Maths (Sec) Curric I Not available
41521 EDED20145 Maths (Sec) Curric Ii Not available
41522 EDED20146 Senior Maths Curric Not available
41523 EDED20147 Science (Sec) Curric I Not available
41524 EDED20148 Science (Sec) Curric Ii Not available
41525 EDED20149 Senior Science Curric Not available
41527 EDED20150 Language Across Curriculum Not available
41530 EDED20151 English (Curr) I Not available
41531 EDED20152 Social Sciences(Sec)Curr I Not available
41532 EDED20153 English (Sec) Curric Ii Not available
41533 EDED20154 Social Sciences(Sec)Currii Not available
41534 EDED20155 Senior Social Sc Curr Not available
41535 EDED20156 Senior English Curriculum Not available
41540 EDED20157 Ind Curric Studies I Not available
41541 EDED20158 Ind Curric Studies Ii Not available
41542 EDED20159 Senior Curriculum Studies Not available
41550 EDED20160 Professional Studies I Not available
41551 EDED20161 Professional Studies Ii Not available
41560 EDFE20028 Pers Dev - Workshop I Not available
41561 EDFE20029 Pers Dev - Workshop 2 Not available
41570 EDFE20030 Fieldwork Gi Not available
41571 EDFE20031 Fieldwork G2 Not available
41572 EDFE20032 Fieldwork G3 Not available
41610 SOCL10007 Intro. To Aust. Society Not available
41611 PSYC10003 Psychology I Not available
41612 EDED10162 Curriculum & Pedagogics Not available
41613 EDED10163 Language Arts Not available
41614 EDCA10019 Creative Arts Not available
41615 EDED10164 Background To Teaching Not available
41616 EDED10165 Physical Education Not available
41617 EDED10166 Sociology Of Education Not available
41701 EDCA11020 Material Studies & Design Not available
41703 EDCA10021 Intro To Painting & Graph Not available
41704 EDCA10022 Painting Not available
41705 EDCA10023 Graphics Not available
41706 EDCA10024 General Craft A Not available
41707 EDCA10025 General Craft B Not available
41708 EDCA14026 Special Craft I Not available
41709 EDCA14027 Special Craft Ii Not available
41711 EDED10167 Getting On In The World Not available
41713 WRIT10006 The English Novel Not available
41714 LITR10006 Poetry Not available
41716 MMST10012 Mass Media Not available
41718 WRIT10007 Creative Writing Not available
41721 DRMA10005 Drama In English Not available
41722 LITR10007 Love In Literature Not available
41723 EDCA12028 General Craft Ai Not available
41724 EDCA10029 Intro Paint & Graphics I Not available
41731 MUSC10010 Music App Inst Study Not available
41733 MUSC10011 Movement & Music Not available
41734 MUSC10012 Ensemble & Composition Not available
41735 MUSC10013 Experimental Music Not available
41739 EDED13168 Outdoor Activities Not available
41740 EDED10169 Aquatics Not available
41741 EDED11170 Ex Phys & Pers Fit Not available
41742 EDED12171 Aquatics Not available
41744 EDED12172 Track & Field Not available
41746 EDED10173 Basic Gymnastics Not available
41748 EDED10174 Aquatics B Not available
41749 EDED13175 Major Games Not available
41750 EDED10176 Health & First Aid Not available
41751 EDED10177 General Intro Psychology Not available
41753 EDCA12030 General Craft Aii Not available
41754 EDCA10031 Intro Paint & Graphics Ii Not available
41755 EDCA10032 Painting I Not available
41756 EDCA13033 General Craft Bi Not available
41757 EDCA10034 Graphics I Not available
41758 EDCA10035 Painting Ii Not available
41759 EDCA13036 General Craft Bii Not available
41760 EDCA10037 Graphics Ii Not available
41762 EDCA10038 Puppetry Not available
41763 EDCA10039 Creative Playmaking Not available
41764 EDCA12040 Stage Production Not available
41765 EDCA10041 Film Making/Appreciation Not available
41766 EDCA11042 Voice And Speech Not available
41767 EDCA10043 Improvisation Not available
41768 EDCA12044 Acting Not available
41769 EDCA13045 Theatre For Children Not available
41770 EDCA13046 Experimental Theatre Not available
41771 SOCL11008 Political Science I Not available
41772 SOCL12009 Political Science Iia Not available
41773 SOCL12010 Political Science Iib Not available
41774 GOVP10009 Imperialism Not available
41775 SOCL13011 Political Science Iiia Not available
41776 SOCL13012 Political Science Iiib Not available
41777 SOCL10013 Culture Diff In Aus Soc Not available
41782 LITR10008 Childrens Literature Not available
41783 LITR10009 Reading Not available
41784 EDEC10003 Mod Dev In Primary Educ Not available
41785 EDED10178 School Organisation Not available
41786 EDED10179 Acting Not available
41787 EDED10180 Classroom Climate Not available
41788 EDEC10004 Early Childhood Education Not available
41789 EDED10181 Educ & Cultural Diversity Not available
41790 EDED10182 Media & Resources Not available
41792 EDED10183 Ethics & Education Not available
41793 EDED10184 Comparative Education Not available
41796 EDED10185 Developmental Reading Not available
41800 MUSC10014 Music Appreciation A Not available
41801 MUSC10015 Instrumental Study A Not available
41803 MUSC10016 Instrumental Study B Not available
41804 MUSC10017 Current Trends A Not available
41806 MUSC10018 Instrumental Study C Not available
41807 MUSC10019 Music & Movement A Not available
41809 MUSC10020 Instrumental Study D Not available
41810 MUSC10021 Current Trends B Not available
41812 MUSC10022 Instrumental Study E Not available
41813 MUSC10023 Experimental Music A Not available
41814 EDCA10047 Puppetry Not available
41815 EDCA10048 Puppetry B Not available
41816 MUSC10024 General Music Not available
41817 MUSC10025 Practical Music Not available
41818 MUSC11029 Music And Movement Not available
41819 MUSC10026 Arranging Music Not available
41820 MUSC10027 Experimental Music Not available
41821 COMM10053 Communication Graphics Not available
41822 EDCA12049 General Craft Aiii Not available
41824 MUSC12033 Practical Music Not available
41825 MUSC12034 Music Western Culture Not available
41826 MUSC12035 Electronic Music Not available
41827 MUSC12036 Micro Music Not available
41828 MUSC11030 General Music Not available
41829 MUSC12037 Folk Music Not available
42102 EDEC10005 Children In Classrooms Not available
42103 EDED10186 Individual Differences Not available
42170 EDED10187 Critical Reasoning Not available
42171 EDED10188 Looking In Classrooms A Not available
42172 EDEC10006 Child Development Not available
42173 EDED10189 Survey Of Ed Foundations Not available
42174 EDED10190 Children In Classrooms Not available
42175 EDED10191 Childhood In Aust Society Not available
42176 EDED11192 Child Development I Not available
42177 EDED11193 Child Development Ii Not available
42200 MATH10214 Logical Method Not available
42201 EDED10194 Reading Inst Primary Sch Not available
42270 EDED12195 School Learn. & Cognition Not available
42271 EDED10196 Individual Differences Not available
42273 EDED10197 Interpers. Communication Not available
42274 EDED10198 School As A Social System Not available
42275 EDED10199 Teaching Strategies I Not available
42277 EDED10200 Teaching Strategies Ii Not available
42278 EDED10201 Educ & Social Thought I Not available
42279 EDED10202 Educ & Social Thought Ii Not available
42280 EDED12203 School And Society Not available
42281 EDED10204 Education & Soc Thought Not available
42301 EDED10205 Prescrip Read Primary Not available
42302 EDED13206 Educ.In Multicultural Soc. Not available
42303 EDED10207 Abor. Aust. & Their Educ. Not available
42304 COIT13195 Computers In Primary Educ. Not available
42370 EDED13208 Exceptional Children Not available
42371 EDED10209 Analysis Of Ed Concepts Not available
42372 EDED10210 Analysis Of Educ Ideas I Not available
42373 EDED13211 Analysis Of Educ. Ideas Ii Not available
42374 EDED13212 Philosophy Of Schooling Not available
42375 EDED13213 Concepts Early Child.Educ. Not available
42376 EDED13214 Learn Environs Young Child Not available
42377 EDED13215 Teachers And The Law Not available
42379 EDED13216 Education & Social Thought Not available
42380 EDED13217 Language Teach Method Not available
42400 EDED10218 Psychology Of Teach/Learn Not available
42401 EDED10219 Child School & Society I Not available
42402 LNGE10004 Language & Literacy Not available
42403 EDED10220 Child School & Society Ii Not available
42404 EDED10221 School-Community Relations Not available
42405 EDED11276 Computers In Education Available
42406 ADMN10008 School Administration Not available
42407 EDED10222 Hist Of Educational Ideas Not available
42408 EDED10223 Child In Multicult Soc Not available
42409 EDED10224 Evaluation Strategies Not available
42445 EDED11277 Racial Formation & Educ Available
42446 INDG11001 Abor. Soc. & Cult. Contact Not available
42447 EDED11225 Exercise Physiology Not available
42448 EDED11226 Sports Medicine Not available
42449 EDED11278 Philosophy Of Education Not available
42450 EDED10227 Eval Of Ed Ideologies Not available
42451 EDED10228 Contemp Dir Soc Of Educ Not available
42452 EDED11279 Sociology Of School Orgs Not available
42453 EDED11280 Psych. Of Communication Available
42454 EDED10229 Issues In Child Psyc Not available
42455 EDED11281 Study Of Teaching Available
42456 EDED10230 Issues In Reading Inst Not available
42457 EDED10231 Educational Controversy Not available
42458 EDED11232 Educational Administration Not available
42459 EDED11282 Ed Research Methodology Available
42460 EDED10233 Social Psyc Of School Org Not available
42461 EDED11283 Educat Child Special Needs Not available
42462 EDED10234 Child School And Society Not available
42463 EDED10235 Psych.Of Teach.& Learning Not available
42465 EDEC11007 Issues In Early Child.Educ Not available
42466 EDED11284 Individual Project Available
42467 EDED14285 Super Of Professional Prac Available
42468 EDEC11008 Early Childhood Education Not available
42470 EDED11286 Psychology Of Sport Perf Not available
42471 EDED10236 Outdoor Pursuits Not available
42472 EDED10237 Issues In Outdoor Educ Not available
42473 EDED10238 Audios In Phys Ed & Sport Not available
42481 EDED10239 "Hist.,Phil., & Soc. Stud." Not available
42784 EDED10241 Mod Develop In Primary Ed Not available
42786 EDED10409 Research In Education Not available
42787 EDED10410 Psych.Of Classroom M'Ment Not available
42788 EDEC10009 Early Childhood Education Not available
42789 EDED10411 Educ & Cultural Diversity Not available
42792 EDED10245 Ethics & Education Not available
42793 EDED10246 Comparative Education Not available
42794 EDED10247 School Scholars & Society Not available
42795 EDED10248 Education & Culture Not available
42796 EDED10412 Developmental Reading Not available
42797 BEHV10015 Analysis Of Teacher-Pupil Beh Not available
43001 LITR10010 Literature And The Child Not available
43002 EDED10250 Sp.Proj.In.Mod.Teac.Mthds Not available
43003 EDED10251 Curric.Dev-Language Arts Not available
43004 EDED10252 Curric.Dev-Mathematics Not available
44001 EDED40253 Teaching & Learning Strat Not available
44002 EDED40254 Current Themes In P A V E Not available
44101 EDED11353 Learning Management Available
44102 EDED11354 Networks & Partnerships Available
44103 EDED11355 Futures Available
44104 EDED11356 Essent Prof Knowledge Available
44105 EDED11398 Effect Teach & Learning Available
44106 EDED11399 Prof Knowledge & Prac Available
44107 EDED11400 Managing Diversity Available
44108 EDED11401 Build Learn Partnerships Available
44109 EDED11402 E.Learning Manager Available
44110 EDED11403 The Ent Professional Available
44111 EDED11404 Prof Knowledge In Context Available
44112 EDED11405 Ensuring Student Success Available
44113 EDCU12033 Learning Literacies Available
44114 EDED11406 Teaching Reading Available
44115 EDSE12015 Teach Read & Lit Across Available
44121 EDFE11015 Portal Task I Available
44122 EDFE12016 Portal Task Ii Available
44123 EDFE13017 Portal Task Iii Available
44124 EDFE14018 Portal Task Iv Available
45001 MGMT12120 Comp Man In The Arts Ind Available
45002 MGMT20121 Leaders & Organisations Available
45003 MGMT20122 Ess Bus Skills For Arts Available
45004 MGMT20123 Curr Devel In Multimedia Available
45005 EDED20397 Ethnographic Research Available
45006 MRKT20041 Pub Rel & Sponsor Available
45007 EDED20396 Research Project Available
45100 EDED20287 Changing Context Educ Available
45101 EDCU20008 Curriculum And Change Available
45102 EDED20288 Leadership For Change Available
45103 EDED20289 Research Process Available
45104 EDED20290 Profess. Educ Prac Available
45105 EDED20255 Res. In Open & Dist. Learn Not available
45106 EDED20291 Independent Study Available
45107 EDED20292 Educ Policy & Prac Available
45108 EDED20293 Legal Aspects School Mgmt Available
45109 EDED20294 Quality Teach & Learning Available
45110 EDED20295 Supervised Reading Available
45111 EDED20256 Supervised Reading Ii Not available
45112 EDCU20009 Curriculum Management Available
45113 EDED20296 Financial Mgmt In Schools Available
45114 EDED20297 School Pers & Org Mgmt Available
45115 EDED20298 "Language, Lit & Linguistic" Available
45116 LOTE20038 Lang Acq In Auth Envs Available
45200 EDED20299 Professional Practicum Available
45201 EDED20300 Professional Parcticum A Not available
45202 EDED20301 Professional Practicum B Not available
45203 EDED20302 Professional Practicum C Available
46001 THTR11099 Stage Craft & Design Available
46002 PERF11018 Arts Admin I Available
46003 AUDV11002 Video Production Available
46004 PERF11019 Perfromance Art In Context Available
46005 THTR11064 Production Available
46006 THTR11065 Staging Performance Available
46007 MUSC12044 Voice & Vocal Performance Available
46008 PERF11020 Project Available
46009 PERF11021 Community Arts Available
46010 PERF11022 Arts Administration 2 Available
46011 PERF11023 Prof Aware & Its Applic Available
46012 PERF11024 Individual Study Available
46013 PERF11025 Placement Available
46014 DNCE12009 "E, I & Mn Dance Steps" Available
46015 DNCE12010 Dance In Music Theatre Available
46016 CULT13007 Youth & Popular Culture Available
46017 DNCE13011 Dance & Multimedia Install Available
46018 DNCE12012 Kinesology & Perf Safety Available
46019 DNCE11013 Dance Performance I Available
46020 DNCE12014 Dnce Performance Ii Available
46021 DNCE13015 Dance Performance Iii Available
46022 THTR11063 Drama Performance I Available
46023 THTR12064 Drama Performance Ii Available
46024 THTR13065 Drama Performance Iii Available
46028 MUSC11045 Music Performance I Available
46029 MUSC12046 Music Performance Ii Available
46030 MUSC13047 Music Performance Iii Available
46031 MUSC14048 Music Performance Iv Available
46032 MUSC11049 Music Performance V Available
47111 EDED11257 Social Studies Curriculum Not available
47112 EDED11258 Language & Literacy I Not available
47113 EDED11259 Physical Education Curr I Not available
47114 EDED11230 Mathematics Curriculum I Not available
47115 EDED11231 Health & Physical Educ Not available
47118 LOTE11003 Effec Comm In Sec Language Available
47119 LOTE11004 Sec Lang Com In Glo Env Available
47121 EDED11233 Human Development Not available
47122 EDED11234 Educational Psychology Not available
47141 EDFE11033 Teacher Development I Not available
47142 EDFE11034 Teacher Development Ii Not available
47211 EDCU12010 Music Curriculum Available
47212 EDED12235 Language & Literacy Ii Not available
47213 EDED12236 Drama Curriculum Ii Not available
47214 EDED12303 Science & Technology Educ Not available
47215 EDCU12011 Visual Arts Curriculum Not available
47216 EDED12237 Physical Educ Curr Ii Not available
47217 EDCU12012 Drama Curriculum Not available
47218 LOTE12005 Comm & Mean In Sec Lang Available
47219 LOTE12006 Int Comm In Sec Lang Available
47228 LOTE12001 Lote Methodologies I Not available
47229 LOTE12002 Lote Methodologies Ii Not available
47243 EDFE12001 Tdiii - Class Mnmnt & Org Not available
47244 EDFE12002 Tdiv - Curr Plan & Develop Not available
47311 EDED13238 Science Curriculum Elect Not available
47312 SCIE13005 Science & Technology Not available
47313 EDED13304 Language & Literacy Iii Not available
47315 MATH13216 Mathematics Ii Not available
47316 EDED13305 Mathematics Curriculum Iii Not available
47317 EDED13239 Mathematics Curr Elective Not available
47318 LOTE11007 Sec Lang Comm In Ed Cont Available
47319 LOTE11008 Sec Lang Comm & Cult Diver Available
47321 EDED13306 Sociology Of Schooling Not available
47322 EDED13307 Intro To Philo Analysis Not available
47323 EDED13240 Children With Special Need Not available
47324 EDED13308 Learners With Special Need Not available
47328 EDED11241 Lote Methodol Iii Not available
47329 LOTE11009 Ind Guided Project I Not available
47330 LOTE11010 Ind Guided Project 2 Not available
47331 EDED10242 Visual Arts Curr Elective Not available
47333 EDED10243 Physical Educ. Curr. Elect Not available
47334 EDED10244 Outdoor Educ. Curr. Elect Not available
47345 EDED13309 Tdv - Assessing Learner Not available
47346 EDED13310 Tdvi - Int Lrn Exp Curr Not available
47350 EDED13311 Ethics In Education Not available
47351 EDED13245 Study Of Religion Not available
47352 EDED11246 Lang. & Lit. Elect. A Not available
47353 EDED11247 Lang. & Lit. Elect. B Not available
47355 EDED13248 Drama In Early Childhood Not available
47356 EDED13312 Human Relationships Educ. Not available
47357 EDED10249 Media Studies Curr. Elect. Not available
47358 EDED13313 Children'S Literature Not available
47359 EDED13314 Teachers And The Law Not available
47360 EDED13315 Language & Teach Method Not available
47361 EDED13250 Drama Curriculum Elective Not available
47362 EDED13251 Individual Fieldwork Not available
47363 INDG13004 Abor Aust & Their Educ Not available
47364 EDED13252 Social Studies Curr Elect Not available
47401 EDED12253 Sports Physiology Not available
47402 EDED12254 Major Games And Athletics Not available
47403 EDED13316 Aquatic Activities Not available
47404 EDED13317 Dance And Gymnastics Not available
47405 EDED13255 Camping & Outdoor Pursuits Not available
47411 EDED12256 Outdoor Recreation Not available
47412 EDED12257 Org& Imp Of Land Based Act Not available
47413 EDED13258 Org & Imp Of Aquatic Act Not available
47414 EDED13259 Prog & Prom Outdoor Recs Not available
47421 VART12001 Visual Arts In Human Soc Not available
47422 VART12002 "Visual Art:Hist,Theory,Crt" Not available
47423 VART14003 Soc Hist Of European Art Not available
47424 VART12004 Visual Arts Media I Not available
47425 EDED12318 Visual Arts Media Ii Not available
47426 VART12005 Visual Arts Media Iii Not available
47431 MUSC12038 Music Ii - Practical Music Not available
47432 MUSC12039 Music Iiia - West Cult A Not available
47433 MUSC12040 Music I - Folk Music Not available
47434 MUSC12041 Electronic Music A Not available
47435 MUSC12042 Music Iii - West Cult B Not available
47436 MUSC12043 Electronic Music B Not available
47441 EDED12260 Foundations Of Health Not available
47442 EDED12261 Disease Prevention Not available
47444 EDED12262 Consumer Health Not available
47451 EDED12263 Theatre For Young I - Act Not available
47452 EDED12264 Theatre For Young Ii-Prod Not available
47453 PERF13017 Theatre In Education Not available
47454 PERF13016 Experimental Theatre Available
47455 EDED12265 Improvisation Not available
47456 EDED13266 Youth Theatre Not available
47457 EDED12267 Voice & Speech Not available
47458 EDED13268 Community Theatre Not available
47461 EDEC10010 Concepts Of Early Childhd Not available
47462 EDEC10011 Creative Acts In Early Yrs Not available
47463 EDEC11012 Learn Envir In Early Child Not available
47464 EDEC11013 Curr For Early Child Years Not available
47465 EDEC12014 Ece I The Young Child Not available
47466 EDEC12015 Ece Ii Devel Approp Curr Not available
47467 EDEC12016 Ece Iii Learning Environ Not available
47468 EDEC12017 Ece Iv Early Child Prof Not available
47471 COIT12196 Computers In Education A1 Not available
47472 COIT12197 Computers In Education A2 Not available
47473 COIT12198 Computers In Education B1 Not available
47474 COIT12199 Computers In Education B2 Not available
47475 EDED13319 Computers In Primary Educ Not available
47481 MUSC12050 Musicianship I Available
47482 MUSC12051 Musicianship Ii Available
47483 MUSC12052 Music In Society Available
47484 MUSC12053 Techniq & Literat Of Music Available
47485 MUSC11031 Music & Narr Genres Not available
47486 MUSC11032 Tech & Lit Of Music Ii Not available
47488 EDED11269 Music Curriculum Elective Not available
48101 EDED11320 "Lang, Educ & Prof Understd" Available
48102 EDED11321 Chd & Adol Dev Available
