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PHYS11182  Physics IA

Physics as the basis of technology. Properties of matter: macroscopic and microscopic properties, fluids at rest, fluids in motion, elastic properties, electrical properties, magnetic properties. Atomic and Nuclear Physics: mass and charge of atomic particles, models of the atom, photoelectric effect, X-rays, the nucleus, nuclear stability and disintegration, radiation and matter, radiation detectors, industrial uses, radiation safety; Mechanics: rectilinear motion, statics, circular motion, rotation, angular momentum, simple harmonic motion, gravitation.

Practical work includes the development of written (including graphical) communication skills and the analysis of experimental data including uncertainties.

Texts: Distance Education Study Materials, Physics I.

References: Young, H.D., & Freeman, R.A., University Physics , 9th ed., (extended version with Modern Physics), Addison Wesley, 1996. Kirkup, Experimental methods: An introduction to the analysis and presentation of data., 1st ed, John Wiley, 1994.

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