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CQU is in the process of shifting to a new Student Administration system. This system is already processing admissions and will also handle enrolment and student financials from June 2001. The implementation of this new system will improve student service in all of these areas.

To achieve these improvements there will be significant changes to enrolment processes. The detail of these changes are still being finalised and therefore there will be some revision to information contained in this Handbook. In particular:

Course identification will change. Course numbers as contained in this Handbook will be replaced with a combination of Subject Area and Catalogue Numbers, eg ACCT1234. We will provide translation tables and other support mechanisms to make this transition as trouble free as possible.Our students will be able to enrol, re-enrol and amend their enrolment via the Web.

The University has also adopted a new glossary of terms. Adoption of this new terminology set means that a number of our existing terms will be replaced or will have a new meaning. Over the next two years students and staff will notice the incorporation of these new terms into University publications, study material and our administrative systems. The principal terms that relate to students studying in the year 2001 are:

New Term   Old Term
Career career designates a broad classification and/or level of study being undertaken.
E.g - Research, Postgraduate, Undergraduate or Non-Award
No existing term
Program the award program that the student applies for and is enrolled into.
E.g. - Bachelor of arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Education (Primary)
Plan a specialist area or major that a student compeltes within the award program.
E.g. - Communication and media studies, Applied Chemistry, Management, Electrical Engineering or Early Childhood Studies
Course a discrete unit of instruction in an area of study forming part of the requirements for a plan of study / or a program.
E.g. - Concert Preparation, Study of Teaching, Australian Society or Health Communications

This Handbook aims to provide students with information which will guide their enrolment in University programs, and enhance their knowledge of facilities available to them while studying at Central Queensland University

Information contained in this Handbook is correct as at 1 September 2000, but is subject to change. The University reserves the right to amend, modify or cancel without notice the content of any matter within this publication. The University will attempt to inform students of any changes which may affect their enrolment.

The University also reserves the right not to offer courses for which the number of enrolments or resources available are insufficient to warrant their offer. The University may also restrict enrolments in courses in which the numbers are in excess of that which a Faculty or School can teach efficiently. In this instance, students should consult their program adviser on the selection of a substitute course.

Students are encouraged to contact the University for further information if required.

Handbooks are available from the CQU Bookshop (07 4930 9421).

Further enquiries regarding entry to any of the University's programs should be directed to:

Enquiries Centre
Student Administration
Central Queensland University Rockhampton Qld 4702
Ph: 07 4930 9000
Fax: 07 4930 9399

ISSN 0156-1529

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This handbook was correct as at: 01-May-2001

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