48103 EDED11322 "Comm, Cult & Difference" Available
48104 EDVT11012 Contemporary Issue In Pave Not available
48105 EDSE11001 Teaching Studies I Available
48106 EDFE20003 Graduate Fieldwork I Not available
48107 EDEC14018 Cplea Available
48111 EDCU11013 Hlth & Phy Educ Curr & Ped Available
48113 EDFE11004 Fieldwork I Not available
48114 EDFE11005 Prof Prac I Available
48122 EDSE20002 Secondary Maths Educ I Available
48123 EDSE20003 Secondary Science Educ I Available
48124 EDSE11004 Secondary English Curric I Available
48125 EDSE20005 Curriculum Studies I Available
48126 EDSE11006 Humanities Studies 8 To 10 Available
48129 EDVT11013 Teach & Train I Available
48141 MUSC11054 Prac Instrument Studies I Available
48142 MUSC12005 Prac Instrument Studies Ii Available
48143 INDG11005 Indig. Ways Of Learning Available
48144 INDG11006 Found Indig Learn Available
48145 EDED13323 "Soc,Cul And Diversity" Available
48201 EDED12324 Student Need & Support Available
48202 EDED12325 "Teaching, Learning & Plan" Available
48203 EDED11326 School Policies & Programs Available
48204 EDVT12014 Teaching Practicum I Available
48205 EDSE20007 Teaching Studies Ii Available
48206 EDFE20006 Graduate Fieldwork Ii Not available
48211 EDCU12014 Study Of Society & Environ Available
48213 EDFE12007 Fieldwork Ii Not available
48214 EDFE12008 Prof Prac Ii Available
48221 EDSE20008 Senior Curriculum Study A Available
48222 EDSE20009 Secondary Maths Educ Ii Available
48223 EDSE20010 Secondary Science Educ Ii Available
48224 EDSE12011 Sec Eng Curric Ii Available
48225 EDSE20012 Curriculum Studies Ii Available
48226 EDSE12013 Hum Stud 8-12 Available
48227 EDSE20014 Senior Curriculum Study B Not available
48230 EDVT12015 Adult Literacy & Numeracy Available
48239 EDVT12016 Teach & Train Ii Not available
48243 MUSC12056 Materials Of Music I Available
48244 MUSC12057 Materials Of Music Ii Available
48246 MUSC12058 Ensemble I Not available
48247 MUSC11361 Ensemble Ia Available
48248 MUSC11362 Ensemble Ib Available
48303 EDED11327 School Community Interact Not available
48311 EDCU11015 Numeracy In The Classroom Available
48312 EDCU13016 Literacy In The Classroom Available
48313 EDFE11009 Fieldwork Iii Not available
48314 EDFE11010 Prof Prac Iii Available
48315 LOTE11011 2Nd Language Teach Method Available
48318 MUSC12363 Ensemble Iia Available
48318 MUSC13059 Ensemble Ii Not available
48319 MUSC12364 Ensemble Iib Available
48321 VART11006 Funct Of Visual Represent Not available
48325 VART13007 Visual Arts Media & Soc Available
48326 VART13008 Visual Arts Media & Ident Available
48331 EDED11328 Teach Health & Fitness Available
48351 EDED19329 Fmtl Strucs In Sch Maths I Available
48402 EDED14330 Gender As A Social Justice Available
48404 EDFE20011 Teaching Practicum Ii Available
48405 EDCU19017 Rel Curr & Pedagogy I Available
48406 EDCU19018 Rel Curr & Pedagogy Ii Available
48407 RELG19001 Rel Experience & Texts Available
48408 RELG19002 Rel Traditions & Rituals Available
48409 EDEC14019 C.P.L In Early Childhood Not available
48411 EDCU14019 English Curr & Pedagogy Available
48413 EDFE11012 Fieldwork Iv Not available
48414 EDFE11013 Prof Prac Iv Available
48415 LOTE11012 Second Lang Acquisition Available
48421 PERF11014 From Play To Performance Available
48423 MUSC13365 Ensemble Iiia Available
48424 MUSC13366 Ensemble Iiib Available
48425 MUSC14060 Ensemble Iii Not available
48426 LOTE20013 Esl- Efl I Available
48427 LOTE20014 Esl-Efl Ii Available
48428 LOTE20015 Esl-Efl Iii Available
48429 LOTE20016 Lpe Available
48430 LOTE20017 Eng Comm Gw Available
48431 EDED11331 Hms Ii - Motor Dev & Skill Available
48432 LOTE20018 Bee Available
48451 EDED11332 School Mathematics I Available
48452 EDED19333 School Mathematics Ii Available
48485 MUSC12061 Write Tech & Aural Stud I Available
48486 MUSC12062 Write Tech & Aural Stud Ii Available
48511 EDCU11020 Sc & Tech Curr & Ped Available
48512 EDCU11021 The Arts Available
48514 LOTE13019 Bilingual & Immers Educ Available
48521 PERF12015 Stgng Contemp Issues Available
48531 EDED12334 Teach Aquatics Available
48532 EDED12335 Teaching & Coaching Available
48551 EDED19336 Teach About The Live World Available
48553 EDED19337 Fund Struc Sch Math Iii Available
48601 EDED11338 "Culture, Lit & Integration" Not available
48611 EDCU11022 Maths Curr & Pedagogy Available
48631 EDED12339 Teach Dance & Gym Available
48632 EDED12340 Hmn Mvment Studies Vi Available
48650 LOTE20020 Writ Read In Jap Lang Edu Available
48651 LOTE20021 Jap Society & Lang Available
48652 EDED19341 Teach About The Nat World Available
48653 EDED19342 Environmental Education Available
48654 LOTE20022 Alt Interp Of Jap Culture Available
48655 LOTE20023 Jap Sec Lang Teach Methodo Available
48656 LOTE20024 Inter Through Jap Immersio Available
48657 LOTE20025 Cul Stu & Jap Sec Lan Tea Available
48658 LOTE20026 Tech & Jap Sec Lang Edu Available
48659 LOTE20027 Dev Of Oral Prof In Japan Available
48660 LOTE12028 Special Project Available
48661 LOTE13029 Japanese Ed Market Available
48662 LOTE11030 Fund Bus Skills In Japan Available
48663 LOTE12031 Ed Man In Cont Jap Contex Available
48664 LOTE12032 Education In Japan Orgs Available
48665 LOTE11033 Japanese Ed On Line Available
48666 LOTE13034 Ed & The Japanese Abroad Available
48701 EDED11343 "Identity, Curr & Learn Env" Not available
48702 EDED11344 "Economy, Educ & Management" Available
48711 LOTE11035 Lote Curriculum & Pedagogy Available
48712 EDCU11023 Technology Curr & Pedagogy Available
48801 EDVT11017 Cult Contxt Of Educ Train Available
48802 LOTE12036 Stud In Lgage And Cult Available
48803 LOTE19037 Res In Linguist & Cult Available
48901 EDCU11024 Religious Educ Curr Study Not available
48903 EDED11345 Assessing Learners Available
48904 EDED12346 Pstve Clsroom Behaviour Available
48905 EDED12347 Inclve Edctnal Strategies Available
48906 EDED12348 Hmn Rltnshps & Grp Procs Available
48909 EDCU14032 The Arts & Curriculum Not available
48911 EDEC11020 Images Of Childhood Available
48912 EDEC11021 Play Based Learn Enviro Available
48913 EDEC11022 Philanthropy To Political Available
48914 EDEC11023 Dilemmas Of Early Child Ed Available
48915 EDEC11024 Contemp Early Child Educ Available
48916 EDEC11025 Roles & Resp Of Educators Available
48917 EDEC13026 Int Pers In Erly Childhood Available
48931 EDED14349 Adv Special Project Available
48932 EDFE11014 Advanced Professional Prac Available
48933 EDED14352 Lit In The Classroom Available
48934 EDCU19025 Adv Sci Curr & Pedagogy Available
48935 EDCU11026 Curr Issues School Math Available
48936 EDCU11027 Issues In Curric - Lit I Available
48937 EDCU11028 Issues In Curric - Lit Ii Available
48942 COIT11200 Instruct Design Educ Tech Not available
48944 EDED11350 Tech For Learning & Teach Available
48946 EDVT13018 "Educ, Train And Work" Available
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50 000 Codes

Old Code New Code Code Description Status
50001 GENL10002 Intro. General Elective A Not available
50002 GENL10003 Intro. General Elective B Not available
50010 WRIT40014 W.R.A.P. Not available
50990 RSCH30110 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
50991 RSCH30111 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
50992 RSCH30047 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
50993 RSCH30048 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
50995 RSCH30015 Research & Thesis (Ss) F/T Not available
50996 RSCH30016 Research & Thesis (Ss) P/T Not available
51001 COMM11078 Comm/Jour. Strand Elect. A Not available
51002 COMM11079 Comm/Jour. Strand Elect. B Not available
51005 LAWS11052 Intro. To Law (Dd) Not available
51100 COMM11003 Professional & Tech. Comm. Available
51101 COMM11004 Intro To Communication Not available
51102 COMM11001 Mass Media In Australia Not available
51104 COMM11005 Intro To Commun & Culture Available
51106 COMM11006 Cross-Cult Communication Not available
51107 CULT11001 Comm Culture & Communities Available
51108 CULT11002 Cultural Industries Available
51109 COMM11007 Professional Writing Available
51110 JOUR11001 Managing The Media Available
51120 JOUR11002 Introduction To Journalism Not available
51121 JOUR11003 Intro To Elect. Journalism Not available
51123 JOUR11004 Media Ethics Available
51124 JOUR11005 Intro To Journalism A Available
51125 JOUR11006 Intro To Journalism B Available
51159 JOUR11007 Broadcast News Not available
51168 COMM11008 Comm & Crit Thinking Available
51169 COMM11009 Cont Comm Skills Available
51170 COMM11010 Intro Comm Skills I Available
51171 COMM11011 Intro Comm Skills 2 Available
51199 COMM40012 Commun Skills: English Not available
51200 COMM12013 Visual Media:Photo & Video Not available
51201 COMM12014 Mass Media & Pop. Cult Not available
51202 COMM12080 Adv. Film & T.V.Production Not available
51203 COMM12015 Tele & Pop Culture Available
51204 JOUR12008 Television Reporting Available
51205 COMM12016 Mass Media And Journalism Available
51206 COMM12017 Public Relations A Available
51207 COMM12018 Public Relations B Available
51208 COMM11081 Television Production Not available
51209 COMM12019 Cinema And Society Not available
51210 CULT12003 Race Issues & Aborig Media Available
51211 COMM12020 Comm In The Internet Age Available
51212 JOUR12009 Broadcast News Available
51213 COMM12021 Public Rels: Region Persps Not available
51214 COMM12022 Cultural Technologies Available
51215 COMM12023 Screen Studies Available
51216 CULT12004 Cultural Policy Available
51217 CULT20005 Cultural Policy (Cu15) Available
51220 JOUR11034 Advanced Elect. Journalism Not available
51221 COMM12082 Editing And Design Not available
51222 JOUR12010 Feature Writing Available
51223 JOUR12035 Newspaper Production A Not available
51224 JOUR12011 Principles Of Journalism Not available
51225 JOUR11036 Newspaper Production B Not available
51226 JOUR10037 Newspaper Production B Not available
51227 JOUR12012 Newspaper Production Available
51231 COMM12083 Communications Res A Not available
51232 COMM12084 Communications Res B Not available
51234 COMM12024 Communication Genres Available
51235 COMM12025 Organisation Communication Available
51236 COMM12026 Issues In Regional Commun Not available
51237 COMM12027 Reporting The Asia Pacific Available
51238 COMM12028 Public Culture Not available
51239 COMM19029 Film From The Pacific Rim Available
51240 COMM12030 Desktop Publishing Available
51241 COMM12031 Communication Project A Available
51242 COMM12032 Adv Appr To Comm & Cult Not available
51245 COMM11107 Communication Project B Available
51269 JOUR12013 Editing And Design Available
51270 CULT12006 Indigenous Iss & The Media Available
51271 JOUR12014 Journ & Media History Available
51274 LAWS12024 Media Law Available
51275 JOUR12015 Online Invest Journalism Available
51276 COMM12033 Speech Communication Available
51874 HIST11024 Hist Of Fiji Islands 1874 Available
52001 HUMT10002 Humanities Strand Elect. A Not available
52002 HUMT10003 Humanities Strand Elect. B Not available
52100 DRMA11011 Australian Drama Available
52101 THTR11097 Comic Drama Available
52102 LITR11054 Australia Writing & Film Available
52103 LITR11043 The Short Story Available
52104 LITR11055 Popular Genres Available
52105 CULT11011 Aust Film & Culture Available
52106 DRMA11012 Classical Drama Available
52120 GEOG11023 Phys. Geography Of Aust. Available
52121 GEOG11016 Soc & Cult Geog N. America Not available
52122 GEOG11024 Conservation In Australia Available
52136 CULT11012 Image & Text Available
52140 HIST11025 Survey History Of The West Available
52141 HIST11018 Colonial Australian Hist. Not available
52142 HIST11026 In Search Aust:Hist Persp Available
52143 INDG11013 Intro Abor & Island Hist Available
52144 INDG11010 Abor & Isl Issue-Cont Soc Available
52148 HIST11028 Intro To Asia Pac:Hist Con Available
52160 JAPN11012 Introductory Japanese A Available
52161 JAPN11013 Introductory Japanese B Available
52162 LOTE11039 Japanese Ia Not available
52163 LOTE11040 Japanese Ib Not available
52180 LITR11045 Australian Fiction & Film Not available
52181 LITR11046 Short Story Euro & N. Amer Not available
52200 DRMA19009 Modern European Drama Not available
52201 DRMA19010 Tragic Drama Not available
52202 PERF19001 Theatre: Acting Not available
52203 PERF19002 Theatre: Stage Production Not available
52204 PERF19005 Theatre Practicum I Not available
52205 PERF19006 Theatre Practicum 2 Not available
52206 CULT19013 Sexualities & Rep Available
52207 EVST19007 Envir & Soc Impact Assess Available
52208 EVST19008 Environmental Management Available
52209 LITR19047 Science Fiction And Film Available
52210 LITR19048 Postmodern Fiction Available
52211 LITR19049 Romantic & Contemp Poetry Not available
52212 LITR19050 Gothic Fiction Available
52213 LITR19051 Literary Theory Available
52214 CULT19014 Melod Film & Gender Available
52215 CULT19015 Explor In The Gothic Available
52216 JAPN19014 Japanese For Tourism A Available
52217 JAPN19015 Japanese For Tourism B Available
52218 DRMA19013 Director'S Theatre Available
52219 GEOH19001 Soc & Cult Geog North Amer Available
52220 GEOG10017 Conservation In Australia Not available
52221 GEOH19002 Cult Geog China & S.E.Asia Available
52222 GEOH19003 Soc & Econ Geog Of Japan Available
52223 GEOH19004 Cult&Pol Geog.Cen & S.Pac Available
52224 PERF12003 Acting Not available
52225 PERF12004 Stage Production Not available
52227 GEOG19021 Geog Info Sys & Rem Sensg Available
52228 GEOG19022 Graph & Cartograph Tech Available
52240 HIST19019 Modern Australian History Not available
52241 HIST19020 Mod Hist China & S E Asia Not available
52242 HIST19029 History Of Modern Japan Available
52243 HIST19030 The Usa In Cont World Hist Available
52244 HIST19031 Aust'S Foreign Relations Available
52245 HIST19032 War & Aust Society Available
52246 INDG19015 Aboriginal Cult & Land Available
52247 INDG19014 Torres St - Anthrop Hist Available
52248 HIST19034 Modern History Of China Available
52249 HIST19035 Mod Hist Of Se Asia Available
52260 JAPN19016 Intermediate Japanese A Available
52261 JAPN19017 Intermediate Japanese B Available
52262 JAPN19018 Advanced Japanese A Available
52263 JAPN19019 Advanced Japanese B Available
52280 POET19002 20Th Century Poetry Not available
52281 LITR19052 The Modern Novel Available
52282 POET12001 English Poetry Not available
52283 LITR19053 North Amer. Fiction & Film Available
52287 CULT19016 Contemp Modes Of Cult Available
52300 HUMT13004 Humanities Research Topic Not available
52301 HUMT13005 Humanities Research Topic Available
52302 HUMT13006 Humanities Research Topic Available
52304 WRIT19015 Creative Writing I Available
52304 WRIT19019 Creative Writing A Available
52305 WRIT19016 Creative Writing Ii Available
52305 WRIT19020 Creative Writing B Available
52308 HUMT19008 Humanities Research Topic A Available
52309 HUMT19009 Humanities Research Topic B Available
52310 HUMT13007 Humanities Rsrch Topic Available
52360 LOTE13041 Japanese 3A Not available
52361 LOTE13042 Japanese 3B Not available
52380 WRIT19017 Creative Writing Not available
52874 HIST11036 Hist Of Fiji Isl 1874-1998 Available
53001 SOCL11032 Social Sc. Strand Elect. A Not available
53002 SOCL11033 Social Sc. Strand Elect. B Not available
53100 BEHV11028 Intro. To Soc. Sciences Ia Not available
53101 BEHV11029 Into. To Soc. Sciences Ib Not available
53102 BEHV11030 Methods Social Research Ia Not available
53103 BEHV11031 Methods Social Research Ib Not available
53104 SOCL12034 Sociology Not available
53105 SOCL19054 State & Multicultural Soc Not available
53106 BEHV11032 Human Beh.:A Lifespan App Not available
53107 PSYC11007 Foundations Of Psychology Not available
53108 SOCL11055 Introduction To Sociology Available
53109 SOCL11056 Australian Society Available
53110 SOWK19020 Clin Soc Work Mental Hlth Available
53111 SOCL11035 Contex Stud I: Human Dev Not available
53112 SOCL11036 Contex Stud Ii: Comm Skill Not available
53113 SOWK19021 Soc Work Crim Justice Sys Available
53115 PSYC11008 Biol Foundations Of Psych Available
53116 PSYC11009 Social Foundation Of Psych Available
53121 SOCL10037 Contex Stud Ii:Soc:Nurs Not available
53156 SOCL19057 Environmental Sociology Available
53166 SOCL11058 Science Tech And Society Available
53180 WELF11025 Welfare Stud:Indiv.Counsel Not available
53181 WELF11026 Welfare Stud:Group Work Not available
53200 SOWK12001 Social Work Skills & Methods Not available
53201 SOWK13002 Field Edu & Fieldwork I Available
53202 SOWK14003 Field Edu & Fieldwork Ii Available
53203 SOWK11010 Social Work Skills & Methods A Available
53204 SOWK11011 Social Work Skills & Methods B Available
53210 SOWK19022 Qualitative Research Available
53211 SOWK19023 Qualitative Research Available
53212 TOUR20005 Global Stud Thematic Tour Available
53213 TOUR20006 Policy Plan For Tourism Available
53214 TOUR20007 Tour Stud Asia Pacific Rim Available
53215 SOWK11004 Introduction To Social Work Not available
53216 SOWK11012 Introduction To Social Work A Available
53217 SOWK11013 Introduction To Social Work B Available
53219 SOCL20059 "Ecol, Culture & Politics" Available
53220 SOCL19060 Human Ecology Available
53221 SOCL19061 "Moves, Cults, & Social Chg" Available
53222 SOCL19062 "Policy, Power & Politics" Available
53223 SOCL19038 Soc.Planning & Soc.Admin. Not available
53224 SOCL19063 Social Res Methods A Available
53225 SOCL19064 Understanding Social Life Available
53226 SOCL19039 Contemp Sociological Theor Not available
53227 SOCL19040 Social Stats Sociologists Not available
53229 SOCL19065 Rural Sociology Available
53230 SOCL19066 Community Analysis Available
53231 SOWK20005 "Comm: Soc Pol, Plan & Act" Available
53232 SOCL19067 Health Sociology Not available
53233 SOCL19068 Medical Sociology Not available
53234 SOCL19069 Social Res Methods B Available
53235 TOUR19008 Managing Tourism Demand Available
53236 TOUR11009 Tourism Impacts Assessment Available
53237 TOUR19010 Tourism In Asia Pacific Available
53240 BEHV12022 Human Dev. & Personality Not available
53241 PSYC12004 Social Psychology Not available
53242 BEHV12023 Percept & Cogn Process Not available
53243 PSYC12005 Psych. Of Learn. & Motiv. Not available
53244 PSYC12010 Intro To Human Development Available
53245 PSYC12035 Res. Methods In Psychology A Available
53245 PSYC12036 Res. Methods In Psychology B Available
53246 PSYC12012 Physiological Psychology Available
53247 PSYC12013 Personality Available
53248 PSYC12014 Social Psychology Available
53249 INDG19011 Aboriginal Psychologies Not available
53250 PSYC12035 Res. Methods In Psychology A Available
53251 PSYC12036 Res. Methods In Psychology B Available
53253 SOWK13006 Eth.S.W Prac Available
53254 TOUR20003 Sust Tourism Dev (Cu15) Available
53255 TOUR20011 Sustain Tour Dev Available
53257 SOWK12007 Res. Methods In Soc. Work Available
53258 SOWK13008 Contemp Social Policy Available
53260 SREC11005 Understanding Leisure Available
53261 SREC19001 Spec. Needs In Recreation Available
53262 SREC11004 Understanding Tourism Not available
53263 TOUR19012 Tourism Planning Available
53264 TOUR11013 Understanding Tourism Available
53265 SREC19002 Spec. Needs In Recreation Available
53266 TOUR19014 The Qld Tourism Product Not available
53267 TOUR19015 Research In Tourism Available
53268 TOUR19016 Thematic Tourism Available
53269 TOUR20017 Tourism Dev Prac & Impact Available
53270 SOCL19070 Health & Medical Sociology Available
53271 SOCL19071 "State, Ethnicity & Gender" Available
53280 WELF12027 Welfare Stud:Work.Families Not available
53281 WELF12028 Welfare Stud:Commun. Work Not available
53282 WELF19009 Welfare Stud E:Prac Available
53283 WELF13029 Welfare Stud F: Prac 2 Not available
53284 WELF19004 Welfare Stud A:Ind Counsel Available
53285 WELF19005 Welfare Stud B:Group Work Available
53286 WELF19006 Welfare Stud C:Families Available
53287 WELF19038 Welfare Stud D:Commun Work Available
53288 WELF19008 Welfare Stud E:Prac A Not available
53289 WELF19009 Welfare Stud E:Prac B Not available
53290 HLTH20023 Working With Comm (Cu15) Available
53291 SOWK19014 Soc Wrk Theory & Prac Iia Available
53292 SOWK19015 Soc Wrk Theory & Prac Iib Available
53293 SOWK19016 Soc Wrk Theory & Prac Iiia Available
53294 SOWK19017 Soc Wrk Theory & Prac Iiib Available
53295 SOWK19018 Soc Wrk Theory & Prac Iva Available
53296 SOWK19019 Soc Wrk Theory & Prac Ivb Available
53300 SOCL19074 Soc. Sc. Research Topic Not available
53301 PSYC13015 Adv Methods In Psychology Available
53302 PSYC13016 Cognitive Psychology Available
53303 PSYC13017 Abnormal Psychology Available
53304 PSYC13018 Cross-Cultural Psychology Available
53305 PSYC13019 Developmental Psychology Available
53306 PSYC13020 Indiv Differences & Assess Available
53307 PSYC13021 Spec Topic In Psychology Available
53308 PSYC13022 Learning Available
53309 SOCL20075 Researching Sustainability Available
53310 SOCL19076 Social Sci Research Topic Available
53311 SOCL20077 Theo & Conc Of Sus Dev Available
53312 SOCL19078 Soc. Sc. Research Topic A Available
53313 SOCL19079 Soc. Sc. Research Topic B Available
53321 SOCL11041 Soc&Gov Sys & Soc Inequal Not available
53338 TOUR19018 Tourism Project Available
53400 PSYC14023 Adv Studies In Psychology Available
53401 PSYC14045 Research Project A Available
53401 PSYC14046 Research Project B Available
53403 PSYC14025 Prof Prac Of Psychology Available
53500 PSYC20026 Adv Studies In Psychology Available
53501 PSYC20027 Prof Prac Of Psychology Available
53502 PSYC19028 Psychology Research Proj Not available
53503 PSYC19037 Psychology Research Proj A Available
53504 PSYC19038 Psychology Research Proj B Available
53874 GOVP11014 Fijian Politics Available
54111 COMM19085 Crit:Theory Of Cult Analys Not available
54112 COMM11086 Contemporary Film Studies Not available
54123 COMM11087 Con Fict Aus/Jap/Asia/Pac Not available
54124 COMM11088 Genres Of Aus Pop Culture Not available
54211 INDG11008 Stud In Aborig & Isl Hist Not available
54212 JAPN11009 Cont Japan Soc & Politics Not available
54223 HIST11021 Aust W.Pac Since Colonial Not available
54224 JAPN10010 Japan'S Foreign Relations Not available
54225 JAPN10011 Japan'S Foreign Relations Not available
54311 LOTE19043 Japanese Lang:Hon A Not available
54322 LOTE19044 Japanese Lang:Hon B Not available
54410 GEOH20006 App Dem: To Sust Pops Available
54411 BEHV19024 Advance Social Res Design Not available
54412 SOCL19042 Theory Perspect In Soc Sc Not available
54420 GENE20116 Special Project (Cu15) Available
54423 BEHV19025 Advance Data Analysis Tech Not available
54424 BEHV19026 Theory Issues In Social Sc Not available
54443 ARTS19015 B.A Hons F/T A Available
54444 ARTS19009 B.A Hons F/T B Available
54445 SOCL19043 Honours Thesis (Full-Time) Not available
54446 ARTS19001 B.A Hons P/T Not available
54447 ARTS19002 B.A Hons F/T Not available
54448 PSYC19032 B. Arts Hons Psych F/T Not available
54449 ARTS19003 B.A Hons P/T Crsework Not available
54450 PSYC19033 B.A Hons Psych Pt Crswk Not available
54451 ARTS19006 B.A Hons P/T Dissertation Not available
54452 PSYC19034 Ba Hons Psych P/T Dis Not available
54453 PSYC19039 B. Arts Hons Psych F/T A Available
54454 PSYC19040 B. Arts Hons Psych F/T B Available
54462 ARTS19011 B.A Hons P/T Crsework A Available
54463 ARTS19012 B.A Hons P/T Crsework B Available
54464 PSYC19041 B.A Hons Psych Pt Crswk A Available
54465 PSYC19042 B.A Hons Psych Pt Crswk B Available
54466 ARTS19013 B.A Hons P/T Dissertation A Available
54467 ARTS19014 B.A Hons P/T Dissertation B Available
54468 PSYC19043 Ba Hons Psych P/T Diss A Available
54469 PSYC19044 Ba Hons Psych P/T Diss B Available
55000 RSCH30112 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
55001 RSCH30113 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
55002 RSCH30049 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
55003 RSCH30050 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
55101 JOUR20016 Media & Communication Available
55102 COMM20034 Oral Communication Available
55103 COMM20035 Communication Theory Available
55104 COMM20036 "Informatics, Cult & Comm" Available
55201 COMM20099 Graphic Communication Not available
56001 ARTS19008 Dissertation (Parttime) Not available
57001 COMM20037 Cultural Theory Not available
57002 COMM20038 Film Studies Not available
57003 COMM20089 Research Unit A Not available
57004 COMM20090 Research Unit B Not available
57005 COMM20039 Research Dissertation Not available
57006 COMM20040 Research Dissertation Not available
57007 COMM20091 Research Unit D Not available
57008 COMM20041 Const Gender Print Media Not available
57009 COMM20042 Space Place Built Env Not available
57010 COMM20043 Constructions Of Race Not available
57011 HIST20037 Appr To Se Asia History Not available
57012 COMM20100 Research Dissertation I Not available
57013 HIST20038 War & Aust Soc: Conf & Div Not available
57014 HIST20039 Research Dissertation Ii Not available
57015 HIST20022 Research Dissertation I Not available
57016 HIST20023 Research Dissertation I Not available
57216 COMM12002 Queer Theory Not available
59001 MGMT11115 Front Office Management Available
59002 MGMT11116 Food & Beverage Management Available
59003 ADMN11007 Conference & Convention Not available
59004 TOUR11019 Tourism Impact Studies Not available
59005 TOUR11020 Managing Tourism Not available
59800 COMM10092 Effective Communication Not available
59801 BEHV11027 Communic. In Organisations Not available
59810 INDG11009 Australian Society Not available
59811 COMM11093 Intro. Human Communication Not available
59812 GEOG19018 Graphic & Carto. Methods Not available
59813 GEOG12019 Gov'T Stats. & Info. Syst. Not available
59820 SOCL11044 Intro. Research Techniques Not available
59821 SOCL11045 Australian Government Not available
59822 SOCL19046 Field Placement Ia Not available
59823 SOCL19047 Field Placement Ib Not available
59900 COMM19094 Applied Visual Communic. Not available
59901 COMM19095 Mass Commun. & Information Not available
59902 COMM11096 Basic Public Relations Not available
59910 GEOG19020 Methods Of Demo. Analysis Not available
59920 SOCL19048 Survey Techniques Not available
59921 SOCL11049 Intro.To Social Indicators Not available
59922 SOCL12050 Field Placement 2A Not available
59923 SOCL12051 Field Placement 2B Not available
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60 000 Codes

Old Code New Code Code Description Status
60001 ENGR11043 B. Eng Tech. Elect Not available
60010 ENGR11044 Ad Eng Elect Not available
60101 CGRP11001 Computer Aided Drafting A Available
60102 ENGR11045 Engineering Computations Not available
60103 CGRP11002 Engineering Graphics Available
60104 ENGR11046 Engineering Organisations Not available
60105 ENGR12047 Engineering Work Practice Not available
60106 ENGR12048 Intro To C Programming Not available
60107 ENGR11049 Materials Science Not available
60108 ENGR11050 Stats For Technologists Not available
60109 ENGR11051 Tech Documents & Reports Available
60110 ENGR11052 Technology Mathematics Not available
60111 ENGR11053 Tertiary Study Skills Not available
60115 ENGR11054 Basic Tech Mathematics Not available
60116 ENGR11055 Engineering Skills I Available
60117 ENGR11056 Engineering Skills Ii Available
60200 ENMC12012 Dynamic Systems A Not available
60201 ENGR12057 Thermofluid Mechanics A Not available
60202 ENGR12058 Thermofluid Mechanics B Not available
60203 ENCV12058 Solid Mechanics Not available
60204 COIS12042 Software Systems Not available
60205 ENEL12062 Hardware Systems Not available
60206 CGRP12003 Computer Aided Design Available
60207 ENEL12063 Analysis & Digital Electronics Not available
60208 ENGR12059 Engineering In Society Not available
60209 ENGR12060 Engineering Project Not available
60210 ENGR13061 Professional Communication Not available
60211 ENGR13062 Project Management Available
60212 ENGR13063 Quality Management Not available
60213 GENE11117 Team Build & Prob Solving Available
60300 ENGR11064 Engineering Analysis A Not available
60301 ENGR13065 Engineering Analysis B Not available
60302 PHYS12049 Materials A Not available
60303 ENGR13066 Materials B Not available
60304 ENGR13067 B Eng Tech Dissert/Project Not available
60305 ENPR13005 Industrial Admin I Not available
60306 ENPR13006 Engineering Management Available
60307 ENPR13023 Work Placement I Available
60400 ENPR12022 Industry Work Placement I Not available
60401 ENPR14025 Industry Work Placement Ii Not available
60402 ENPR14007 Proj Prep Available
60403 ENPR14008 Proj Implementation Available
60405 ENPR14024 Work Placement Ii Available
60406 ENPR14009 Co-Op Dissertation Plan Available
60408 ENPR14011 Dissertation A Available
60409 ENPR14012 Dissertation B Available
60500 RSCH30114 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
60501 RSCH30115 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
60502 RSCH30116 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
60503 RSCH30117 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
60520 ENEV20001 Air Quality Management I Available
60521 ENEV20009 Air Quality Management Available
60525 ENEV20002 Waste Min & Cleaner Prod Available
60530 ENEV20003 Water Management 2 Available
60538 ENEV20005 Envir Planning & Economics Available
60601 AERO30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
60602 AERO30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
60603 AERO30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
60604 BCON30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
60605 BCON30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
60606 BCON30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
60607 BLDA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
60608 BLDA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
60609 BLDA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
60610 BLDG30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
60611 BLDG30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
60612 BLDG30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
60613 BSCT30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
60614 BSCT30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
60615 BSCT30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
60616 BSUV30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
60617 BSUV30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
60618 BSUV30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
60619 CAST30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
60620 CAST30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
60621 CAST30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
60622 CIVL30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
60623 CIVL30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
60624 CIVL30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
60625 ELCE30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
60626 ELCE30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
60627 ELCE30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
60628 ENVE30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
60629 ENVE30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
60630 ENVE30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
60632 MECH30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
60633 MECH30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
60634 MECH30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
60635 PREN30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
60636 PREN30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
60637 PREN30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
60639 RAIL30004 Research & Thesis (24) Available
60640 RAIL30005 Research & Thesis (12) Available
60641 RAIL30006 Research & Thesis (6) Available
61100 ENMC10001 Engineering Mechanics I Not available
61101 ENMC10002 Engineering Mechanics Ia Not available
61102 ENMC10003 Engineering Mechanics Ib Not available
61103 STAT11048 Statics Not available
61104 ENCV12096 Adv Strength Of Materials Not available
61105 ENCV10128 Civil Construct Techniques Not available
61106 ENCV10129 Civil Materials (Concrete) Not available
61107 ENCV10130 Civil Materials Testing Not available
61108 ENCV10132 Construction Surveying Not available
61109 ENGR10122 Engineering Statics Not available
61110 ENCV10131 Geology & Soil Mechanics Not available
61111 ENCV11059 Intro To Road & Railway Not available
61112 ENCV11060 Intro Strength Of Material Not available
61113 ENCV12061 Water & Waste Water Tech Not available
61200 ENMC10004 Engineering Mechanics Ii Not available
61201 ENMC10005 Engineering Mechanics Iia Not available
61202 ENMC10011 Engineering Mechanics Iib Not available
61203 ENMC10006 Engineering Mechanics Iic Not available
61204 ENCV10011 Engineering Surveying I Not available
61205 ENCV10012 Engineering Surveying Ii Not available
61206 ENCV10013 Construct Principles I Not available
61207 ENCV10014 Construct Principles Ii Not available
61208 ENCV10015 Struct. Design Concepts Not available
61209 ENCV10016 Engineering Geology Not available
61210 ENCV10017 Mechs. Of Deform. Solids Not available
61211 ENCV10018 Structural Mechanics Not available
61212 ENCV12062 Structural Engineering I Not available
61213 ENCV12063 Intro.Geol. & Geomechanics Not available
61214 ENCV12064 Cadd - Civil Structures Not available
61215 ENCV12065 Cadd - Civil Works Not available
61216 ENCV12066 Civil Estimating Not available
61217 ENCV12067 Concrete Structures Not available
61218 ENCV13068 Environmental Engineering Not available
61219 ENCV12069 Foundations Not available
61221 ENCV12131 Pavement Design Not available
61222 ENCV12071 Soil Technology Not available
61223 ENCV12132 Steel & Timb Str Not available
61224 ENCV12073 Hydraulics For Techngsts Not available
61225 ENCV12074 Hydraulics Available
61226 ENMT12003 Eng Materials (Civil) Available
61227 ENCV12075 Bas Mechanics & Structures Available
61228 ENCV12070 Theory & Prac Of Struc Des Available
61229 ENCV12068 Geotechnics I Available
61230 ENCV12076 Water Resources Project Available
61300 ENCV10057 Introduction To Surveying Not available
61301 ENCV10019 Struct Analysis & Des. I Not available
61302 ENCV10020 Hydraulics And Hydrology Not available
61303 ENCV10021 Soil And Rock Mechanics Not available
61304 ENCV10022 Surveying Not available
61305 ENCV10023 Engineering Surveying Not available
61306 ENCV10024 Struct. Analysis & Des. A Not available
61307 ENCV10025 Struct. Analysis & Des. B Not available
61308 ENCV10026 Hydraulics Not available
61309 ENCV10027 Hydrology Not available
61310 ENCV10028 Soil And Rock Mechanics A Not available
61311 ENCV10029 Soil And Rock Mechanics B Not available
61312 ENCV10030 Highway Engineering A Not available
61313 ENCV10031 Highway Engineering B Not available
61314 ENCV10032 Engineering Analysis A Not available
61315 ENCV10033 Engineering Analysis B Not available
61316 ENCV10034 Contracts A Not available
61317 ENCV10035 Contracts B Not available
61320 BLSV13014 Surveying Not available
61321 BLCN13023 Construction Principles Not available
61322 ENCV13124 Hydraulics Not available
61323 ENCV13126 Geotechnical Engineering I Not available
61324 ENCV13128 Civil Design & Const I Available
61325 BLCN13022 Structural Engineering Ii Not available
61326 ENCV13127 Highways And Traffic Not available
61327 ENCV13125 Intro Civil Engineer Topic Not available
61328 ENCV13097 Civil Project Management Not available
61329 ENCV13098 Contract Management Not available
61330 ENCV13099 Cost Planning & Control Not available
61331 ENCV13100 Surveying Not available
61335 ENCV13101 Structural Analysis Not available
61336 ENCV13102 Surveying Not available
61337 ENCV13103 Traffic Engineering Not available
61338 ENCV13104 Water Resource Management Not available
61339 ENCV13133 Analysis Of Struct & Stresses Available
61340 ENDS13003 Building Design Project Available
61400 ENCV14105 Project (Civil) Not available
61401 ENPR13027 Industrial Admin. Available
61402 ENCV14069 Geotechnics Ii Available
61403 ENCV14079 Road/Railway Design Proj Available
61404 ENCV14080 Transportation Engineering Available
61405 ENCV14081 Water Engineering Available
61406 ENCV14036 Mat.Meth.Of Struct. Analysis Not available
61407 ENCV14037 Adv. Structural Mechanics Not available
61408 ENCV14038 Water Engineering A Not available
61409 ENCV14039 Water Engineering B Not available
61410 ENCV14040 Geotechnology A Not available
61411 ENCV14041 Geotechnology B Not available
61412 ENCV14042 Transportation Eng. A Not available
61413 ENCV14043 Transportation Eng.B Not available
61414 ENCV14044 Indust. & Financial Mgment Not available
61415 ENCV14045 Construction Mgt B Not available
61416 ENCV14046 Civ Eng Design & Const A Not available
61417 ENCV14047 Civ Eng Design & Const B Not available
61418 ENGR10009 Geotechnology Iv Not available
61419 ENCV10048 Water Engineering Iv Not available
61420 ENGR10010 Struct Analysis & Des Iv Not available
61421 ENGR10011 Transportation Eng Iv Not available
61422 ENCV10049 Eng Design & Const Iv Not available
61423 ENCV14082 Water Engineering Available
61424 ENCV14083 Adv. Structural Analysis Available
61425 ENCV13084 Geotechnical Engineer Ii Available
61426 ENCV13085 Contract Management Not available
61427 ENCV14086 Transportation Engineering Not available
61428 ENCV14087 Civil Design & Const. 2 Available
61501 ENCV20050 Structural Timbers Not available
61502 ENCV20051 Struct.Analysis Of Timber Not available
61503 ENCV20106 Research Project M (Tt) Not available
61504 ENCV20107 Adv.Des.Of Wood Structs. Not available
61505 ENCV20052 Design Of Timber Elements Not available
61506 ENCV20053 Analysis For Timber Techs Not available
61700 BLAR12001 Building Services I Available
61701 BLAR12002 Construction I Available
61702 BLAR11003 Construction Ii Available
61703 BLAR11004 Urban Planning I Available
61704 BLCN11001 Contracts I Available
61705 BLAR12005 Building Services Ii Available
61706 ENCV11088 Land Surveying I Available
61707 ENCV13089 Geomechanics I Available
61708 BLSV14001 Inspection Procedures Available
61709 ENCV14090 Geomechanics Ii Available
61710 BLAR14006 Construction Iii Available
61711 BLSV11002 Struct Analysis & Design I Available
61712 ENPR14004 Law/Acts Ii Available
61713 ENPR14013 Law/Acts Iii Available
61714 BLSV14003 Struct Analysis & Des Ii Available
61715 ENCV13091 Land Surveying Ii Available
61716 BLAR13007 Temporary Structures I Available
61717 ENPR13014 Law Acts Iv Available
61718 ENPR13015 Law Acts V Available
61719 BLSV11004 Structures I Available
61720 BLSV11005 Structures Ii Available
61721 BLSV11006 Structures Iii Available
61722 BLSV11007 Structures Iv Available
61723 BLAR13008 Building Services Iii Available
61724 BLAR14009 Building Services Iv Available
61725 BLAR12010 Architecture Design & Plan Available
61726 BLCN12002 Contracts Ii Available
61727 BLAR13011 Urban Planning Ii Available
61728 BLAR12012 Construction Iv Available
61729 BLAR13013 Construction V Available
61730 BLAR12014 Temporary Structures Ii Available
61731 BLCN13003 Construction Management I Available
61732 BLCN13004 Construction Management Ii Available
61733 BLCN13017 Construct Management Iii Available
61734 BLSV12013 Measurements I Available
61735 BLSV13008 Measurements Ii Available
61736 BLSV13009 Measurements Iii Available
61737 BLSV14010 Measurements Iv Available
61738 BLCN14005 Estimating I Available
61739 BLCN14006 Estimating Ii Available
61740 BLCN13007 Construction Planning I Available
61741 BLCN13008 Construction Planning Ii Available
61742 BLCN13009 Contract Administration I Available
61743 BLCN13010 Contract Administration Ii Available
61744 ENPR13016 Property Management Available
61745 BLCN13011 Cost Control Available
61746 BLCN13012 Cost Planning Available
61747 BLCN13013 Construction Economics I Available
61748 BLCN13014 Construction Econ0Mics Ii Available
61749 BLCN13015 Construction Economics Iii Available
61750 BLAR12020 Intro Build Serv Not available
61751 BLAR12021 Mechanical Services Available
61752 ENCV13092 Intro Soil Mech Available
61753 ENCV13093 Working Drawings I Available
61754 BLAR14015 Building Design I Available
61755 ENCV14094 Site Procedures Available
61756 ENCV14095 Working Drawings Ii Available
61757 BLAR14016 Building Design Ii Available
61758 ENCV14096 Working Drawings Iii Available
61759 MGMT10126 Office Concepts Available
61761 BLSV14011 Specifications Available
61763 BLAR13017 Building Design Iii Available
61765 BLAR13018 Building Design Iv Available
61766 ENCV13067 Working Drawings Iv Available
61767 BLCN13016 Build Qual Mgt Available
61768 BLCN14018 Construc Man Proj I Available
61769 BLCN14019 Construc Man Proj Ii Available
61770 BLCN12020 Construc Man Work Exp I Available
61771 BLCN13021 Construc Man Work Exp Ii Available
61800 ENGR10020 Drawing I Not available
61801 ENCV11054 Engineering Statics I Not available
61802 ENCV11108 Surveying I Not available
61803 ENGR10021 Drawing Ii Not available
61804 ENCV11109 Engineering Geology Not available
61805 ENCV11110 Soil Mechanics Not available
61806 ENCV11111 Hydraulics Not available
61807 ENCV11123 Engineering Statics Ii Not available
61808 ENCV11112 Surveying Ii Not available
61900 ENCV12113 Materials Testing (Civil) Not available
61901 ENCV12055 Structural Engineering I Not available
61902 ENCV12086 Highway Engineering I Not available
61903 ENCV12087 Soil Engineering I Not available
61904 ENCV12088 Water Resources Eng. Not available
61905 ENCV12056 Construction Principles I Not available
61906 ENCV12089 Specs And Estimates I Not available
61907 ENCV12090 Surveying Iii Not available
61908 ENCV12122 Structural Engineering Ii Not available
61909 ENCV12091 Highway Engineering Ii Not available
61910 ENCV12092 Soil Engineering Ii Not available
61911 ENCV12093 Public Health Engineering Not available
61912 ENCV12094 Construction Principles Not available
61913 ENCV12095 Specs And Estimates Ii Not available
61990 RSCH30118 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
61991 RSCH30119 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
61992 RSCH30120 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
61993 RSCH30121 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
61994 RSCH30011 Research & Thesis (Pp/T) Not available
62100 ENEL11016 Electrical Engineering Ia Not available
62101 ENEL11017 Electrical Engineering Ib Not available
62102 ENGR10026 Engineering Drawing Not available
62110 ENEL11064 Elec. Eng. Principles Not available
62111 ENEL12065 Advanced Plc Not available
62112 ENEL11066 Analogue Design I Not available
62113 ENEL11067 Digital Systems Not available
62114 ENEL11068 Discrete Semiconductor Dev Not available
62115 ENEL11069 Electric Circuit Calcul Not available
62116 ENEL11070 Electric Instrumentation Not available
62117 ENEL11071 Electrical Technology I Not available
62118 ENEL11072 Electrical Technology Ii Not available
62119 ENEL11184 Intro Digital Electronics Not available
62120 ENEL12149 Micro Sys Assem Lang Prog Not available
62121 ENEL12150 Pc Systems Not available
62122 ENEL12151 Print Circuit Board Design Not available
62200 ENEL12073 Intro To Analogue Electron Available
62201 ENCO12001 Embedded Processor Sys Des Available
62202 ENEL12074 Electrical Power & Drives Available
62203 ENEL12075 Intro To Power Systems Available
62204 BLAR12019 Building Services Design Available
62205 ENEL12018 Linear Systems Theory Not available
62206 ENEL12019 Electromech Energy Conv Not available
62207 ENEL12020 Electrical Machines I Not available
62208 ENEL13152 Electrical Projects I Not available
62209 ENEL12021 Electrical Engineering Ii Not available
62210 ENEL12022 Analogue & Dig. E'Tronics Not available
62211 ENEL12023 Control Components Not available
62212 ENEL12024 Dynamic Systems B Not available
62213 ENET13009 Analogue Electronics Available
62221 EDED10386 Media And Resources Not available
62222 EDED10270 Curriculum Construction Not available
62224 ENEL12076 Electric Circuit Analysis Not available
62225 ENEL12077 Intro To Industrial Drives Not available
62226 ENEL12078 Advanced Comp Test Equip Not available
62227 ENEL12079 Analogue Design 2 Not available
62228 ENEL13080 Comm Sys Eng I Not available
62229 ENMM12001 Control System Technology Not available
62230 ENEL12081 Electrical Machines I Not available
62231 ENEL12082 Elec Fields And Waves I Not available
62232 ENEL12083 Electric Power System I Not available
62233 ENEL13084 Electric Power System 2 Not available
62234 ENEL12085 Interfacing Applic Using C Not available
62235 ENEL12086 Pc System Interfacing Not available
62236 ENEL12087 Power Electronics I Not available
62237 ENEL13088 Power System Apparatus 1 Not available
62238 ENEL12089 Signals And Systems I Not available
62239 ENEL12090 Telecom Principles I Not available
62240 ENEL12091 Telecom Principles 2 Not available
62241 ENEL11183 Circuit Analysis Available
62300 ENEL10025 Electrical Eng Iim Not available
62301 ENGR10027 Network Theory Not available
62302 ENEL10026 Electrical Machines Not available
62303 ENEL10027 Electrical Engin. Iia Not available
62304 ENEL13028 Introduction To Control Not available
62305 ENEL10029 Electrical Machines A Not available
62306 ENEL13030 Power Electronics Not available
62307 ENGR10028 Tech. And Modern Society Not available
62308 ENGR10029 Process Control Elect Not available
62309 ENGR10039 Digital Systems B Not available
62310 ENEL13092 Electrical Projects Ii Not available
62311 ENEL13130 Intro To Control Systems Available
62312 ENEL13131 Control Systems Project Available
62313 COMT13005 Intro To Communication Sys Available
62314 COMT13006 Commun Systems Project Available
62315 ENEL13031 Computer Structure Not available
62317 ENEL13032 Communication Principles Not available
62318 ENEL13033 Communication Systems Not available
62319 ENGR13030 Engineering Software Not available
62321 EDCA10050 Child Theatre & Puppetry Not available
62322 EDCA10051 Art Appreciation Not available
62323 MUSC10028 Music Appreciation Not available
62325 ENEL13132 Digital Design Not available
62326 ENEL14133 Industrial Drives Not available
62327 ENEL13034 Electrical Machines Not available
62328 ENEL13134 Introduction To Control Not available
62329 ENEL13135 Power Electronics Not available
62330 ENEL13136 Intro. To Power Systems Not available
62331 ENEL13035 Communications A Not available
62332 ENEL13036 Communications B Not available
62340 ENEL13093 Power Systems Analysis Not available
62341 COMT13001 Intro To Communications Available
62343 ENEL13094 Digital Signal Processing Not available
62344 ENEL13137 Programmable Logic Design Not available
62345 ENEL13138 Comm Sys Eng 2 Not available
62347 ENEL13139 Electro Fields & Waves Ii Not available
62348 ENEL13140 Electronic Tech & Sys 1 Not available
62351 ENEL13141 Power System Apparatus 2 Not available
62353 ENEL13142 Signals & Systems 2 Not available
62400 ENEL14143 Project (Electrical) Not available
62401 ENGR10031 Control Systems Not available
62402 ENGR10032 Electrical Power Systems Not available
62404 ENET10001 Elec And Communications Not available
62405 ENEL14037 Control Systems A Not available
62406 ENEL14038 Control Systems B Not available
62407 ENEL14039 Elec Power Systems I Not available
62408 ENEL14040 Elec Power Systems Ii Not available
62409 ENEL14041 Elec Power Systems Iii Not available
62410 ENEL14042 Elec Power Systems Iv Not available
62411 ENEL14043 Digital Communication Not available
62412 ENEL14044 Adv Electronic Tech Not available
62414 ENEL10045 Adv Comm Systems Not available
62415 ENEL14046 Advanced Analogue Design Not available
62416 ENEL14047 Control Systems A (Mech) Not available
62417 ENEL14048 Control Systems B (Mech) Not available
62421 LNGE10005 The English Language Not available
62423 ENEL14144 Control Systems Not available
62424 ENEL14145 Communication Systems Not available
62425 ENEL14049 Electric Power Systems A Not available
62426 ENEL14050 Electric Power Systems B Not available
62427 ENEL14051 Electronic Tech. & Systems Not available
62428 ENEL14052 Computer Syst. Engineering Not available
62429 COMT14002 Communications Theory Available
62430 ENEL14095 Directed Learning A Available
62431 ENEL14096 Directed Learning B Available
62432 ENEL14053 Power System Control Not available
62433 ENEL14054 Power System Protection Not available
62434 ENEL14146 Advanced Digital Design Not available
62435 ENEL14055 Comp App In The Elect Ind Not available
62436 ENEL14056 Electro Field Theory & App Not available
62437 ENEL10057 Electronic Design & Manuf Not available
62438 ENEL10058 Electrical Serv In Build Not available
62439 ENEL14147 Industrial Control Systems Available
62441 ENEL14148 Power System Apparatus Available
62500 RSCH30012 Research Project:M.Eng. Not available
62501 ENGR10033 Adv Elect Mach Analysis Not available
62502 ENGR10034 Adv Eng Mathematics Not available
62503 ENGR10035 Dig Comp Contr & Data Acq Not available
62504 ENGR10036 Elec Pwr Syst Analysis & Cont Not available
62506 ENGR10037 Optimal Control Not available
62507 ENEL14059 Advanced Power Electronics Not available
62508 ENGR10038 Protective Systems Not available
62510 RSCH30013 Thesis M. Eng. (Fulltime) Not available
62511 RSCH30122 Thesis M. Eng. (Parttime) Available
62522 MATH10215 Modern Mathematics Not available
62604 ENEL13124 Btech Project (Electrical) Not available
62800 ENCO11003 Computations I Not available
62801 ENEL11125 Electrical Technology Not available
62802 ENCO11004 Computations Ii Not available
62803 ENET10002 Electronics I Not available
62804 ENEL10060 Elec Network Theory I Not available
62805 ENEL11126 Elec Instrumentation Not available
62806 ENEL11127 Digital Electronics I Not available
62807 ENEL12128 Electrical Network Theory Not available
62808 ENEL11179 Analogue Electronics I Not available
62809 ENEL11180 Digital Electronics Ii Not available
62810 ENEL11181 Electrical Machines I Not available
62811 ENEL11129 Intro To Digital Systems Not available
62812 ENEL12111 Electrical Machines Not available
62813 ENEL11112 Electrical Instrumentation Not available
62900 ENEL10175 Elect Netwk Theory Ii Not available
62901 ENEL10176 Elec Mcs And Pwr Elect I Not available
62902 ENET10017 Electronics Ii Not available
62903 ENEL12177 Inst And Control I Not available
62904 ENEL12178 Electric Power Systems I Not available
62905 ENGR10120 Electrical Drawings Not available
62906 ENET10018 Elec Mcs And Pwr Elec Ii Not available
62907 ENET10019 Electronics Iii Not available
62908 ENEL12166 Inst And Control Ii Not available
62909 ENEL12167 Electric Power Systems Ii Not available
62910 ENGR10118 Telecommunications Not available
62911 ENEL12168 Elec Mach & Electronics I Not available
62912 ENEL12169 Elec Mach & Electronic Ii Not available
62913 ENGR10119 Computer Technology Not available
62914 ENEL12170 Computer Technology I Not available
62915 ENEL12171 Computer Technology Ii Not available
62916 ENEL12172 Analogue Electronics Ii Not available
62917 ENEL12173 Telecommunications I Not available
62918 ENEL12174 Electrical Machines Ii Not available
62919 ENEL12113 Power Electronics I Not available
62920 ENEL12114 Electronic Systems Not available
62921 ENEL12163 Telecommunications Ii Not available
62922 ENEL12164 Power Electronics Ii Not available
62923 ENEL12165 Electrical Project Not available
62924 ENEL12115 Instrumentation & Control Not available
62925 ENEL12116 Directed Learning Elective Not available
62926 ENEL12117 Directed Learning A Not available
62928 ENEL11118 Analogue Electronics Not available
62929 ENEL12119 Electric Power Systems Not available
62930 ENEL12120 Telecommunications Not available
62931 ENEL12121 Power Electronics Not available
62932 ENEL12122 Computer Technology Not available
62933 ENEL12123 Electrical Project Not available
62990 RSCH30143 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
62991 RSCH30144 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
62992 RSCH30145 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
62993 RSCH30151 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
62994 RSCH30014 Research & Thesis Pp/T Not available
63101 ENGR10115 Intro To Engineering Not available
63102 ENGR10116 Engineering Drawing Not available
63103 ENGR10117 Production Methods Not available
63104 ENGR11074 Intro. To Engineering A Not available
63105 ENGR11075 Intro. To Engineering B Not available
63106 ENGR11076 Engineering Drawing Ia Not available
63107 ENGR11077 Engineering Drawing Ib Not available
63108 ENMC11046 Materials And Processes Not available
63109 ENMC11081 Materials Testing Not available
63110 ENMC11047 Dynamics Not available
63111 ENEL10183 Comp Aid Draft-Elec Detail Not available
63112 ENMC10107 Comp Aid Draft-Mech Detail Not available
63113 ENMC10108 Dimensional Metrology Not available
63114 ENMC10109 Eng Fluid Mechanics I Not available
63115 ENMC10110 Introductory Dynamics Not available
63116 ENMC10111 Materials Testing Not available
63117 ENMC10112 Mechanical Drive Component Not available
63118 ENMC10113 Thermodynamics I Not available
63119 ENGR10124 Wkshop Process (Mach Shop) Not available
63200 ENMC12076 Thermofluid Mechanics Not available
63201 ENGR10114 Materials I Not available
63202 ENMC10077 Eng.Materials Science Not available
63203 ENMC10078 Eng.Materials Application Not available
63205 ENDS10014 Mech Design I Not available
63206 ENMC10079 Mech Vibrations & Noise Not available
63207 ENMC10080 Communication Graphics Not available
63208 ENMC10104 Modern Product Technology Not available
63209 ENMC10105 Advanced Dynamics Not available
63210 ENDS10015 Comp Aid Draft-Mech Design Not available
63211 ENMC10102 Dynamics Of Indust Mach Available
63212 ENMC10106 Engineering Fluid Mechs 2 Not available
63213 ENDS10016 Machine Design Not available
63214 ENGR10123 Materials In Service Not available
63215 ENDS10017 Mechanical Design Not available
63216 ENMC10103 Thermodynamics 2 Not available
63220 ENMC12013 Fluid Mechanics Available
63221 ENMT12004 Eng Materials (Mech) Available
63222 ENMC12014 Thermodynamics Available
63223 ENMC12015 Dynamics Available
63224 ENMC12016 Machine Element Design Available
63300 ENGR10113 Materials Ii Not available
63301 ENMC10067 Energy Conversion Not available
63302 ENGR10110 Fluid Mechanics Not available
63303 ENMC10068 Eng Mech Iii (M) Not available
63304 ENGR10111 Materials Iia Not available
63305 ENGR10112 Materials Iib Not available
63306 ENMC10069 Mech Engineering Design Not available
63309 ENGR10040 Workshop Technology A Not available
63310 ENMC10070 Fluid Dynamics Not available
63311 ENMC10071 Mech Design Ii Not available
63312 ENMC10072 Materials Selection A Not available
63313 ENMC10073 Materials Selection B Not available
63314 ENMC10074 Applied Elasticity Not available
63315 ENMC10075 Advanced Mechanics Not available
63321 ENMC13088 Mech. Engineering Design A Not available
63322 ENMC13089 Mech. Engineering Design B Not available
63323 ENMC13090 Fluid Dynamics A Not available
63324 ENGR13002 Fluid Dynamics B Not available
63325 ENMC13097 Applied Elasticity Not available
63326 ENMC13017 Advanced Mechanics Available
63327 ENMC13098 Energy Conversion A Not available
63328 ENMC12099 Mechanical Vibrations Not available
63329 ENEL13182 Elec Tech For Mech Eng Not available
63330 ENMC13091 Industrial Fluid Power Not available
63331 ENMM13023 Maintenance Engineering Available
63332 ENMC13092 Materials Handling Not available
63333 ENMC13093 "Mech Vib, Measure & Cont" Not available
63334 ENMC13094 Thermodynamics 3 Not available
63335 ENMC13018 Mechanical Systems Available
63336 ENMC13019 Energy Conversion Available
63337 ENMC13020 Thermofluid Engineering Available
63400 ENMC14048 Design Project Not available
63401 ENMM14002 Maintenance Management Available
63402 ENMC14021 Bulk Materials Handling Available
63403 ENEL13155 Electro Fields & Waves Ii Not available
63405 ENMC14061 Adv.Dynamics Of Mech.Systs Not available
63406 ENMC14062 Fluid Power Transmission Not available
63407 ENMC10063 Solar Energy Technology Not available
63408 ENMC14064 Project Management Prac Not available
63409 ENMC14022 Bulk Materials Handling Available
63410 ENMC14065 Air Conditioning Not available
63411 ENMC14066 Finite Element Methods Not available
63412 ENMC13100 Fluid Power Transmission Not available
63413 ENMC14101 Energy Conversion B Available
63414 ENMC14095 Advanced Dynamics Not available
63415 PHYS13177 "Maint, Rliab & Value Tech" Not available
63416 ENMC14096 Manufacturing Technology Not available
63501 ENCV20083 Timber Eng. Fundamentals Not available
63502 ENCV20084 Wood & Wood Based Comps. Not available
63503 ENCV20085 Wood Mechanics & Rheology Not available
63504 ENMC20045 Dynamic Behaviour Not available
63505 ENMC20032 Plant Design & Maint'Nce Not available
63506 ENPO20001 Phy & Chemical Processes Available
63507 ENPO20002 Process Cont @ Instum Available
63508 ENPO20003 Industrial Process Man Available
63509 ENPO20004 Proc Simul & Modelling Available
63510 ENPO20005 Process Optimisation Available
63511 ENMM20006 Maintenance Strategies Not available
63512 ENMM20007 Maint Plan And Scheduling Not available
63513 ENMM20008 Maint Control & Techniques Not available
63514 ENMM20009 Maintenance Organisation Not available
63515 ENMM20010 Intro To Maint Engineering Available
63516 ENMM20011 Est The Maint Strategy Available
63517 ENMM20012 Maint Org Available
63518 ENMM20013 Maint Sys & Doc Available
63519 ENPO20006 Alumina Refining Available
63520 ENPO20007 Pyrometallurgy (Elec-Red) Available
63521 ENMM20014 Maint Leader Available
63522 ENMM20015 Audit Maint Sys Available
63523 ENMM20016 Adv Plan & Schedul Not available
63524 ENMM20017 Adv Con Monitor Available
63525 ENMM20003 Maint Management Support Not available
63526 ENMM20004 Maint Leadership & Change Not available
63527 ENMM20005 Maintenance Improvement Not available
63528 ENPO20008 Industry Project Available
63529 ENPO20009 Gas Process Engineering Available
63530 ENMM20018 Turnaround Management Available
63531 ENMM20019 Comp In Maintenance Available
63532 ENMM20020 Log&Spare Parts Mgment Not available
63533 ENMM20021 Intro To Process Engin Available
63540 ENMM20022 Mm Research Project Not available
63541 ENMM19023 Mm Research Project A Available
63542 ENMM19024 Mm Research Project B Available
63700 ENMT11005 Building Materials I Available
63701 ENMT11006 Building Materials Ii Available
63702 ENMT13007 Building Materials Iii Available
63800 ENGR10109 Materials And Processes I Not available
63801 ENMC11033 Fluid Mechanics I Not available
63802 ENGR10108 Materials And Processes Ii Not available
63803 ENGR11073 Engineering Dynamics Not available
63804 ENMC11082 Fluid Mechanics Ii Not available
63805 ENMC11083 Thermodynamics Not available
63806 ENMC12034 Workshop Processes (Adme) Not available
63807 ENMC11035 Mat Eng. (Adme) Not available
63808 ENMC11084 Drawing I Not available
63809 ENMC11085 Drawing Ii Not available
63900 ENMC12036 Energy Conversion I Not available
63901 ENMC12037 Vib. Meas. & Control Not available
63902 ENMC12038 Mechanics Of Materials Not available
63903 ENMC12039 Materials Testing (Mech) Not available
63904 ENMC12040 Drawing Office Practice Not available
63905 ENMC12041 Metrology Not available
63906 ENMC12042 Energy Conversion Ii Not available
63907 ENMC12043 Design Of Mech. Systems Not available
63908 ENMC12044 Production Planning Not available
63910 ENGR10107 Assoc Dip Workshop Tech Not available
63912 ENEL11154 Electrical Drawings Not available
63913 ENMC10057 Plant Engineering I Not available
63914 ENMC10058 Plant Engineering Ii Not available
63915 ENMC10059 Process Engineering I Not available
63916 ENMC10060 Process Engineering Ii Not available
63917 ENMC12049 Comp Aided Draft & Design Not available
63990 RSCH30147 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
63991 RSCH30148 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
63992 RSCH30149 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
63993 RSCH30150 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
64001 ENGR11068 Dir Learn A Available
64002 ENGR11069 Dir Learn B Available
64003 ENGR11070 Dir Learn C Available
64004 ENGR11071 Dir Learn D Available
64101 PHYS11050 Eng Science Available
64102 COMM11102 Comm & Learn Available
64103 ENMT11008 Eng Materials Available
64104 ENGR11079 "Eng, Tech & Soc" Available
64105 PHYS11051 Eng Principles Available
64106 CGRP11004 Eng Graphics Available
64201 ENEL12097 Cad & Design Available
64202 ENEL12098 Instrum & Transducers Available
64203 EVST12011 "Energy, Res & Env" Available
64204 ENEL12099 Elect Circ Analysis Available
64205 ENEL12100 Electronics Available
64206 ENMC12023 Mechanics Available
64207 ENMC12024 Fluid Mech Available
64208 ENPR12018 Eng Man Available
64209 ENEL12101 Signals & Sys Available
64210 COMT12003 Telecom Princ Available
64211 ENEL12102 Elect Pwr Syst Available
64212 ENEL12103 Elect Egy Conv Available
64213 ENEL12104 Intro To Control Systems Available
64214 ENCV12129 Civil Const Available
64215 ENCV12072 Geol & Geom Available
64216 ENMC12025 Dynamics Available
64217 ENMC12026 Thermo Available
64218 ENPR12017 Eng Prac Skill Available
64219 ENCV12130 Hydr Available
64220 ENEV20007 "Energy, Res & Env (Cu15)" Available
64301 ENGR13080 Bet Proj I Available
64302 ENGR13081 Bet Proj 2 Available
64303 ENDS13004 Theory & Des Struc Available
64304 ENDS13007 Mech Sys Des Available
64305 ENDS13005 E'Cal/E'Nic Sys Design Available
64306 ENDS13006 Instr Sys Des Available
64307 ENCV13074 Pav & Track Design Available
64308 ENCV13075 Des Of Substruct Not available
64309 ENEL13105 Electro Fld & Wv Available
64310 ENEL13106 Power Elect Not available
64311 ENEL13107 Pwr Sys Analysis Available
64312 ENEL13108 Dig Sig Proc Available
64313 ENCO13002 App Microcont Available
64314 COMT13004 Telecom Sys Available
64315 ENEL13109 Ind Cont Sys Available
64316 ENMC13027 Maint Eng Not available
64317 ENMC13028 Adv Thermo Available
64318 ENEL13110 Mech/Elec Drives Available
64319 ENMC13029 Ind Fluid Pwr Available
64320 ENMC13030 Dyn Ind Mach Available
64321 ENMC13031 Mat Hand Available
64322 ENMT13009 Mat In Serv Available
64323 ENCV13076 Conc & Mas Struc Available
64324 ENCV13077 Water Res Eng Available
64325 ENCV13078 Wtr & Wst Wtr Eng Available
64326 ENCV13079 Coast Eng Not available
64327 ENEV13006 Environ Eng Available
64328 ENGR13072 Traf & Tran Eng Available
64329 ENCV13080 Cost Plan & Cont Not available
64330 ENCV13081 Civil Est Not available
64331 ENCV13082 Surveying Available
64332 ENGR13001 Acoustics Available
64333 ENGR13078 Nondest Test Not available
64334 ENCV13115 Opt Instrum Not available
64335 ENPR13026 Proj Man Available
64336 ENPR13019 Qlty Man Available
64337 ENPR13020 Cont Man Available
64338 ENPR13021 Mtce Man Available
64339 PHYS13052 Adv Physical Science Available
64340 PHYS13109 Electrical Services Design Available
64341 ENEV20008 Env Engineering (Cu15) Available
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70 000 Codes

Old Code New Code Code Description Status
70990 RSCH30058 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
70991 RSCH30052 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
70992 RSCH30053 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
70993 RSCH30051 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
71101 NURS11004 Health St.Bioeth.&Hum.Rts Not available
71102 NURS11005 Found.& Issues-Cont.Nurs. Not available
71103 PSYC13006 Developmental Psychology Not available
71104 NURS11006 Theor.Basis-Nursing Prac I Not available
71105 NURS11007 Nursing Studies - Clinical Not available
71106 NURS11008 Project (Clinical) Not available
71107 BIOL11052 Integrated Science Not available
71108 NURS12009 Nurs.St.-M'Ment & Org.Beh. Not available
71109 NURS11010 Project (Management) Not available
71110 BIOL12097 Human Physiology Not available
71111 COIT11003 Information Systems I Not available
71112 NURS11011 Nurs.Stud. - Research Not available
71113 NURS12012 Project (Research) Not available
71114 NURS12013 Health-Illness Studies Not available
71115 SOCL11052 Sociology Not available
71116 NURS11014 Health & Nursing Concepts Not available
71117 NURS11015 Health & Nursing Con - App Not available
71120 NURS11016 Clinical Prac Block A Not available
71125 NURS11017 Princs Of Health Prom Not available
71126 NURS11018 Health In The Community Not available
71127 NURS11019 Health In Comm - Applied Not available
71141 HLTT11002 Lifting The Blanket Not available
71142 HLTT11003 Recreating The Circle Not available
71143 HLTT11004 Fam Viol/Fam Recov Not available
71144 HLTT11005 Womens Business Not available
71145 HLTT11006 Mens Business Not available
71146 HLTT11007 Working With Children Not available
71147 HLTT11008 Loss And Grief Not available
71148 HLTT11009 Alcohol Drugs & Violence Not available
71149 HLTT11010 Managing Conflict Not available
71201 HLTM13001 "Nurs.St.-Teach,Learn,Heal." Not available
71202 NURS13020 Project (Education) Not available
71203 NURS12021 Theor.Basis-Nurse.Prac Ii Not available
71204 SOCL12053 Soc/Gov Sys.& Multicul.Soc Not available
71205 SOCL13013 Therapeutic Communications Not available
71206 NURS12022 High Dependency Nursing Not available
71207 NURS11023 High Dep Nursing Practice Not available
71208 NURS12024 Gerontology & Care Of Aged Not available
71209 NURS12025 Critical Care Not available
71210 NURS12026 Long-Term Illness Not available
71211 SOCL14014 Group And Team Work Not available
71215 PHRM12002 Pharmacology I Not available
71216 NURS12027 Low Dependency Nursing Not available
71217 NURS12028 Low Dependency Prac Not available
71218 HLTM12002 Psychosocial Dysfunction Not available
71220 NURS12029 Clinical Practice Block B Not available
71225 PHRM12003 Pharmacology Ii Not available
71226 NURS12030 Mod Dependency Nursing Not available
71227 NURS12031 Mod Dependency Nurs Prac Not available
71251 BEHV12017 Intro. To Pastoral Care Not available
71252 NURS12032 Altern/Complement Medicine Not available
71253 BIOL10053 Microbiology C Not available
71254 EDED11273 Exercise Physiology Not available
71255 EDED11274 Sports Medicine Not available
71256 BIOL12054 Life Cycle Nutrition Not available
71257 BIOL12055 Pathophysiology Not available
71258 NURS12003 Clinical Biochem. Topics Not available
71259 NURS12033 Rural Health Care Not available
71260 HLTT12001 Occupational Health Not available
71261 COIT12004 Information Systems Ii Not available
71262 NURS12034 Aboriginal Health Care Not available
71263 INDG11002 Abor. Soc. & Cult. Contact Not available
71264 NURS12035 Bioethics And Human Rights Not available
71315 NURS13036 Princ. Of Man Related Nurs Not available
71316 NURS13037 High Dependency Nursing Not available
71317 NURS13038 High Dep Nursing Prac Not available
71320 NURS13039 Clinical Practice Block C Not available
71325 NURS13040 Professional Issues Not available
71326 HLTM13003 Long-Term Health & Disabil Not available
71327 HLTM13004 Long-Term Care Practice Not available
71328 NURS13041 Intro Nursing Theor & Res Not available
71990 RSCH30019 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
71991 RSCH30020 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
71992 RSCH30021 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
71993 RSCH30022 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
72111 COMM11101 Health Communications Available
72112 NURS11085 Health & The Community Available
72115 NURS11042 Health & Nursing Not available
72120 NURS12086 Prin Of Pharm Available
72121 HLTH11026 Health Across The Lifespan Available
72122 HLTH11015 Environment & Health Available
72124 HLTH11005 Nursing Informatics Available
72125 NURS11043 Helping Skills Not available
72126 NURS11079 Low Dependency Nursing Not available
72127 NURS11080 Low Dep Nursing Prac Not available
72128 NURS10087 Prof Issues In Hlth Care Available
72156 HMSC11001 Foundations Of Hms Available
72157 HMSC11002 Psychosocial Found Of Hhp Available
72158 HMSC11003 Biophy Founds Of Hhp Available
72159 HMSC11004 Meas & Eval H&Hp Available
72160 HMSC11005 Human Anatomy Available
72161 HMSC11006 Phy Act Fit & Health Available
72201 NURS11088 Intro To Hlth Stud Available
72202 HLTH13027 Hlth Care Across Cultures Available
72203 NURS13089 Prep For Prof Prac Available
72210 NURS11090 Theor.Basis - Nurs Pract Not Available
72211 NURS11091 Nursing In Australia Not Available
72212 NURS12092 Nursing I Available
72213 NURS12093 Nursing Practice I Available
72214 NURS13094 Theor Basis-Nursing Prac I Not Available
72215 HLTP12001 Effecting Health Change Available
72216 NURS12095 Mod Dependency Nursing Not available
72217 NURS12096 Mod Dep Nursing Practice Not Available
72218 HLTC12002 Psychosocial Dysfunction Not Available
72219 NURS12097 Ethical And Legal Issues Available
72220 OCHS12001 Intro Occ Hlth & Sfty Available
72221 HMGT12004 Health Service Provision Available
72222 NURS12098 Nursing Ii Available
72223 NURS12099 Nursing Practice Ii Available
72224 HMGT11005 Intro To Org Beh Available
72225 HLPB12002 Epidemiology Available
72226 NURS12100 High Dependency Nursing Not Available
72227 NURS12101 High Dep Nursing Practice Not Available
72229 HLTH12001 Hlth Financail Management Not available
72230 HLTH12002 Managing Hlth Information Not available
72231 HLTH12003 Health Information Science Not Available
72232 OCHS12002 Fund Of Ohs Prac Available
72233 OCHS12003 Occ Health And Toxicology Not Available
72234 OCHS12004 Ohs Law Not Available
72235 OCHS12005 Risk Man & Saf Tec Cq26 Available
72236 OCHS13006 Occ Hygiene Prac Not Available
72237 HMSC12007 Exercise & Work Phys Available
72238 HMSC12008 Biomechanics Available
72239 HMSC12009 Exercise Biochem Available
72240 HMSC12010 Sport Management Available
72241 HMSC12011 Sport Planning & Develop Available
72242 HMSC13012 Sport Marketing Available
72243 HMSC10013 Fitness Assessment Not Available
72244 HMSC10014 Lifestyle Behaviour Not Available
72245 HMSC10015 Sport Medicine Not Available
72246 HMSC10016 Sport Coaching Not Available
72247 HMSC12017 Sport & Exercise Psyc Available
72248 HMSC11018 "Soc, Pol & Econ Founds" Not Available
72249 OCHS13007 Industry Practicum Available
72310 HLTH13025 Health Economic Policy Not available
72311 NURS13102 Intro Hlth Research Available
72312 NURS14044 Project - Management (6) Not available
72313 NURS12103 Therapeutic Communications Not Available
72314 NURS13104 Nursing Iii Available
72315 NURS12105 Nurs.St.-M'Ment & Org.Beh. Not Available
72316 HLTM13006 Long-Term Health & Illness Not available
72317 HLTM13007 Long-Term Care Practice Not Available
72318 HLTC13003 Community Education Not Available
72319 NURS13106 Nursing Practice Iii Available
72320 OCHS13008 Human Factors Cq26 Available
72321 OCHS13009 Occupational Hygiene Not Available
72322 NURS13107 Nursing Iv Available
72323 NURS13108 Nursing Practice Iv Available
72324 NURS13109 Health Service Management Available
72325 NURS13110 Health Service Evaluation Available
72326 OCHS13010 App Work Analysis Available
72327 NURS13111 App Nursing Unit Manage Available
72328 NURS12045 Nursing Studies - Research Not available
72329 NURS12112 Nursing Studies Research Not available
72330 OCHS13011 Occ Rehab & Compensation Available
72331 OCHS13012 Occ Health & Safety Manag Not Available
72332 OCHS13013 Ohs Project Not Available
72334 OCHS12015 Law & Man Of Ohs Cq26 Available
72350 HMSC11019 Meas & Eval H&Hp Available
72351 HMSC11020 Human Anatomy Available
72352 HMSC13021 Advanced Biomechanics Available
72353 HMSC13022 Adv Exer & Work Phys Available
72354 HMSC10023 Athlete Cond Not Available
72355 HMSC13024 Adv Sport & Exercise Psyc Available
72356 HMSC13025 Sport Marketing Available
72357 OCHS13016 "Occ Health, Hygiene & Tox" Available
72400 HLTH19016 Dissertation Honours Not available
72405 HLTH12027 Cnslling For Hlth Profnls Available
72410 HMSC12026 "Teach, Learn & Health Prom" Available
72411 NURS14046 Project - Education (4) Not available
72412 NURS14047 Project - Education (6) Not available
72413 NURS14048 Project - Research (4) Not available
72414 NURS14049 Project - Research (6) Not available
72415 HLTM13005 "Nurs.St.-Teach,Learn,Heal." Not available
72416 NURS13081 Nursing Studies - Clinical Not available
72417 NURS11113 Nursing Unit - Management Available
72418 NURS11050 Clinical Nursing Studies Not available
72419 NURS11114 Holistic Nursing Assess Available
72420 NURS14051 Project - Clinical (4) Not available
72421 NURS14052 Project - Clinical (6) Not available
72422 NURS19115 Directed Study Available
72423 BEHV13018 Group And Teamwork Not available
72424 NURS13082 Theor Basis-Nursing Pracii Not available
72426 NURS13083 Health - Illness Studies Not available
72430 NURS11053 Dissertation Proposal Not available
72431 NURS19116 Nursing Specialisation Not available
72485 HMSC19027 "Lit, Research & Poli Analysis" Available
72486 HMSC19028 Res Meth (Hon) Available
72487 NURS19117 Stats & Epi Available
72488 HMSC19029 Thesis Not available
72489 HMSC19030 Independent Study Not available
72489 HMSC19032 Thesis A Available
72490 HMSC19033 Thesis B Available
72500 NURS10118 Gerontology Nurse Studies Available
72502 HLTH13018 Altern/Complement Medicine Available
72503 NURS12119 Spirituality & Health Not Available
72504 NURS10145 Occupational Health Not available
72506 NURS11120 Remote Area Health Care Not Available
72507 NURS12121 Diveristy Of Aborigin Hlth Not Available
72511 NURS20122 Acute Care Not available
72512 NURS14054 Critical Care Not available
72516 NURS14055 Gerontology & Care Of Aged Not available
72522 NURS14056 Community Health Not available
72523 NURS14123 Nursing Awareness Not Available
72524 NURS14124 Long-Term Illness Nursing Not Available
72525 HLTC14004 Community Health Nurs Stud Not Available
72526 NURS14125 Long Term Illness Not Available
72527 INDG12012 Pol & Cult Div Aborig Hlth Not Available
72529 PHRM10004 Pharmacology Available
72530 NURS10126 Project Available
72532 HLTC11005 Womens' Hlth Multicult Soc Not available
72537 NURS12127 Mental Health Studies Available
72539 NURS12128 Drugs In Society Available
72990 RSCH30055 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
72991 RSCH30056 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
72992 RSCH30054 Research And Thesis P F/T Not available
72993 RSCH30057 Research & Thesis P P/T Not available
73416 NURS20129 Educ In Non-Formal Setting Available
73419 NURS20130 Spec Topics In Health Available
73429 NURS20059 Health Stat & Epidemology Not available
74001 NURS20131 Acute Care Available
74002 NURS20132 Gerontology Nurse Studies Available
74111 HLTH20014 Philosophy & Ethic Of Hlth Not available
74112 HLTP20002 Prim Hlth Care Across Soc Available
74113 OCHS20018 Law & Mgmt Of O H S Available
74114 OCHS20019 Risk Mgmt & Safety Tech Available
74115 OCHS20020 Human Factors Available
74116 OCHS20021 "Occ Health, Hygiene & Tox" Available
74117 HLTH20028 Philosophy & Bioethics Available
74118 NURS20084 Nursing Specialisation Not available
74119 NURS20133 Nursing Specialisation A Available
74120 NURS20134 Nursing Specialisation B Available
74121 HLPB20003 Hlth Stats & Epidemiology Available
74122 HLTH20026 Management Health Services Available
74131 HMSC20031 Research Methodologies Available
74208 MDWF20001 Prof Midwifery St Available
74222 MDWF20002 The Childbearing Family Available
74223 MDWF20003 Midwifery Practice A Available
74232 MDWF20004 Childbearing Family At Risk Available
74233 MDWF20005 Midwifery Practice B Available
74301 NURS20135 Directed Study Available
74310 HLTH20019 Dissertation Proposal Not available
74320 HLTC20009 Target Spec Needs Groups Not available
74322 HLTP20003 Social Advocacy & Commun Available
74341 HLTC20006 Family & Community Health Available
74342 HLPB20004 Remote And Rural Health Available
74400 NURS20147 Research Project Available
74401 OCHS20022 Issues Workplace H&S Available
74402 NURS20148 Research Project Available
74410 MDWF20006 Midwifery Project Available
74432 HLTC20010 Target Spec Needs Group Not available
74521 HMGT20006 Health Economics Available
74522 HLTH20007 Perform Meas For Hlth Care Available
74523 HLTH20008 Using Casemix Data Available
74524 HLTH20009 Health Information Science Available
74525 HLTH20010 "Hlth Plan, Pol & Eval" Available
74601 NURS20136 Wound Management Available
74602 NURS20137 Advanced Nursing Practice Available
74603 NURS20138 Acute Cardiac Care Available
74991 HLTH20011 Dissertation Not available
74992 HLTH19024 Dissertation A Available
74993 HLTH19025 Dissertation B Available
76001 NURS12139 Prac Of Nursing Available
76002 NURS14060 Intro Physical Assessment Not available
76003 ANAT12001 Anatomy & Physiology Available
76004 NURS14061 Nurs Update -Physiology Ii Not available
76005 HLTH12020 Facts That Affect Hlth-Ill Not Available
76006 NURS11062 Pers Aspects Of Nursing Not available
76007 HLTC12007 Prom Hlth Lifestyle Not Available
76008 NURS11063 Lifestyle Not available
76009 NURS11064 Prof Responsibilities Not available
76010 NURS11065 Mathematical Skills Not available
76011 NURS11066 Degenerative Process A Not available
76012 NURS11067 Degenerative Process B Not available
76013 NURS11068 Cell Aberration Not available
76014 NURS11069 Infectious Process Not available
76015 NURS11070 Trauma Not available
76016 NURS11071 Congenital Disorder Not available
76017 NURS11072 Metabolic Disorder Not available
76018 NURS11073 Immunologic Disorder Not available
76019 NURS11074 Separation Not available
76020 NURS11075 Mental Health Not available
76021 NURS11076 Specific Study - Home Care Not available
76022 NURS11140 Specific Study -Geriatrics Not available
76023 NURS11141 Specific Study -Paediatric Not Available
76024 NURS11142 Specific Study - Mental Health Not Available
76025 NURS11077 Specific Study -Obstetrics Not available
76026 HLTC11008 Spec Study -Community Hlth Not available
76027 NURS11078 Specific Study - Oncology Not available
76030 NURS11143 Clinical Nursing Practice Available
76031 NURS11144 Practice Of Nursing Not available
76032 ANAT11002 Anatomy & Physiology Not Available
76033 HLTH11021 Factors - Health/Illness Not Available
76034 HLTH11022 Promo Healthy Lifestyle Not Available
76035 HLTM11008 Multisystem Stressors Not Available
76036 HLTM12009 Multisys Stress Not available
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80 000 Codes

Old Code New Code Code Description Status
80001 GENL11005 B.App.Sc.1St Sem Electives Not available
80002 GENL11048 B.App.Sc.2Nd Sem Electives Available
80003 MATH11091 B Math Science Semi Elects Not available
80004 MATH10092 B Math Science Sem2 Elects Not available
80005 CHEM10002 B.App.Sc.Chem. Semi Elects Not available
80006 CHEM10003 B.App.Sc.Chem Sem2 Elects Not available
80007 BIOL10002 B Sci (Biol) Autumn Elect Not available
80008 BIOL10003 B Sci (Biol) Winter Elect Not available
80009 COIT11087 B. Info Tech Semi Elects Not available
80010 COIT11088 B. Info Tech Sem2 Elects Not available
80020 COMM20097 Sciences Comm Media Proj Not available
80101 ENVR11013 Environmental Science Not available
80110 ENVR11011 Environmental Science A Available
80120 ENVR11012 Environmental Science B Available
80200 CNED30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80201 CNED30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80202 CNED30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80203 BEHA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80204 BEHA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80205 BEHA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80206 BIOS30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80207 BIOS30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80208 BIOS30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80209 BOTP30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80210 BOTP30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80211 BOTP30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80212 CHMI30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80213 CHMI30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80214 CHMI30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80215 CHMR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80216 CHMR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80217 CHMR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80218 CITA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80219 CITA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80220 CITA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80221 CONS30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80222 CONS30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80223 CONS30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80224 ENVI30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80225 ENVI30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80226 ENVI30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80227 ESCR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80228 ESCR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80229 ESCR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80230 FSCI30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80231 FSCI30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80232 FSCI30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80233 HMMV30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80234 HMMV30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80235 HMMV30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80236 HTVT30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80237 HTVT30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80238 HTVT30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80239 HYDR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80240 HYDR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80241 HYDR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80242 INSA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80243 INSA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80244 INSA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80245 INTA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80246 INTA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80247 INTA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80248 MDCL30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80249 MDCL30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80250 MDCL30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80251 MRNS30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80252 MRNS30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80253 MRNS30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80254 MTHA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80255 MTHA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80256 MTHA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80257 SCIG30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80258 SCIG30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80259 SCIG30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80260 SOIL30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80261 SOIL30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80262 SOIL30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80263 SPRC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
80264 SPRC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
80265 SPRC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
80401 MQPR40001 Masters Qualify Proj (I) Not available
80402 MQPR40002 Masters Qualify Proj (2) Not available
80409 COIS20064 Scholarly Info Sources Available
80410 COIS20065 Scintific Info Sources Available
80411 SCIE20015 Current Issues Available
80500 RSCH30023 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
80501 RSCH30024 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
80502 RSCH30025 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
80503 RSCH30026 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
80510 COMM20098 Dissertation Available
80511 COMM20108 Dissertation A Available
80512 COMM20109 Dissertation B Available
80513 COMM19108 Dissertation A Available
80513 SCIE20001 Dissertation C Not available
80514 COMM19109 Dissertation B Available
80514 SCIE20002 Dissertation D Not available
80530 EVST20012 Water Management I Available
80535 CHEM20063 Instrument & Monitoring Available
80538 ESCI20006 Envir Planning & Economics Not available
80540 EVST20002 Land M'Ment & Rehab Available
80541 EVST20001 Land Man & Rehab (Cu15) Available
80542 EVST20009 Think Sys & Sustain Available
80543 EVST20010 Water Management Available
80701 BIOL11098 Integrated Science Not available
80702 SCIE11007 Introductory Science Available
80705 BIOH11001 Human Functioning I Available
80706 SCIE11008 Concepts Of Science Available
80707 EVST20003 Env.Risk Management Available
81100 PHYS11146 Physics I Not available
81101 GENE10089 Basic Science A Not available
81102 PHYS11113 Environmental Science Not available
81103 PHYS10130 Physics Of Commun A Not available
81104 PHYS10131 Physics Of Commun B Not available
81105 COIT11089 Fundaments Of Comp Tech A Not available
81106 COIT11090 Fundaments Of Comp Tech B Not available
81107 PHYS11178 Engineering Physics Ia Not available
81108 PHYS11179 Engineering Physics Ib Not available
81109 ESCI10001 Environmental Physics Not available
81110 PHYS11180 Physics Ia Not available
81111 PHYS11181 Physics Ib Not available
81112 PHYS11063 Funds Of Comp Tech-Digital Not available
81113 PHYS11064 Fund Of Comp Tech Hardware Not available
81114 PHYS11065 Funds Of Comp Tech - Micro Not available
81115 PHYS11147 Funds Of Comp Tech-Elect Not available
81116 PHYS11066 Handling Experimental Data Not available
81117 ENEL11153 Digital Systems Available
81118 PHYS11182 Physics Ia Available
81119 PHYS11183 Physics Ib Available
81120 ENCO11005 Computer Hardware Fund Available
81200 PHYS10132 Physics Ii Not available
81202 PHYS12074 Concepts Of Astronomy Available
81203 PHYS10133 Physics Of The Earth Not available
81204 ESCI10002 Earth Science Not available
81205 PHYS12075 Optics & Lasers Available
81206 PHYS12076 Properties Of Materials Available
81207 PHYS12081 Intro To Modern Physics Not available
81208 GEOL12001 Geological Science Available
81209 PHYS10008 Physics Ii Section Ii Not available
81210 PHYS12053 Vibrations And Waves Not available
81211 PHYS12054 Electromagnetism Not available
81212 PHYS12055 Optics Not available
81213 ENET12010 Analog Systems Available
81214 PHYS12073 Intro To Modern Physics Available
81215 COIT12091 Dig Elects & Microproc 2 Not available
81216 PHYS12155 Electricity Not available
81217 PHYS10135 "Thermo.,Macro.Props" Not available
81218 PHYS12156 "Optics,Atomic Physics" Not available
81219 ENGR10121 Analogue & Dig. E'Tronics Not available
81220 PHYS10136 Microscopic Properties Not available
81222 ESCI12003 Earth And Climate Not available
81223 PHYS12157 Dig. & Microproc. Systems Not available
81224 PHYS12158 Analog Electronics Not available
81225 PHYS12159 Properties Of Matter Not available
81226 PHYS12056 Thermofluids Not available
81227 ESCI10004 Geology-Surface Processes Not available
81228 PHYS12057 Geology-Interior Processes Not available
81229 PHYS12058 Geological Science Not available
81300 PHYS10137 Physics Iii Not available
81301 PHYS13082 Project (Physics) Not available
81302 PHYG13002 Earth & Planetary Science Available
81303 PHYS13070 Modern Optics & Electo Wav Not available
81304 PHYS13071 Quantum Physics Available
81305 PHYS13072 Solid State A Available
81306 PHYS10138 Instrumentation & Contr Not available
81306 PHYS19186 Project (Physics) A Available
81307 PHYS10139 Applied Nuclear Physics Not available
81307 PHYS19187 Project (Physics) B Available
81309 ENET10011 Electronics Not available
81310 PHYS13104 Stat Mech & Quant Phys I Not available
81312 PHYS13105 Materials Science Not available
81313 PHYS10140 "Physics Iii, Section I" Not available
81314 PHYS10106 Analog Electronics 2 Not available
81315 PHYS13069 Quantum Physics 2 Available
81316 PHYS13107 Solid State Physics I Not available
81317 PHYS10141 "Physics Iii, Section Vii" Not available
81318 PHYS13059 Earth & Planetary Science Not available
81319 PHYS13067 Stars And Galaxies Available
81320 ENET10012 "Quantum,Crystallography" Not available
81321 PHYS13068 Acoustics And Vibrations Available
81322 ENET10013 "Modern Optics, Em Waves" Not available
81323 ENET10014 Analogue Electronics A Not available
81324 PHYS13164 App Physical Techniques Available
81325 PHYG10001 Astronomy And Hps Not available
81326 PHYS13093 Solid State And Materials Not available
81327 PHYS13094 Measurement & Control Not available
81328 PHYS13165 Communication Electronics Not available
81329 ENGR10084 Digital Systems A Not available
81330 PHYS13166 Physics Project Not available
81331 ENGR10085 Workshop Techniques Not available
81332 ESCI13008 Geophys Instrumentation Available
81333 PHYS10142 App Physical Techniques Not available
81334 PHYS13167 "Stars,Planets & Astro.Tech" Not available
81335 PHYS13060 Theoretical Physics Not available
81336 PHYS13168 Adv. Analog & Digital Not available
81337 PHYS13095 Modern Optics Not available
81338 PHYS13169 Adv. Physics Lab. Not available
81339 PHYS13061 Adv Analog Electronics Not available
81340 PHYS13062 Adv Dig Elect & Micro Syst Not available
81341 PHYS13096 App Dig & Micro Sys Not available
81350 PHYS13097 Industrial Project Not available
81355 PHYS13080 Indust Radiation Safety A Not available
81356 PHYS13098 Indust Radiation Safety B Not available
81400 COIS10043 Digital Systems Not available
81401 PHYS19099 Honours Project Not available
81402 PHYS19100 Transport Processes Not available
81402 PHYS19188 Honours Project A Available
81403 PHYS19101 Opto Electronics Not available
81403 PHYS19189 Honours Project B Available
81405 PHYS19102 Essay Available
81406 PHYS19103 Seismology & Plate Tecton Not available
81500 PHYS20108 Modern Optics Not available
81501 PHYS11148 Solid State Physics Of Dev Not available
81502 ENEL20158 Digital & Micro Systems Not available
81503 ENEL20159 Analog Electronics Available
81504 ENEL20156 Measurement & Control Sys Available
81510 ENCO20006 Data Acquisition & Intface Available
81511 COMT20007 Comms & Information Trans Not available
81520 CGRP20005 Digital Image Processing Available
81521 ENCO20007 Adv Digital Micro Systems Available
81522 PHYS20176 Robots & Programmable Auto Not available
81523 ENEL20157 Digital Control Available
81800 PHYS10143 Prin Tech (Physics) I Not available
81801 CHEM10062 Prin Tech (Chemistry) I Not available
81807 ENEL10160 Electrical Science A Not available
81810 PHYS11149 Electrical Science Not available
81811 PHYS11077 Digital Elect A(A.D.I.I.) Not available
81812 PHYS11083 Mechanics & Hydrodynamics Not available
81813 PHYS11084 Heat Not available
81814 PHYS11085 Optics Not available
81815 PHYS11086 Electrical Science A Not available
81816 PHYS12160 Analogue Elect I (Adii) Not available
81817 PHYS11150 Computer Hardware Not available
81818 ESCI12005 Geological Science Not available
81819 PHYS12161 Hardware (Adc) Not available
81820 PHYS12162 Microproc.& Comp. Systems Not available
81821 PHYS13170 Electrical Science Ii Not available
81822 PHYS11151 Intro Communications Not available
81823 PHYS13171 Instrument (Transducers) Not available
81824 PHYS11087 Electrical Science I Not available
81825 PHYS13088 Instrument & Transducers Not available
81826 PHYS13078 Electrical Science 2 Not available
81840 PHYS11152 Intro To Physics (Bridg) Not available
81900 PHYS10144 Princ Tech (App Phys) Ii Not available
81901 ENET10015 Instrumentation Elect Not available
81908 ENET10016 Instrumentation Elect Not available
81910 COIT20092 Analog Elect Ii (Adii) Not available
81911 PHYS10145 Applied Physical Tech Not available
81912 PHYS11153 Computer Technology Not available
81913 ENMC12086 Mat & Process (Adii) Not available
81914 PHYS13172 Acoustics Not available
81915 PHYS13089 Atomic & Nuclear Instrumen Not available
81916 ENMC12087 Eng Mat Applic (Adii) Not available
81917 PHYS12079 "Non-Dest,Non-Contact" Not available
81918 PHYS14090 Intro To Control Systems Not available
81919 PHYS13173 Vacuum & Low Temp Tech Not available
81920 PHYS13091 Optical Instrumentation Not available
81921 PHYS14174 Indust. Comp. Applications Not available
81922 PHYS14175 Comm & Data Transfer Not available
81923 PHYS40176 Non-Destructive Testing Not available
81924 PHYS20175 Non Contact Measurement Not available
81930 PHYS12092 Prog Logic Controllers Not available
81990 RSCH30123 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
81991 RSCH30124 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
81992 RSCH30125 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
81993 RSCH30126 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
82000 AHIS30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82001 AHIS30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82002 AHIS30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82003 ACAR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82004 ACAR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82005 ACAR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82006 CLDS30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82007 CLDS30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82008 CLDS30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82009 DCAR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82010 DCAR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82011 DCAR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82012 HLTG30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82013 HLTG30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82014 HLTG30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82015 HUMA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82016 HUMA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82017 HUMA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82018 HWSA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82019 HWSA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82020 HWSA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82021 LTRA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82022 LTRA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82023 LTRA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82024 NURA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82025 NURA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82026 NURA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82027 PBHL30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82028 PBHL30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82029 PBHL30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82030 PHYR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82031 PHYR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82032 PHYR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82033 PRSA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82034 PRSA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82035 PRSA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82036 PSGA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82037 PSGA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82038 PSGA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82039 RCAR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82040 RCAR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82041 RCAR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82042 SLWK30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82043 SLWK30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82044 SLWK30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82045 SOCA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82046 SOCA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82047 SOCA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82048 WLFG30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82049 WLFG30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82050 WLFG30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82051 WLFS30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82052 WLFS30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82053 WLFS30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82054 WMST30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82055 WMST30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82056 WMST30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82057 YWRK30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
82058 YWRK30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
82059 YWRK30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
82099 BIOL13056 Project - Upgrading Cblt Not available
82100 BIOL11057 Biology I Not available
82101 BIOL10058 Biological Appreciation I Not available
82102 BIOL11004 Biology Ia Not available
82103 BIOL11005 Biology Ib Not available
82104 BIOL10006 Problem Solving In Biology Not available
82105 BIOL11007 Prin Of An & Plant Cult Available
82106 BIOL11008 Intro To Field Biol Available
82201 ZOOL12006 Non-Chordate Zoology Not available
82202 BOTN12005 Non-Vascular Plants Not available
82203 ZOOL12007 Chordate Zoology I Not available
82204 BOTN12006 V.P.E. I Not available
82205 BIOL12059 Physiology Not available
82206 BIOL12060 Applied Biology Not available
82207 MATH19217 Biometry Not available
82208 BIOL10061 Laboratory Techniques Not available
82209 BIOL10062 Community Biology Not available
82210 BIOL10063 Inheritance Not available
82211 BIOL10064 Applied Biology Iia Not available
82213 BIOL12065 Basic Science B Not available
82214 BIOL12066 Biol Lab Techs Not available
82215 BIOL12067 Microbiology I Not available
82216 BIOL12068 Comparative Physiology Not available
82217 BIOL19009 Plant Physiology Not available
82218 BIOL12069 Animal Physiology Ii Not available
82219 BOTN12007 Bacteriology Not available
82220 BOTN12008 Mycology And Phycology Not available
82221 BIOL12010 Botany B Not available
82222 BIOL12011 Botany A Not available
82223 BIOL12012 Chordates A Not available
82224 BIOL12013 Chordates B Not available
82225 BIOL12070 Biotechniques Not available
82226 BIOL12071 Fungal Biology Not available
82227 BIOL10014 Physiology A Not available
82228 BIOL12015 Non-Chordate Zoology A Not available
82229 BIOL12016 Non-Chordate Zoology B Not available
82230 MBIO12001 Microbiology A Not available
82231 MBIO12002 Microbiology B Not available
82247 MBIO19003 Introductory Microbiology Available
82248 MBIO19004 Intermediate Microbiology Available
82249 ZOOL11001 Invertebrate Zoology Available
82250 ZOOL19002 Chordate Zoology Available
82251 BIOL12105 Biological Experimentation Available
82252 BOTN12010 Botany Of Aquatic Environ Available
82253 BOTN19001 Terrestrial Botany Available
82254 EVST12013 Water Quality Management Available
82301 ZOOL12008 Chordate Zoology Ii Not available
82302 ZOOL13009 Entomology Not available
82303 BIOL13072 Microbiology Not available
82304 BIOL13073 Aquatic Biology Not available
82305 BIOL13074 Genetics Not available
82306 BOTN13009 V.P.E. Ii Not available
82307 BIOL13075 Parasitology Not available
82308 SCIE13010 Research Unit Not available
82309 ZOOL13010 Animal Care Not available
82310 MBIO19011 Mol Basis Of Infect Diseas Available
82311 BIOL13076 Social Biology Iii Not available
82312 BIOL19077 Environmental Biology Not available
82314 BIOL13078 Quantitative Genetics Not available
82315 BIOL13079 Microbiology Ii Not available
82316 BIOL13080 Animal Physiology Iii Not available
82317 BIOL10017 Applied Ethology Not available
82318 MBIO13005 Applied Microbiology A Not available
82319 MBIO13006 Applied Microbiology B Not available
82320 MARN12004 Aquatic Biology A Not available
82321 MARN12005 Aquatic Biology B Not available
82322 BIOL10018 Quantitative Genetics A Not available
82323 BIOL10019 Entomology Not available
82324 BIOL10020 Ecology Not available
82325 BIOL10021 Plant Tissue Culture Not available
82326 BIOL13081 Special Topic A Not available
82327 BIOL13082 Special Topic B Not available
82328 BIOL10022 Physiology B Not available
82329 BIOL13083 Histotechnology Not available
82330 BIOL10023 Field Biology Not available
82331 BIOL10024 Parasitology Not available
82332 BIOL13025 Breeding For Aquaculture Not available
82333 BIOL13026 Field Ecology Option Not available
82334 BIOL13027 Molecular Biology Not available
82335 BIOL19028 Biology Project Available
82336 BIOL13029 Applied Molecular Biology Available
82337 MBIO13007 Microbial Ecology Available
82338 ZOOL13012 Mammalian Physiology Available
82339 ZOOL13003 Comparative Physiology Available
82340 EVST13014 Aquatic Systems Available
82341 MARN13007 Coastal Aquatic Commun Available
82342 ZOOL19004 Insect Biology Available
82343 ZOOL13013 Foundation Parasitology Available
82344 BOTN13002 Plants & The Environment Available
82346 BIOL13031 Ecology A Available
82400 BIOL19032 Biology Honours Not available
82401 BIOL19033 Biology Honours A Available
82402 BIOL19034 Biology Honours B Available
82500 RSCH30027 Research & Thesis Ft Not available
82501 RSCH30028 Research & Thesis Pt Not available
82502 RSCH30029 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
82503 RSCH30030 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
82713 MBIO10008 Microbiology I Not available
82714 BIOH11003 Physiology I Not available
82723 MBIO12009 Microbiology Ii Not available
82724 BIOH12004 Physiology Ii Not available
82725 BIOH12005 Physiology Iii Not available
82727 BIOH10006 Pathophysiology Available
82728 BIOH12007 Human Functioning Ii Available
82729 BIOH12008 Human Functioning Iii Available
82731 BIOL10084 Microbiology C Not available
82733 NUTR10002 Life Cycle Nutrition Not available
82734 BIOL10035 Physiology C Not available
82735 MBIO10010 Microbiology C Not available
82736 NUTR19001 Nutrition Available
82800 BIOL11036 Assoc Dip Biol Not available
82801 ZOOL11011 A.H. & F.T. Not available
82802 BIOL11085 Laboratory Organisation Not available
82803 BIOL10086 Lab Workshop Practice Not available
82804 BIOL11037 Culture Techniques Not available
82805 BIOL11087 Biological Techniques Not available
82806 BIOL11088 Lab Wksp Prac A Not available
82807 BIOL11089 Aquatic Environments I Not available
82808 BIOL11038 Workshop Practice Not available
82809 BIOL11090 Field Studies Not available
82810 BIOL10039 Field Techniques A Not available
82811 BIOL10040 Field Techniques B Not available
82812 ZOOL11005 Foundation Animal Biology Available
82813 BOTN11004 Foundation Plant Biology Available
82840 BIOL40091 Intro To Biology (Bridg) Not available
82900 BIOL12092 Anatomy And Physiology Not available
82901 BIOL12041 Assoc Dip Micro Not available
82902 BIOL12093 Macrotechniques Not available
82903 BIOL12094 Microtechniques Not available
82904 BIOH12009 Applied Physiology Not available
82905 BIOL11042 Field Techniques Not available
82906 MBIO12012 Assoc Dip Microbiol(Adac) Not available
82907 BIOL10095 Lab Workshop Techniques Not available
82908 AQUA12006 Aquatic Environments Ii Not available
82909 AQUA12007 Aquatic Rec. (Tourism) Not available
82910 ENCV12114 Intro Hydro & Hydraulics Not available
82911 BIOL12043 Water Quality Control Not available
82912 AQUA12001 Aquaculture Not available
82913 BIOL12044 Pollution Biology Not available
82914 AQUA12002 Mgt.Issues In Aquatic Res. Not available
82915 PHYS12163 Instrumentation Not available
82916 BIOL11045 Data Handling Not available
82917 BIOL12046 Aquatic Environments Not available
82918 BIOL10047 Microtechniques A Not available
82919 BIOL10048 Microtechniques B Not available
82920 MARN12008 Aquatic Environments A Not available
82921 MARN12009 Aquatic Environments B Not available
82922 AQUA12003 Aquaculture A Available
82923 AQUA12004 Aquaculture B Available
82924 BIOL12049 Histotechniques Available
82926 MARN12010 Water Quality Management A Not available
82927 MARN12011 Water Quality Management B Not available
82928 ZOOL13014 Aquatic Physiology Available
82929 BIOL12050 Industrial Placement Available
82990 RSCH30059 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
82991 RSCH30060 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
82992 RSCH30061 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
82993 RSCH30062 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
83100 CHEM11004 Chemistry I Not available
83101 CHEM11005 Chemistry A Not available
83102 CHEM12006 Chemistry B Not available
83103 BMED11001 Intro To Biomedical Sci Available
83111 CHEM11007 Intro Concepts Of Chem Available
83112 CHEM11008 Ess Princ Of Chem Sci Available
83151 CHEM40072 Chemistry Ia Not available
83152 CHEM40073 Chemistry Ib Not available
83201 CHEM12009 Biochemistry I Not available
83202 BMED19002 Biomedical Instrumentation Available
83203 CHEM12056 Ecochemistry Not available
83204 CHEM10010 Analytical & Inst Chem Ii Not available
83205 CHEM10011 Inorganic Chemistry Ii Not available
83206 CHEM10012 Organic Chemistry Ii Not available
83207 CHEM10013 Physical Chemistry Ii Not available
83208 CHEM12014 Chemical Process Tech. Not available
83209 CHEM12015 Extraction Metallurgy Not available
83210 CHEM10016 Enviro Chem Available
83211 CHEM12076 Struct & Meta Biochem Available
83212 CHEM12017 Industrial Chemistry Available
83213 BMED19003 Clinical Biochemistry Available
83250 CHEM12018 Drug Discovery Available
83301 CHEM13021 Analytical & Inst Chem Iii Not available
83302 CHEM13022 Inorganic Chemistry Iii Not available
83303 CHEM13023 Organic Chemistry Iii Not available
83304 CHEM13024 Physical Chemistry Iii Not available
83305 GENE10062 Biochemistry Ii Not available
83306 CHEM13025 Project (Chemistry) Not available
83310 CHEM13026 Adv Spectroscopy Not available
83311 CHEM13027 Analytical Instrumentation Available
83312 CHEM13028 Inorganic Chemistry 3 Not available
83313 CHEM13029 Organic Chemistry 3 Not available
83314 CHEM13030 Physical Chemistry 3 Not available
83315 CHEM19031 Pre-Honours Topics Available
83316 CHEM13032 Chemistry Project Available
83317 BMED19004 Endoc & Reprod Physiology Available
83318 PHRM19001 Pharmacology & Toxicology Available
83319 BMED19005 Immunology Available
83320 BMED19006 Clinical Dietetics Available
83321 BMED19007 Forensic Chemistry Available
83330 CHEM13033 Green Chemistry Available
83400 CHEM19034 Chemistry Honours Not available
83401 CHEM19074 Chemistry Honours A Available
83402 CHEM19075 Chemistry Honours B Available
83500 RSCH30031 Research & Thesis Ft Not available
83501 RSCH30032 Research & Thesis Pt Not available
83502 RSCH30033 Research & Thesis P F-T Not available
83503 RSCH30034 Research & Thesis P Pt Not available
83701 NURS11001 Introductory Biochemistry Not available
83731 CHEM12057 Clinical Biochem Topics Not available
83733 NURS10002 Clin Pathology Hlth Prof Available
83800 CHEM11035 Applied Chemistry I Not available
83801 CHEM12036 Analytical Chemistry I Not available
83802 CHEM12058 Applied Chemistry (Adii) Not available
83803 CHEM11037 Wk/Sp Tech & Lab Safety Not available
83810 CHEM11038 Applied Chemistry Ia Not available
83811 CHEM11039 Applied Chemistry Ib Not available
83812 CHEM11040 Workshop Tech Hlth Safety Not available
83840 CHEM40059 Intro To Chemistry (Bridg) Not available
83900 CHEM12041 Biochem Instrumentation Not available
83901 CHEM12042 Assoc Dip Biochem Not available
83902 CHEM12043 Biol Inst Chemistry Not available
83903 GENE10063 Applied Chemistry Ii Not available
83904 GENE10064 Analysis & Inst Chemistry Not available
83905 CHEM12060 Unit Operations Not available
83906 CHEM13044 Environmental Chemistry Not available
83908 GENE12065 Metallurgical Chemistry Not available
83909 CHEM12061 Extractive Metallurgy Not available
83910 CHEM13045 Applied Physical Chemistry Not available
83911 CHEM13046 Industrial Inorganic Chem Not available
83912 CHEM13047 Industrial Organic Chem Not available
83913 CHEM13048 Analytical Chemistry Ii Not available
83914 CHEM13049 Chemical Instrumentation A Not available
83915 CHEM13050 Chemical Instrumentation B Not available
83920 CHEM12051 Applied Chemistry 2A Not available
83921 CHEM12052 Applied Chemistry 2B Not available
83922 CHEM12053 Chem Instrumentation Not available
83924 CHEM12054 Diploma Biochemistry A Not available
83925 CHEM12055 Diploma Biochemistry B Not available
83990 RSCH30063 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
83991 RSCH30064 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
83992 RSCH30065 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
83993 RSCH30066 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
84010 ACCT11077 Intro To Accounting (Ucsq) Not available
84011 CRCE11020 Man & Organ Behav'R (Ucsq) Not available
84012 LAWS11053 Intro To Law (Ucsq) Not available
84013 ACCT11078 Financial Accounting(Ucsq) Not available
84020 ACCT12079 Financial Management(Ucsq) Not available
84021 CRCE12021 Business Finance (Ucsq) Not available
84022 ACCT12080 Managerial Account (Ucsq) Not available
84023 ACCT12081 Adv Manage Account (Ucsq) Not available
84024 LAWS12054 Business Law (Ucsq) Not available
84030 MGMT13144 Intro To M'Ment Sc (Ucsq) Not available
84031 MGMT13145 Manage Sc Tech Ii (Ucsq) Not available
84032 MGMT13146 Operations R'Ch Ii (Ucsq) Not available
84033 MGMT13147 Quality Assurance (Ucsq) Not available
84034 MGMT13148 Dec Support Systems (Ucsq) Not available
84040 MGMT12149 Organ Change & Dev (Ucsq) Not available
84041 MGMT12150 Ind Demo & Job Des (Ucsq) Not available
84042 MGMT12151 Industrial Relations(Ucsq) Not available
84043 MGMT12152 Human Resource Plan (Ucsq) Not available
84044 MGMT12153 Occup Hlth & Safety (Ucsq) Not available
84045 MGMT12154 Human Resource Dev (Ucsq) Not available
84046 MGMT12155 Intro Resource Mgnt (Ucsq) Not available
84050 MGMT12156 Export Management (Ucsq) Not available
84051 MRKT12046 Intro Marketing (Ucsq) Not available
84052 MGMT12157 Adverts & Publicity (Ucsq) Not available
84053 MGMT12158 Sales & Dist Mngmt (Ucsq) Not available
84054 MGMT12159 Marketing Strategy (Ucsq) Not available
84055 CRCE12022 Consumer Behaviour (Ucsq) Not available
84056 MGMT12160 International Market(Ucsq) Not available
84057 MRKT12047 Market Research (Ucsq) Not available
84058 STAT12047 Operations R'Srch I Ucsq) Not available
84100 MATH12157 The Math Experience Available
84101 MATH10015 Quantitative Methods I Not available
84102 MATH10016 Mathematics & Computing I Not available
84103 COIT10006 Computer Science I Not available
84104 MATH11093 Calculus A Not available
84105 MATH11094 Algebra Not available
84106 MATH11095 Calculus B Not available
84107 STAT10008 Prob & Stats I Not available
84108 STAT11028 Quantitative Methods A Available
84109 STAT12029 Essential Statistics Available
84110 MATH10017 Preliminary Mathematics Not available
84111 COIT11007 Elementary Pascal Not available
84112 COIT11008 Elementary Fortran Not available
84113 COIT10009 Programming Ia Not available
84114 COIT11093 Intro To Programming B Not available
84115 MATH11018 Introductory Maths A Not available
84116 COIT11094 Intro To Programming A Not available
84117 MATH11019 Introductory Maths B Not available
84118 STAT11024 Elementary Statistics Not available
84119 COIT11010 Introduction To Computing Not available
84120 MATH40090 Enabling Mathematics Available
84121 MATH11218 Engineering Mathematics Ia Available
84122 MATH11219 Engineering Mathematics Ib Available
84123 MATH11020 Intro. Biomathematics A Not available
84124 MATH11021 Intro. Biomathematics B Not available
84125 COIT11095 Computing Laboratory A Not available
84126 COIT11096 Computing Laboratory B Not available
84127 MATH11096 Elementary Mathematics Not available
84128 MATH11097 Discrete Mathematics Not available
84131 COIT11011 Information Systems I Not available
84132 COIT11012 Information Systems Ii Not available
84133 COIT11013 Introduction To Computers Not available
84134 COIT11097 Computing Ia Not available
84135 COIT11098 Computing Ib Not available
84136 COIT11118 Conc Found Comp A Available
84137 MATH11160 Technology Mathematics Available
84138 STAT12030 Stats For Health Science Available
84139 MATH40022 Transition Maths(Bridging) Not available
84140 MATH40023 P-Maths (Bridging) Not available
84141 MATH11161 Elementary Mathematics A Available
84143 MATH11162 Elementary Mathematics B Available
84145 MATH11024 Mathematical Modelling A Not available
84146 MATH11025 Mathematical Modelling B Not available
84147 STAT12009 Intro To Stat Methods Not available
84151 MATH11163 Mathematics Ia Available
84152 MATH11164 Mathematics Ib Available
84153 MATH11165 Discrete Mathematics Available
84154 STAT11031 Statistics I Not available
84201 MATH10026 Quantitative Methods Ii Not available
84202 MATH10027 Maths And Computing Iie Not available
84203 MATH10028 Maths And Computing Ii Not available
84204 STAT10010 Prob And Stats Ii Not available
84205 MATH10029 Alg And Geom Meth Not available
84208 COIT10014 Computers & Prob Solving Not available
84213 MATH11030 Basic Mathematics Not available
84214 COIT10015 Computer Systems Not available
84215 STAT10011 Prob And Stats Not available
84216 MATH10031 Sets And Numbers Not available
84217 MATH10032 Geom Shapes & Represent. Not available
84220 MATH10033 Measurement And Testing Not available
84221 MATH12220 Engineering Maths Iia Not available
84222 MATH12221 Engineering Maths Iib Not available
84223 MATH11168 Total Qual Mgt & Stat Proc Available
84230 MATH10034 Numerical Methods Ii Not available
84231 MATH10035 Calculus Iia Not available
84232 MATH10036 Diff.Equations Iia Not available
84233 MATH10037 Linear Algebra Ii Not available
84234 MATH10038 Calculus Iib Not available
84235 MATH10039 Diff.Equations Iib Not available
84236 STAT10012 Statistics Ii Not available
84237 MATH10040 Optimisation Ii Not available
84238 MATH10041 Modern Algebra Ii Not available
84239 STAT10013 Quantitative Methods Iia Not available
84240 STAT10014 Quantitative Methods Iib Not available
84241 COIT10016 Computer Science Ii Not available
84242 COIS12005 Business Programming Not available
84243 MATH10042 Math Stats Iia Not available
84244 MATH10043 Math Stats Iib Not available
84245 MATH12169 Data Analysis Iia Not available
84246 COIT12193 Data Analysis Iib Not available
84247 COIT13099 Computer Graphics Not available
84248 MATH12098 Multivariable Calculus A Not available
84249 MATH12099 Multivariable Calculus B Not available
84250 MATH12100 Differential Equations Not available
84251 MATH12101 Algebraic Structures Not available
84252 MATH12044 Calculus Iic Not available
84253 COIT12100 Comp Arch & Assembler Not available
84254 MATH12045 Mathematical Modelling Not available
84255 MATH12046 Stochastic Processes Not available
84256 COIT12101 Prog & Data Structures Not available
84257 COIT12017 Systems Simulation Not available
84258 MATH12102 Linear Algebra Not available
84259 STAT12025 Statistics Available
84260 STAT10015 Statistics Iif Not available
84261 STAT10016 Probability Iif Not available
84262 COIT13102 Data Systems A Not available
84263 COIT13103 Data Systems B Not available
84264 STAT12032 Data Analysis Available
84265 COIT12018 Program & Data Struct. A Not available
84266 COIT12019 Program & Data Struct. B Not available
84268 MATH12103 Computational Mathematics Not available
84270 MATH12140 Advanced Dynamics Not available
84271 MATH12170 Computational Mathematics Available
84272 MATH12141 Experimental Design Not available
84273 MATH12171 Differential Equations Available
84280 COIT12104 Tqm & Info Tech Not available
84281 MATH12172 Multivariable Calculus Available
84282 MATH12173 Linear Algebra Available
84283 MATH12174 Real Analysis Available
84284 MATH12142 Algebraic Structures Not available
84291 MATH12175 Experimental Design Available
84292 STAT13033 Mathematical Statistics Available
84301 MATH10047 Maths And Computing Iiie Not available
84302 MATH10048 Algebra And Geometry Iii Not available
84303 MATH10049 Analysis Iii Not available
84304 COIT10020 Con. & Realtime Prog. Not available
84305 MATH10050 Math Prog Numercl Analysis Iii Not available
84308 STAT10017 Prob And Stats Iii Not available
84309 MATH10051 Project (Mathematics) Not available
84310 COIT10021 Computer Science Iii Not available
84312 STAT10018 Statistics Iii Not available
84313 COIS10001 Data Processing Iiia Not available
84314 COIS10002 Data Processing Iiib Not available
84315 MATH10052 Numerical Analysis Iii Not available
84316 MATH10053 Graph Theory Iii Not available
84317 MATH10054 Logic Iii Not available
84319 MATH10055 Mathematical Structures Not available
84320 MATH10056 Real Analysis Iii Not available
84322 COIT10022 Computer Science Iiia Not available
84323 COIT10023 Computer Science Iiib Not available
84324 MATH10057 Algebra Iii Not available
84325 MATH10058 Hist.& Philos. Of Maths Not available
84326 MATH10059 Math Prog Iii Not available
84327 MATH13060 Complex Analysis Iii Not available
84329 MATH10061 Geometry Iii Not available
84330 STAT13034 Engineering Statistics Available
84331 COIT10024 Computer Systems Iiib Not available
84332 STAT13035 App Multivar Stats Available
84333 MATH13176 Special Topic A Available
84334 MATH10062 Applied Mathematics Iiib Not available
84335 MATH13143 Abstract Algebra Not available
84336 MATH13144 Applied Calculus Not available
84337 MATH13145 Applied Graph Theory Not available
84338 COIT13025 Data Communications Not available
84339 MATH13146 Forecasting Not available
84340 MATH13063 History Of Mathematics Not available
84341 MATH13064 Problems Of Philosophy Not available
84342 COIT13105 Concurrent Programming Not available
84343 COIT13026 Machine Intelligence Not available
84344 COIT13027 Computing Project Not available
84344 MATH19234 Project A Available
84345 MATH19235 Project B Available
84345 STAT13026 Statistical Methods Not available
84346 MATH13177 Project Not available
84347 COIT13106 Optimisation Methods Not available
84348 MATH13147 Numerical Analysis Not available
84349 COIT13028 Operating Systems Not available
84350 MATH13148 Real Analysis Not available
84353 MATH13149 Probabilistic Modelling Not available
84360 MATH12178 Eng Maths Iii Available
84371 MATH13179 Numerical Analysis Available
84372 MATH12150 Differential Equations Not available
84373 MATH13180 App Partial Diff Equations Available
84374 MATH13181 Advanced Dynamics Available
84375 MATH13182 Control Theory Available
84381 MATH13183 Complex Analysis Not available
84382 MATH13184 Applied Combinatorics Not available
84383 MATH13151 Functional Analysis Not available
84384 MATH13152 Abstract Algebra Not available
84391 MATH13185 Probabilistic Modeling Not available
84392 MATH13186 Time Series Analysis Not available
84393 MATH13187 Optimisation Methods Available
84394 MATH13188 Generalised Linear Models Available
84400 MATH19189 Honours Research Project Not available
84401 MATH19190 Honours Special Topic A Not available
84402 MATH19191 Honours Special Topic B Not available
84410 MATH19192 Hon Research Project (M-Y) Not available
84411 MATH19193 Honours Applied Maths A Not available
84412 MATH19194 Honours Applied Maths B Not available
84415 MATH20153 Measurement Of Quality Not available
84416 STAT20027 Stat Process Control Not available
84417 MATH20154 Man Of Qual Improv Project Not available
84418 MATH20155 App Of Qm Prin In A Org Se Not available
84419 MATH20156 Research Methods In Qm Not available
84421 MATH19195 Honours Numerical Maths A Not available
84422 MATH19196 Honours Numerical Maths B Not available
84431 MATH19197 Honours Pure Mathematics A Not available
84432 MATH19198 Honours Pure Mathematics B Not available
84441 STAT19036 Honours Statistics A Not available
84442 STAT19037 Honours Statistics B Not available
84500 RSCH30035 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
84501 RSCH30036 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
84502 RSCH30037 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
84503 RSCH30038 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
84701 COIT20029 Project (Gdac) Not available
84702 COIT20030 Comp. Arch & Op Systems Not available
84703 COIT20031 Database & High Level Lang Not available
84704 MATH20065 Discrete Mathematics Not available
84705 COIT20032 Systems Modelling Not available
84706 COIT20033 Machine Intelligence Not available
84707 COIT20034 Data Structures Not available
84708 COIT12035 Software Engineering Not available
84709 COIT13107 Programming Environments Not available
84710 COIT20036 Concurrent Programming Not available
84711 COIT20037 Graphics (Gdac) Not available
84712 COIT20038 Data Communications Not available
84713 COIT13108 Techs. In Control Theory Not available
84714 COIT13109 Opt Control & Applications Not available
84800 MATH10066 Assoc Dip Maths I Not available
84801 BIOL10096 Data Handling Not available
84802 MATH11067 Quant Bus Analysis B Not available
84803 COIT10039 Computer Programming A Not available
84804 COIT10040 Computer Programming B Not available
84805 COHD10001 Hardware Not available
84806 COIS10044 Microprocessors Not available
84807 MATH11068 Computer Mathematics (Adc) Not available
84808 STAT11019 Intro. To Applied Stats Not available
84809 MATH10069 Preliminary Mathematics A Not available
84810 MATH10070 Preliminary Mathematics B Not available
84811 EDED10391 Methodology Not available
84812 MATH10071 Workshop A Not available
84813 MATH11072 Technical Mathematics A Not available
84814 MATH11073 Technical Mathematics B Not available
84815 COIT11041 Programming I Not available
84816 COIT12042 Cobol I Not available
84817 COIT11043 Computer Systems Not available
84818 COIT12044 Data Storage Not available
84819 COIT11045 Graphics (Adc) Not available
84820 COIT11046 Programming Ii Not available
84821 COIT12047 Cobol Ii Not available
84840 COIT40048 Intro To Computing (Bridg) Not available
84841 MATH11199 Foundation Mathematics Not available
84900 COIT10049 Comp Prog Tech Not available
84901 COIT12050 Project (Adc) Not available
84902 COIT10051 Computer Programming C Not available
84903 COIT11052 Application Systems Not available
84904 COIT10053 Syst Man & Op Systems Not available
84905 COIT10054 Data Stor Maint & Sec Not available
84906 COIT12055 Workshop B Not available
84907 COIT12056 Computer Communication Not available
84908 GENL10001 Workshop M Not available
84909 COIT12057 Technical Programming A Not available
84910 COIT12058 Technical Programming B Not available
84911 COIT10059 Computers & Data Base Sys Not available
84912 COIT12060 Computers & Data Base Syst Not available
84913 COIT12061 Data Systems Not available
84914 COIT12062 Cobol 2 Not available
84990 RSCH30088 Research & Thesis F/T (M) Not available
84991 RSCH30089 Research & Thesis P/T (M) Not available
84992 RSCH30090 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
84993 RSCH30091 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
84995 RSCH30004 Research & Thesis (C) F/T Not available
84996 RSCH30005 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
84997 RSCH30006 Research & Thesis Pf/T Not available
84998 RSCH30007 Research & Thesis (C) Pp/T Not available
85001 RSCH30001 Dissertation Not available
85101 COIT11133 Programming A Available
85102 COIT11134 Programming B Available
85103 COIT11135 C++ For Programmers Available
85105 COIS11014 Engineering Computing Available
85111 COIS11073 Elementary Pascal Not available
85112 COIS11074 Elementary Fortran Not available
85113 COIS11015 Intro Computing Applic Available
85114 COIT11063 Intro To Programming B Not available
85116 COIT11064 Intro To Programming A Not available
85125 COIT10065 Computer Laboratory A Not available
85126 COIT11066 Computer Laboratory B Not available
85131 COIT11067 Information Systems I Not available
85132 COIT12068 Informations Systems Ii Not available
85133 COIT11119 Introduction To Computing Available
85134 COIT11110 Computing Ia Not available
85135 COIT11111 Computing Ib Not available
85137 COIT11136 Conc Found Comp B Available
85138 COIT11128 Human Issues Comp Not available
85201 MATH12200 Logic And Grammar Not available
85202 COIT12137 Internet Programming Available
85205 COIS10066 Sys Implementation Not available
85208 COIT12112 Software Engineering Not available
85210 COIT12138 Software Specification Not available
85211 COIT12139 Software Design Available
85212 COIT12140 Object-Oriented Programm Available
85242 COIS12041 Business Programming Available
85247 COIT12141 Computer Graphics Available
85253 ENCO12008 Comp Arch. & Assembler Available
85256 COIT12113 Prog & Data Struct A Not available
85257 COIT12120 System Simulation Available
85262 COIT12142 Data Systems A Not available
85263 COIT13143 Data Prog & Admin Available
85265 COIT11069 Program & Data Struct. A Not available
85266 COIT11070 Program & Data Struct. B Not available
85269 COIT12144 Algorithms & Data Struct Available
85301 COIT13071 Theories & Mech. Of Comput Not available
85303 COIT13145 Software Implementation Not available
85304 COIT13114 Con. & Realtime Program Not available
85309 COIT13115 Programming In C/C++ Not available
85321 COIT13146 Systems Administration Available
85322 COIT13147 Networks Available
85323 COIT13116 Info Tech Practicum Not available
85333 COIT13148 Special Topic A Computing Available
85334 COIT13149 Special Topic B (Computing) Not available
85338 COIT13150 Data Communications Not available
85342 COIT13117 Programming In Ada Not available
85343 COIT13121 Machine Intelligence A Available
85344 COIT13151 Computing Project Not available
85345 COIT13122 Machine Intelligence B Available
85346 COIT19209 Computing Project A Available
85347 COIT19210 Computing Project B Available
85349 COIT13152 Operating Systems Available
85401 COIT19153 Computer-Human Interact A Not available
85402 COIT19123 Machine Intelligence Iia Not available
85403 COIT19124 Knowledge Based Systems Not available
85404 MMST11007 Multi Media Design Not available
85405 MMST11008 Multi Media Development Not available
85406 COIT19154 Computer-Human Interact B Not available
85407 COIT19155 Data Modelling Not available
85408 COIT19156 Formal Methods Soft Engin Not available
85409 COIT19157 Topics In Graphics Not available
85410 COIT19158 Honours Comput Project A Not available
85411 COIT19159 Honours Comput Project B Not available
85412 COIT19160 Comp Hons Special Topic A Not available
85413 COIT19161 Computing Hons Sp Topic B Not available
85414 COIT19162 Honours Comput Project C Not available
85444 COIT13163 Computing Project Not available
85701 COIT20072 Project (Gdac) Not available
85815 COIT11073 Programming I Not available
85816 COIT12074 Cobol I Not available
85817 COIT11075 Computer Systems Not available
85818 COIT12076 Data Storage Not available
85819 COIT12077 Graphics Not available
85820 COIT12078 Programming Ii Not available
85821 COIT12079 Cobol Ii Not available
85901 COIT12080 Project (Adc) Not available
85903 COIT12081 Application Systems Not available
85907 COIT12082 Computer Communication Not available
85909 COIT12129 Technical Programming A Not available
85910 COIT12164 Technical Programming B Not available
85913 COIT12083 Data Systems Not available
85990 RSCH30092 Research & Thesis F/T (C) Not available
85991 RSCH30093 Research & Thesis P/T (C) Not available
85995 RSCH30008 Research & Thesis (C) F/T Not available
85996 RSCH30009 Research & Thesis (C) P/T Not available
85997 RSCH30010 Res & Thes (C) Pp/T Not available
86990 RSCH30039 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
86991 RSCH30040 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
86992 RSCH30041 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
86993 RSCH30042 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
87990 RSCH30043 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
87991 RSCH30044 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
87992 RSCH30045 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
87993 RSCH30046 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
88801 EVST10004 B Env Sci Aut Elec Not available
88802 EVST10005 B Env Sci Wint Ele Not available
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90 000 Codes

Old Code New Code Code Description Status
90100 ADVR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90101 ACCT12041 Accounting Ia Summer Not available
90101 ADVR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90102 ACCT40042 Accounting Ib Summer Not available
90102 ADVR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90103 ALGO30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90103 COIS40068 Information Systems Ia Sum Not available
90104 ALGO30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90104 COIS40069 Info Systems Ib Summer Not available
90105 ALGO30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90105 MRKT40014 Mkting Mgment Ia Summer Not available
90106 ARIN30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90106 ECON40016 Economics A Summer Not available
90107 ARIN30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90107 ECON40017 Economics B Summer Not available
90108 ARIN30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90108 MGMT40063 Org Behaviour Ib Summer Not available
90109 BEHC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90109 LAWS40025 Intro & Ctrct Law I Summer Not available
90110 BEHC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90110 MGMT40064 Mgment Comm Iib Summer Not available
90111 ACCT40043 Mgment Accting Iia Summer Not available
90111 BEHC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90112 CITC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90112 CRCE40012 Bus Finance Iiia Summer Not available
90113 CITC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90113 MGMT40065 Hrm Iia Summer Not available
90114 CITC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90114 LAWS40026 Mercantile Law Iia Summer Not available
90115 CMPC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90115 LAWS40027 Tax Law & Practice Summer Not available
90116 CMPC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90116 MGMT40066 Admin Mgment I Summer Not available
90117 CMPC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90117 CRCE40013 Buyer Bviour Iia Summer Not available
90118 CMPG30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90118 MRKT40015 Mkt Resrch Tech Summer Not available
90119 CMPG30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90119 MRKT40016 Mkt Rsch Apps Summer Not available
90120 CMPG30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90120 MRKT40017 Adv & Prmtns Iib Summer Not available
90121 CPSR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90121 MGMT40067 Asia Pacific Bus Summer Not available
90122 ACCT40044 Aud & Prof Prac Iiia Sum Not available
90122 CPSR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90123 COIT40165 Syst Admin Summer Not available
90123 CPSR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90124 CONM30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90124 TOUR40001 Trsm Impct Stud Summer Not available
90125 CONM30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90125 TOUR40002 Mng Tourism Summer Not available
90126 COMM40050 Oral Com Summer Not available
90126 CONM30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90127 COMM40051 Media And Pop Cult Summer Not available
90127 COTH30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90128 COTH30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90128 CRCE40014 Org Finance Summer Not available
90129 COTH30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90129 CRCE40015 Capital Budgeting Summer Not available
90130 COIS40070 Database Dev & Mgt Summer Not available
90130 DBMG30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90131 DBMG30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90131 MGMT40068 Sys Mgment Policy Summer Not available
90132 DBMG30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90133 DSPS30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90134 CRCE40016 Cap Budgeting Summer Not available
90134 DSPS30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90135 DSPS30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90135 MGMT40069 Sys Mgment Policy Summer Not available
90136 DSTR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90136 MGMT40070 Mng In A Dynamic Env Sum Not available
90137 DSTR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90137 STAT40038 Qmb Summer Not available
90138 DSTR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90138 STAT11039 Quantitative Methods A Not available
90139 FLNT30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90140 FLNT30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90141 FLNT30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90142 INSC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90143 INSC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90144 INSC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90145 INSG30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90146 INSG30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90147 INSG30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90150 INTG30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90151 INTG30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90152 INTG30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90153 MTHC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90154 MTHC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90155 MTHC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90156 NTCM30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90157 NTCM30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90158 NTCM30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90159 OPSY30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90160 OPSY30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90161 OPSY30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90162 PROG30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90163 PROG30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90164 PROG30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90165 SESC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90166 SESC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90167 SESC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90168 SYAD30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90169 SYAD30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90170 SYAD30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90171 INTC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90172 INTC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90173 INTC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90174 HWSC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90175 HWSC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90176 HWSC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90177 NURC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90178 NURC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90179 NURC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90180 ELCC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
90181 ELCC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
90182 ELCC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
90500 RSCH30002 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
90501 RSCH30003 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
90990 RSCH30094 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
90991 RSCH30095 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
90992 RSCH30096 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
90993 RSCH30097 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
91100 CCMR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
91101 CCMR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
91102 CCMR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
91103 HUMC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
91104 HUMC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
91105 HUMC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
91106 JRNR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
91107 JRNR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
91108 JRNR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
91109 LTRC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
91110 LTRC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
91111 LTRC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
91112 PRSC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
91113 PRSC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
91114 PRSC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
91115 PSGC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
91116 PSGC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
91117 PSGC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
91118 SOCC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
91119 SOCC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
91120 SOCC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
91121 VCMR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
91122 VCMR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
91123 VCMR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
91124 WCMR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Available
91125 WCMR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Available
91126 WCMR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Available
91401 COMM19044 Comm Hon Thesis/Prog F/T Available
91402 COMM19045 Comm Hon Thesis/Prog A P/T Available
91403 COMM19046 Comm Hon Thesis/Prog B P/T Available
91404 COMM19047 Communication Topic A Available
91405 COMM19048 Communication Topic B Available
91406 COMM19110 Communication Hon Thesis (A) A Available
91407 COMM19111 Communication Hon Thesis (A) B Available
91408 COMM19112 Communication Hon Thesis (B) A Available
91409 COMM19113 Communication Hon Thesis (B) B Available
91990 RSCH30098 Research & Thesis Ft Not available
91991 RSCH30099 Research & Thesis Pt Not available
91992 RSCH30100 Research & Thesis P Ft Not available
91993 RSCH30101 Research & Thesis P Pt Not available
92190 RSCH30102 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
92191 RSCH30103 Resarch & Thesis P/T Not available
92192 RSCH30104 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
92193 RSCH30105 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
93190 RSCH30076 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
93191 RSCH30077 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
93192 RSCH30078 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
93193 RSCH30079 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
94190 RSCH30106 Research & Thesis F/T Not available
94191 RSCH30107 Research & Thesis P/T Not available
94192 RSCH30108 Research & Thesis P/Ft Not available
94193 RSCH30109 Research & Thesis P/Pt Not available
94401 MATH19201 Maths Proj A Available
94402 MATH19202 Maths Proj B Available
94403 MATH19203 Maths Topic A Available
94404 MATH19204 Maths Topic B Available
94405 MATH19205 Maths Topic C Available
95101 CNSL40003 Basic Counselling Skills Available
95102 CNSL40004 Adv Counselling Skills Not available
95103 COIS10067 Internet For Chemists Not available
95169 COIT11166 Sei Sys Analysis & Design Available
95188 COIT11125 Computing Skills Available
95190 RSCH30080 Research & Thesis F/Time Available
95191 RSCH30081 Research & Thesis P/Time Available
95192 RSCH30082 Research & Thesis P/F/Time Not available
95193 RSCH30083 Research & Thesis P/P/Time Available
95194 AVAT11001 Aviation Theory I Available
95236 COIT12167 Database Use & Design Available
95270 COIT12168 Analysis & Spec Available
95271 COIT12169 Systems Implementation Available
95292 AVAT12002 Aviation Theory Ii Available
95293 AVAT12003 Aviation Theory Iii Available
95294 AVAT12004 Aviation Theory Iv Available
95366 COIT12170 Data Communications Available
95367 ECOM13003 Electronic Commerce Available
95395 AVAT13005 Aviation Theory V Available
95401 COIT19171 Honours Info Project/Thesis Available
95402 COIT19172 Honours Info Project/Thesis B Available
95403 COIT19173 Honours Info Project/Thesis C Available
95404 COIT19174 Informatics Topic A Available
95405 COIT19175 Informatics Topic A Not available
95406 COIT19176 Informatics Topic B Available
95407 COIT19177 Informatics Topic B Not available
95408 COIS19071 Research Methods Available
95466 ECOM20004 Elect Commerce - Glob Pers Available
95467 ECOM20005 Electronic Comm Project Available
95469 COIT11194 Se1 Sys Analysis & Design Available
95470 COIT12178 Se2 Analysis & Specification Available
95471 COIT12179 Se3 Systems Implementation Not available
95488 COIT11126 Computer Skills Available
96190 RSCH30084 Research And Thesis F/Time Available
96191 RSCH30085 Research & Thesis P/Time Available
96192 RSCH30086 Research & Thesis P/F/Time Available
96193 RSCH30087 Research & Thesis P/P/Time Available
99001 IEXC10001 Internat Exch Prog S1 Not available
99002 IEXC10002 Inter Nat Exch Prog S2 Not available
99003 LNGE10042 Internat Exch Prog S4 Not available
99004 IEXC10006 Int Exchange S4-Eng Not available
99005 IEXC10007 Int Exchange S1-Eng Not available
99006 IEXC10008 Int Exchange S2-Eng Not available
99007 MGMT10071 Int Exchange S1-Business Not available
99008 MGMT10072 Int Exchange S2-Business Not available
99009 MGMT10073 Int Exchange S4-Business Not available
99010 IEXC10003 Int Exchange S1-H&Ss Available
99011 IEXC10004 Int Exchange S2-H&Ss Available
99012 IEXC10005 Int Exchange S4-H&Ss Available
99700 SKIL40007 Int Tertiary Skills 1 Available
99701 SKIL40008 Int Tertiary Skills 2 Not available
99710 COMM40054 Comm & Thought Available
99711 EDED40351 Culture & Learning Available
99712 EDHE40005 Independent Learning Available
99713 EDHE40006 Academic Communication Available
99714 SKIL40005 Intro Computing Skills Available
99715 SKIL40006 Computing Skills Available
99716 EDCU40029 Numeracy Available
99717 EDCU40030 Advanced Numeracy Available
99718 EDCU40031 Science & Clture Available
99719 INDG40007 Indig Aust & Politics Available
99720 STAT40042 Intro Stats Available
99721 LAWS40047 Intro Law In Australia Available
99722 SCIE40006 Intro App Sciences Available
99800 LNGE40045 English Studies (36) Not available
99801 LNGE40046 English Studies (36) Not available
99802 LNGE40047 English Studies (36) Not available
99804 LNGE40043 Unilearn (22 Week) Not available
99805 LNGE40044 Unilearn (31 Weeks) Not available
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